Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Grand ma ma

This littwl town is where my grandmama lives! Me and Shan in up north of Thailand!
I am leaving to Northern Part of Thailand this weekend. I will be back the following weekend. Me, Robins and my shan was there last Christma. I love the palce!
My grandmama, 90 year old lives there with the helper. She is still going strong and happy. My grand mother is nice.
We are leaving to USA soon befrore that I want to be with her for a while.I am sure she is going to make me "Pla Oak"...steam fish! and some eatable bugs fry !! She is the one telling me to trust in God in evey situation. What a believer!!
My son speaks only English, Spanish and little Thai and my grand mother speaks some Asian languages expcept White and Black people languages! So they can't communicate but sometime my grandmother talk to my son in Shan language and Shan talk back in English! only Yes.................. and No............................Thanks God for they both speak one true's call "Love" language.

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