Friday, June 27, 2008


Note: This blog is base on my believing only ! read or click off... please feel free!

I am a Christian. I was raise in a Baptish family. My grand mother (my mother side), hers grand mother and father, they believed it there are no GOD! Ok a long history to be short, my grandmother become Christian! Not only in name but a faithful woman!

Now in this age, I learn more about my Christianity day by day. For me, a Church or Congregation which believe in holy trinity, then they are my Christian family. Yes..I do see there are some Christians said, "my way of Christian believing are far more better than yours". When some one starting to say such, I'm becoming uncomfortable. Yes...Time to time we, including me, forgot that God said "Thou Shall not judge"....... Oh yes,I do not believe in who is that guy? From Waco! First name is David do not remember last name, he said he is "Jesus"? He is dead without resurrection! I am sure he is kneeling down in another life now. (Sorry I am judging him).

Talking about Judging, I found the following. I do not remember where I found it but it said..."Good works only can't be saved because as you are judging yourself like ...I am doing good, I am a good person. I am fine". This is putting yourself in all mighty position which is no one can't! For you to be saved... you have to put yourself one step behind the Lord, may be more steps!".... for me sure a thousand million time steps behind...... Because I know myself that I am not perfect, even not close but I do believe in Lord Jesus.

"Have faith with good works, the Lord be with You"....... Someone told me " We are so busy working, saving, thinking that I am making this money by myself !which is true but sometime we forgot that we are breathing!!" .... This point me out that .. "Let's think about it, who make us breathing each day??"" Yourself??

I need God because there are lots of thing that no one can't answer! I always asked that why my mother, my sister and me got hit by liver cancer? (Yes...some already told me that this is genetic! it's in my gene" Ok for that but my next question is... Who created that gene???... even gene but why bad gene and good gene? Why I inherited bad gene???... because I am a bad person? by bad luck?... Another question " Why I am still living and my liver donor (who is young and healthy) gone??... There are so many questions which is no answers!

I need God because simply I feel "God is good, God is grace"..I do have so many happy times wedding day, the day my son was born, knowing I am healthy now. I feel more happy when me, Robins and Shan can go to the church together. I do not say we are the perfect family....without lieing I say it here that sometime we even yell, argue and shout each other before going to church. I will be in many different situations but one thing will never change which is... "I believe in Jesus"....because

"His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is your faithfulness" Lementations3:22-23


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nora nor said...

I like all of the points you have made