Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A story says: "Long time ago there are two boys. One is very polite, good listener, obey the parent, good student, respect the elders.. a boy nearly perfect. This boy has a good friend who did almost all the opposites of the good boy does and his name tag along with "bad boy". Beside the two different characters, the boys play together everyday.

Then one day both boys die suddenly, ie; accident!

They both went up to the heaven. On the way to heaven they met an angel. The angel said, "OK before you get into the judgment let me check your histories on earth first (sound like an inteview before to heaven right?)." Well, the angel found out one is almost perfect and one is totally bad. So this is what the angel said;

"You no need to go for the Judgment I already know what the sentences are." And the angel continue:"You good boy go to heaven and be a good angel like me, you bad boy let you be the "BAT" forever"....

When My son was 3 or 4 years old I used to tell the story as a funny bed side story. My son loves the story and he goes he he he he at the end. My son even said " I am good ma ma!"

Last Sunday: I went to the Church. I have a question that I often think about it. Now I see the answer.

You know Judas don't you? OK some readers might not know him. He is a betrayal of Christ. The man who sell Jesus to the Romans a mount of 30, what ever currency is! (I forgot! Well I am honest! For sure the coins are with Cesar's head)

My Lord Jesus who let the blinds see, who let the lame walk, who raise the dead, who get ride of the demons and who is a true God also taking part of human knows really well what Judas is going to do to.

Of course Jesus can definately do as the angel from the above story ie: in my Shan English ways if I can say....., "You Judas how dare you bad man, let you be a pig or let you be a blind or let you be a cow..." but Jesus did not do that. Right here is my question comes .... Why Jesus did not stop even he does has the power can stop???

Now I understand why? Please always remember Jesus is part of God, we are the human. Human always react as human ways. Pastor explained to us..."Jesus wants to teach us who he is!"

Knowing Judas is betraying to him but Jesus offer the love till every one's the last! Said;"Jesus reached out to Judas up to the end by cleaning the disciple's feet including Judas's. On top of that Jesus handed the bread of honour to Judas! What a love? Pastor Martin write about this act; "According to the culture this was a sign of friendship and respect given by the host. As Juses reached over with the piece of bread and his eyes met Judas', how could Judas' heart not be touched?"

Now I know why Jesus did what he did. I got my answer. Jesus teaches us about "Love" and act accordingly what he teach us! Oh yes there are many human telling love this and that but never show their love at all!!!!

And these I learned last week. Judas was not forced to act as he did. Remember we all have free will. You want to kill you can kill no one can't stop you. You lead your willing!

Judas felt so bad that at the end he took his own life as his own will!!

PS. I am not a preacher woman nor study about bible, I am a person who trust in Christ who is the light, the way and the turth! Eveything I share here is what I feel in my heart, that's all!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I love Terri's story!

Got the following ariticle from the google liver's new! Loves her story and yes ....God is very good!

Terri - 18 Year Liver Transplant Survivor: Vacation day oneBy Terri POST TRANSPLANT STORIES. Emily - Kidney · Louis - Kidney · Addison - Liver · Analiese - Liver · Angus - Liver · Brooke - Liver · Eden - Liver · Ember - Liver · Chris Klug- Liver · Jen and Jon - Liver · Jorie - Liver · Mallory - Liver ...Terri - 18 Year Liver Transplant... -
He was completely ineffective a point he attributes to a hand ...

Friday, June 18, 2010


I am sure you all know what is fcebook don't ya??? Said..., Social Network!! The CEO is Mark Zuckerberg who is only 26 year old. I was reading Newsweek last night, an article about Facebook's false contrition by Daniel Lyons. He said,

"The truth is, Zuckerberg needs your data. You are not Facebook's customer. You are its inventory-you are the product Facebook is selling. Facebook's real customer are advertisers."

I don't care I am the inventory or not but I do care what I share on my facebook. And to be honest the "wall to wall" service is how safe I have no idea still I do not share the fact that I think should not be share even between call " Wall to wall" service on facebook.

I knew someone who share her account number in email then she got hacked by a nasty mofo and wiped out her XXXXXX US$ in checking account!! It is true....

On my facebook everything is true that I share but date of birth, ph numbers (only to the person you know), your address, social security numbers must be very carefull.

Oh yes you will get Friends suggestion, friends requested or any tra la la that if you are not sure please press the "Ignore" buttom! and also you no need to share every steps that you are moving around too. I would suggest very few future plan, not present movement but share your past activities as much as you want is smart to do.

I have seen people put on every move of their activities almost how many time they farts in a day which is who care.

Now back to the article, Daniel wrote, " Zuckerberg said face book is a world that's more open and connected is a better world." I would say do not fall for that please be careful as Daniel said it is a "Rubbish!"

In this world there are many of Child Molester, pervert, rapist, killers , stalker, cheater and screw balls so...... you should be smart enough to know what you can share on your facebook!!

Here I found some who are sharing, I would call crazily on facebook!! Some are funny though:

Rick R I asked my Wife what she wanted for our anniversary. She said something with a lot of diamonds. Hope she likes the deck of cards I got her. Posted by Rick R 17/06/2010 12:46 PM 3 Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

Rick R I finally figured out what flies and mosquitoes are for. They are God's way of making us slap ourselves. Posted by Rick R 17/06/2010 12:46 PM Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

Scott Give £2 per month to feed a starving African and what do they do with it? Buy a fucking trumpet! Posted by Scott 17/06/2010 02:36 AM 5 Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

dreeve saw a sign for recycling sign that said: 'if in doubt, leave it out' i think it should be more like: 'if in doubt, find the F**k out!!!!! Posted by dreeve 16/06/2010 10:56 PM Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

boog For valentines' day I bought my missus some flowers and a dildo. If she don't like the flowers she can go F*K herself! Posted by boog 16/06/2010 06:03 PM Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

A Your fly is open. - I'M ADVERTISING. Posted by A 16/06/2010 05:38 PM Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

Kira InPrivate Browsing.. Think ur spouse is planning on buying u gifts?! Pfft!!! I'm a PC and I believe your husband is looking at porn my dear! Posted by Kira 16/06/2010 04:12 PM 3 Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

madmotto Rob Green is wasting electricity by charging his mobile phone ... No one is gonna call him up !!! Posted by madmotto 15/06/2010 11:21 PM Like Share on Facebook Share on MySpace Share on Twitter

Jai Nair Precision. Concentration. Patience. Fearlessness. 4 skills I possess while shavin my nuts that I wish I could aply 2 othr aspcts of my life.

The Newsweek article ended like this which is give me a good thinking. Daniel said, " ....the company is expected to rake in $1 billion in revenue this year. The site has 500 million members, up from 400 million only four months ago. This scandal will be nothing more than a blip on facebook's march to ward multibilion-dollar pay day. And it's all thanks to a sweet idealistic kid who just wanted to make the world a better place. Gosh, it give yo shivers, doesn't it???"

I want to know what Mark Zuckerberg is sharing on his facebook!
Does he has a facebook account?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The wonder of plastic!

There is a beauty pageant each year in Pataya beach in Thailand. This beauty pageant is different! It is call Miss. Tiffani!! All these beauties are not girls they are born as men.

From the above photos are all men!! Oh yeah... men.

Aren't they beautiful??? Well, sure more beautiful than me ha!

I was told these girls spent so much money to cup, to fill in, to pump up, to chop up tra la la la la on all over their bodies. Beside that the pain???? Well no pain no beauty I guess. I was reading the news and this photos show up. Enjoy!!!

Follow up!

Today is my Iron level follow up day!! My Red Blood gone up from 7 to 9.6 in 11 days. Doctor was pleased to see the result ofcourse me too. Before seeing doctor, the nurse said the doctor want to check my Oxygen level. I said, "OK"!

They put my big thumb into between, like big paper clip, for a while. Then here come out 100% Oxygen. Means I am breathing well. I am happy to see my oxygen is happy too.

Doctor wants me to rest one more week and NO exercise yet. He wants to make sure as I am flying very soon so he said....., rest. I have to take the iron pill for 2 months.

Today I got a sad news. My Gainesville neighbour Mrs. Chris Randall passed away on last Sunday. She die of cancer. Chris was 82 years old. I am sad but also I am happy that she no need to suffer all this crap anymore.

Chris had this a lump on her nose and was turn out to be a cancer. The doctor operated it, had chemo and free cancer for a year I believe. She got wake up called and enjoy her life as God's love and mercy!

Then the cancer came back into her brain last year.

I do the thinking here. If I were in Chris's shoes, I will say thank you my Christ very much! I mean it and will say it again, "Thank you my Lord for my 82 years old on this earth with my loves one." it is a good years you know. Lots of folks even can't see their 70 or 75!!

By that age I will see Robins is old and walking by my side as two very old people, Shan gets marry and my little grand kids will be all over me. Just think about it I am already happy. God please may I have it please.

My grand mother is 94 this years. When she die, I will cry with the tear of joy. This woman is having such a blessing. When I see my grandmother I see God is with her. She is still walking very straight ! One things I notice... my grand mother is a very happy person. She laughs a lots and put her trust in Christ a lot too!

"The Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want"..... right?

My dear Chris, rest in peace. Thank you for the time that you shared with me. We talk alot don't we?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Iron pills

Feel much better after taking iron pills for 11 days! Went to the church yesterday but still no exercise yet. I have to do the blood work on 15th June then will see that am I heading to the Tennis Court soon or not. Mean time I am doing yoga (pure exercise in front of TV no meditation) and breathing exercise at home.

I have two side effect for taking iron pills. The first 3 days I can NOT go to the toilet so I was eating papaya for 2 days trying to feel good. But after 5 days, I have that stomach up set, not all day only in the morning. So this morning I went back to my Google University and do the reading. Mostly wanted to know why constipation first and then running stomach following.

Oh yes... found tons of Iron information and also about Anemia. I want to share you the following article. It said...,"Symptoms usually come so slowly that you feel no sudden change in your energy level"

Very true. On Saturday I was on the beach under the sun walking around and was thinking I was never being white skin that much! Sunday went to the church but can't eat much lunch. Monday was crying as thought my depression hit me out of nowhere.

Robins was my first victim as I called him cried and cried on him. Telling him that something wrong in my body which was true something went very wrong in my body!! Tuesday play tennis but only 17 minutes I thought my breathing was going to stop!! On that Tuesday Lab said.. I am anemic!!

My neighbour Said to me, "Helen you have to eat liver to improve fast." I told them, "Oh NO liver! I hate the smell of liver." Most Hi-So (High Society), people thinks the goose's liver is one of the Hi-So's Food! Let me be the Lo-So, no problem for me I can eat a good bowl noodle soup is OK. No Chicken's liver, no Goose's liver or Cow's liver!!

My neighbour again said., "Try my chicken's livers." In the evening here comes a very good smell dish. There was no liver smell but wonderful ginger and other herbs cook with those tiny livers. Yes I ate it and I like it but without lie I will tell you "Only for my blood not for my pleasure!!" The way she cooked was good though.

Then one of the Chinese women who is my good friend and also won't go science medicine but trusted in Chinese Traditional treatment told me., "Helen Ah, you want to cure fast Ah, drink the Goat's Balls soup la!" I go..."OH no la, no la, no la!!"

Can you imagine calling my liver team in Shand at Florida University and said, "Yo! I am going to drink Goat's testicles soup for to pump my iron?" They will order me to see the mental doctor right a way or may be thinking "Helen gone nut!!"

I was thinking westerner or easterner animal lovers are talking about animal right. If they know I am sucking Goat's testicles soup is not fall in any right at all.

Then interesting I read was... Goat Balls is not sure but Tiger testicles work wonder said in one of the article I had read. The article said just make sure that must be LEFT SIDE of testicle!!! I have one question, if you eat wrongly Right Side of testicle what will happy to you? Limp or Limpy??

OK respect is talking here. If other believing in Traditional Medicine let them be. Respect!!!

I am 100% not in traditional medicine for a big case like cancer or chronic problem but I do have respect those are in!!

OK enjoy reading!!

Ask Your Family Doctor
Developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

What is anemia?
Anemia occurs when your blood doesn't have enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. All parts of your body need oxygen. Anemia can starve your body of the oxygen it needs to survive. Some people refer to anemia as "low blood".

Symptoms of anemia
Often, no symptoms
Feeling tired
More shortness of breath during exercise
Fast heartbeat
Symptoms usually come on slowly so that you feel no sudden change in your energy level

Many things can lead to anemia. Your body may not make enough blood or you may lose too much blood from bleeding. Possible causes include low vitamin B12 or folic acid intake and some chronic illnesses. But the most common cause is not having enough iron in your blood. Iron is a mineral the body needs to make hemoglobin. Anemia due to low iron levels is called iron deficiency anemia.

What can lead to low iron levels in the blood?
A number of things can cause your blood to be low in iron.
Lack of iron in the diet. This is mostly a problem for children and young women. Small children who drink large amounts of milk and avoid iron-rich foods and young women who follow fad diets or are vegetarian may be at risk for low iron levels.

Growth spurts. Children under age three are growing so fast that their bodies may have a hard time keeping up with the amount of iron they need.

Pregnancy. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding need more iron. That's why pregnant women may be tested for anemia and why they need to eat more iron-rich foods or may need to take a daily iron pill.

Blood loss. This is the most common reason for iron deficiency anemia in adults. Women, of course, lose blood every month during their periods. Heavy periods may cause anemia.

Blood loss can also be caused by internal bleeding, usually in the digestive tract. A stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, cancer, or taking anti-inflammatory pills such as ibuprofen or ASA (an example is aspirin) or similar medicine for a long time can cause bleeding in your stomach or intestines. That's why it's so important to find the reason for a low iron level.

How is anemia diagnosed?
A blood test will probably be done to diagnose anemia. Talk to your doctor if you think you might have anemia. Other tests may be needed to find out what's causing the anemia.

Can anemia be prevented?
Some types can, such as those caused by a diet that lacks iron. You can help prevent this type of anemia by making sure you eat foods that contain iron. See the box below for a list of iron-rich foods.
Infants need to be started on cereal by ages 4 to 6 months and formulas should contain iron.
Foods high in iron
Liver and other meats
Seafood (sardines)
Dried fruits like apricots, prunes and raisins
Beans, especially lima beans
Green leafy vegetables, such as greens, parsley and broccoli
Black strap molasses
Whole grains

How is anemia treated?
This depends on what's causing the anemia. For example, if anemia results from losing too much blood, the cause of the blood loss will need to be found and treated. If anemia results from a diet that's low in iron, iron-rich foods or iron pills may be the treatment your doctor suggests.

Pernicious anemia is from low B12 and so you would need B12 shots. Vegan vegetarians can also develop low B12.

How can I increase how much iron I get from my diet?
Only a small amount of the iron in foods is absorbed, or taken in, by your body. Your body best absorbs the iron in meats.

Eating a small amount of meat along with other sources of iron, such as some vegetables, can help you get even more iron out of these foods. Taking high doses of vitamin C pills or eating foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits or juice, at the same time you eat iron-rich foods or take your iron pill may can help your body absorb the iron better.

Cooking in cast-iron pans will increase the iron content of food.
Some foods block the absorption of iron. These include coffee, tea, egg yolks, milk, fiber and soy protein. Try to avoid these things when you're eating food high in iron in order to fully benefit from the iron-rich foods.

Tips on taking iron pills.................
Take the pills when you eat.

Start to take iron slowly. Try taking one pill a day for three to five days, then two pills a day until you aren't bothered by that amount. Increase the number of pills until you're taking the amount your doctor has recommended.

Increase the fiber in your diet if you have constipation but also increase your water and fluid intake. This is worth trying even though fiber may get in the way of how well your body can absorb iron. You'll still be able to absorb some iron, and it's better than not taking any iron if you need it.

Don't take iron pills at bedtime if they upset your stomach.

If one type of iron pills causes problems, talk to your doctor about trying a different formula or brand.

Store iron pills safely. Iron poisoning is a leading cause of accidental death in children. Iron pills often look like candy.

Can iron pills cause problems?
Taking iron pills to try to prevent or treat anemia without first talking to your doctor may be harmful. Taking iron if you have anemia may make diagnosing anemia more difficult. It may also cover up a more serious disorder that could be causing the anemia.

Iron pills can also cause stomach upset, heartburn and constipation. Be sure to tell your doctor about any discomfort you notice. The tips above

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fortune Tellers

She is a Chinese Fortune Teller. Her feet are curled up because of a kind Chinese traditional as must wrap the female's feet since the day they are born!
African fortune teller

Indian fortune teller
Famous wicked fortune teller??

Burmese also has a kind of fortune telling. It said, if you hear the crow birds singing, on that day you will receive unexpected guest or guests!

Here is the point, if you stop at "The Guest is Coming" is enough! But if you continue thinking what kind of guest? Good one or bed one? If good one, how shall I entertain him/her to be happy but if the bad one, shall I beat him or kill him?

After meal some Chinese Restaurants they will give you fortune cookies. Yes, I read and laugh it off then finished! Sometime there will be some numbers for you to get the lottery to win millions which is 1 in millions of millions chance. Even if you win not because of fortune teller but by coincidentaly! Well this is what my believing!

The following story is true and I even knew the lady. I won't mention where she lives or what her nationality is!

She, lets calls her Mutie! Mutie is a nice lady who is good to me but to others I have no idea. I noticed that I rarely see Mutie laugh like me as call belly laugh or happy face except catfish's smile.

Mutie loves the fortune teller. Oh yes a lot!!! I see the woman who she trust, she wears long yellow rope and carrying a stick. Sometime this woman has a kind of powder on her face which make her face looks totally white!! Mutie trust what ever this woman tell her to do, to eat, to give, to listen or to follow!

Here comes the problem............

Mutie has 2 or 3 maids but the longest one worked for her was not more than a year. Some maids run after 3 or 6 months. They run aways mostly. Some maid fight with her.

Here is the reason....

Mutie's fortune teller told her that she has to keep a snake in her house in order to bring good luck into her house! So Mutie got a snake which is running like a king all over her house. Mutie loves the snake but maids hate it or scare it. Muties doesn't feed the snake but the maids are feeding it but kind of force to do. So the maids run from her house.

There is another lady who trust in fortune reading.

Lets calls her Meg! Meg has a husband who is successful. He travelling all over the world. One day Meg went to see the fortune teller as she concern of her husband cheating on her or not. By the way I know this lady also.

Here is what her fortune tellers told her , "Meg, I see that your husband has potentially to cheat on you. To avoid that you must not have sex with him for 1 year. (No joke folks not 1 week but 1 year)!!

The true story end up.....

Meg's husband is now living with another women in @@@@ country!! How sad???

There are more stories if I have to writ on but might be 12 blogs more so I am not going to. It is sad to see that how fortune tellers crewed up other people life those who simply believe in them. I lived in Burma before which is one of the most countries people believing in fortune tellers as they are God!

I trust in what Christ said, "Blesses are those who trusted in me without seeing me." I can't recall which chapter sorry.

Do you all remember Ne Win who was a long dictator of Burma?? Oh yes as Burmese he loved the fortune tellers and trusted in them.

One of the fortune tellers told Ne Win that in order to stay in that dictator position he must kill himself! So Ne Win asked, "How??" Well naturally who like to die in that very comfortable life which the old man having it all at that time?

So the fortune teller told him..." look at in the mirror and shoot at yourself but the one in the mirror not you the real breathing one!"

He did!!!

Then another time fortune tellers told the old Ne Win again..."You must change the the note of the currency to bring good luck to you!" Of course the old fart did it and here my mother and others many many, dive down to the poor! See what Ass@#$% did it to my mother??

NOTE:Ne Win die unhappy. His funeral was not more than 10 people. His daughter is now mentally gone and she is under house arrested.

The only prediction I trust on is this......................

In Old Testament clearly state that there will be a saviour, part of God, son of God will be born. Also said this saviour will be crucify and will victory on dead after 3 days.

Sound likes for some of you as fortune telling isn't it??

But see this................

Christ lives 40 days more after victory on dead was not from fortune tellers!

When the days Christ was born the 3 wisemen who lives in 3 different countries got the same message. They met and again they do not know where the baby is. Then there is a star which guide them all the way and stop! Who knows that there will be a star will guiding them?? But on that day there was a shinning star right?This was not from the fortune tellers either. Purely from salvation plan!!

The rest of the true history (his-story), which we all know that don't we? Even who are not Christian!!

Christ show us teach us that he is a true saviour!

See the following that what is the meaning of fortune teller....

Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting the life, usually of a group, through mystical or natural means, and often for commercial gain. It is often conflated with the religious practice known as divination.

Common methods used for fortune telling in Europe and the Americas include astromancy, horary astrology, pendulum reading, spirit board reading, tasseography (reading tea leaves in a cup), cartomancy (fortune telling with cards), tarot reading, crystallomancy (reading of a crystal sphere), lithomancy (reading of stones or gems), and chiromancy (palmistry, reading of the palms). The latter three have traditional associations in the popular mind with the Roma and Sinti people (often called "gypsie")

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Helen Thomas NOT Helen Layshan

If you allow me to say unkindly... these two are just look the same for me! They do have same mouths too.

Do not ask me why they put her face same level of Dinosaur's poop!

I am hearing the Helen Thomas this and that lately on TV or on my BB's fox news or some articles about her on my computer.

I also have this strong curiosity about people who bad mouthing openly to other in public! Question likes How, why, what , when, where are running in my brain alot lately about HT?????

Before continue reading my blog, please remember one thing....

Helen Thomas is now 89 years old. Those old ladies or old men who lives that long on earth, most of them 99%, they starting to think that they own this world and speaks what ever they want to without thinking. Well..... beside Billy Granham who knows how to live contently!!

As usual I did the research about her. I like the one about her on "Fox Opinion Article" by Judith Miller!

You will be surprised if I said I truly believe in that Israel is "The Promise Land" by God. Now, do not attack my believing Please. People might think that you are another Helen Thomas!!

Think it real... for me, God can let Moses to lead Israelis to South Africa or other African countries you know. But why to cross the sea and landed it where they are now? Answer me if you have the answer. OK let get back to Helen Thomas....

When HT said, "Get the hell out of Palestine." and also said she wants the Israelis to go back to "Poland, Germany, and American!!!"

To be fair I fully understand that why she said that. The answer is because...

1. She is a Lebanese Blood who never changed into United States of America's blood at all even though the woman makes money on White House and born in US land!!

2. She is an old lady and d
amn old woman!!

Honestly and openly I said, I rather have Israelis than bunch of Lebanese in USA. Ooop! sorry now I am as bad ass as her right?

Then NBC newsman Pat Buchanan let it out saying, "GAZA is Israeli concentration camp." He was not so pappy that Elena Kagan who is Jewish and nominated for Supreme Court.

Bottom lines what I want to say is these two old people (don't know how old is Buchanan, also glad that he is not become our President!), I will understand if they let it out from their behind even in the public but now they fart it out from their mouths is unacceptable.

Helen Thomas said she resigned but I want to think she got "fired"!

One last question to you..........

If your country is raining the bombs down by the neighbouring country or countries , what will you do or react? OK forget about races or religions just think about how to taking care of your beloved land!!

I hope one day Helen Thomas will grow up according to her age! Mean time I will say............

Good luck to Helen Thomas.

Here are some biography of hers...........

Helen Thomas was born in Winchester, Kentucky.[4] Her parents, George Thomas and Mary (née Rowady), were Lebanese immigrants from Tripoli, Lebanon;her father's surname had originally been "Antonious" before being anglicized to Thomas at Ellis Island. Thomas was raised as a Christian in the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. She was the seventh of nine children and grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Thomas attended Wayne University (now Wayne State University), graduating with a bachelor's degree in English in 1942.

On May 27, 2010, outside the Jewish Heritage Celebration Day event at the White House, Rabbi David Nesenoff asked if Thomas had any comments on the state of Israel. Thomas replied, "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine [...] Remember, these people are occupied, and it's their land; it's not German, it's not Poland's."[43] She was then asked where Israeli Jews should go, to which she replied: "they should go home" to "Poland, Germany, [...] America and everywhere else."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Before I go to bed I did say a little prayer almost every nights and asked " God.... please speak to me, guide me through from the Holy Bible or my devotional guide book." To my surprise, sometime I did get the answer what I am asking for. You too can be!!

Last night is the night which make me feel to be myself and also teaching me just be yourself. I do feel time to time that "I try but never there yet". Worst, sometime I felt like a complete failure when I tried to follow methods that were designed for a good person or a good woman.

I know now I am just Helen and can't be Margaret Thatcher!

Like about my health. Till today I am the only one do know that without Christ, I am very hard to walk on this world. I know how I fought this liver cancer. I know how God makes me see clearly. I know how God healed me. I wish to share how blessing can be received if you have honest faith in Christ.

Then I continued to read my devotional guide book..., "The authentic story of the work Christ has done in our lives is the best testimony we have. You no need to be spiritual gift of evangelism, or doctor it or dramatize it. "

My lastnight prayer time teach me to be myself even in witnessing about Christ. I no need to "Make up a story", I know how God helps me.

Just say the truth and share what your blessing are.

For me, I need Christ always.

Beside this I also learn one more thing. In life, you can't control someone not to hurt you either. IN fact might hurt you more and there might be many are in line to hurt you too. But in the end this someone will take his/her responsible what she/he does. What you have to do is.............

Walk on the road straightly with what you believe in. Other word, be yourself.

This is what my devotional guide book teach me last night.

1. Said., "If the thought of taking classes or memorizing plans has kept you from witnessing, try a different approach: be yourself!"

2. "If you want others to know what Christ can do for them, tell them what He has done for you."

Part 2. Change the subject:

last night I got fight with Robins. I no need to tell the detail why we got fight into. Yes.. Robins and I know what is cause. I hope he will never forget it too.

Lately Robins always shoot me with " What kind of Christian are you?" to win the fight, he will say to me more like ...

"Sometime I wonder!!". He did that often now that to my remembered the last 7 times of fighting.

Before I take it very angrily but last night I did change the whole perspective.

Lastnight I talk to myself that, now on I will do my Christian part and lets see what kind of part he is taking for his life.

I will try to be myself and will live what is more important for my life!

Remember..."Be Yourself"!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Today My Tea Party Talk: Looking back, the two men, Gore and Clinton, What a wired people!! People will remembered one is sex addicted and one is nonsense bla bla bla on Global warming (well for me is for sure). Sorry... I know I am bad. I like Queen Elizabeth the third more than them.

News said, The Gores divorced after40 years of marriage! What a shame???

I always thought The Clintons divorce will be way ahead of Gore but I was wrong. Hillary is such a forgiving woman (which is rare), after the Cigar, after the poking in the our President's Office and after the many others women, she is still in love with her man, Bill!! Well..... she has A huge love and I have A limited love...may be???

I thought the Gore who is so loving, so caring, so family man image but now they are divorcing!! In his Global Warming language.... their loves melting away???That's why I said...Life you never know!!!

Critic said.. the third party not involved! OK let me tell you then why? I do some research about the income of this Gore man. He wealth 100 million dollars after all these iceberg this and that and after from some talks and after he gain the loves from Hollywood. So clearly they broke up not because of providing problem.

Typically a man leaves a wife because of for another woman or sometime for another MAN!

ON Gore, in my language OR in my Burmese English Language, I will say...... they divorce because of they can't stand to live together anymore under one roof. In American Polite English will say.. "The two simply grew apart." True??

I understand sometime two people can't stand each other a minute more. This can happen between couples or colleagues or friends. But on the Gores.... my question is WHY can't they built her/his bathroom, her/his bedroom, her/his office and if even they can't eat together they should built her/his dinning rooms to have own friends freely???? Al can afford it easily.

Look like staying together "until death do us part" is old trend or old fashion. You want to know what is IN?? They are saying......, "Repartnering after age 55 are much greater than they used to be."

I read somewhere and said.."If your marriage does become deeply unsatisfying, you have other ways to live the rest of your life, and you can end your marriage civilly instead of through humiliating public misconduct or explosive mutual recrimination."

I am asking to myself this...Will this happen to my marriage? Don't know!!

Research said 2 people to stay together longer is depend on 2 things. Lets say after 7, 10, 15 or 20 years of marriage. Here they are..

1. Learning new skills!
2. Travelling to a new place.!

I am not sure how true it is but I like to learn new things and oh yessssssssss..... like to travelling to a new place.

Bottom line.....,

"There are so many unlovable husbands who women found out after marrying 40 years (In Gore's case), and not very late to do something right?? What are you going to do with your husband is all up to you!"

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Have them all

Hello California,

First: Mind your won business!!
Second: You can have them all!!
Third: See the result!!

I just vote it and am very please to see the result!

Arizona, hope you do the right decision.......

Friday, June 4, 2010


Thank you so much for reading my blog! Yesterday there was 50 people poked my blog which is very good numbers for me as not so perfect English Language Blog. I bla bla bla alot on my blog but 99% honest and truth though. Well any way...Thank you for reading!!

Starting 3 months ago I have this horrible feeling. I feel abit tired, my legs feel not normal, my mood also not good. The last 4 days was nightmare as I can't sleep and my heart feel like no blood bumping in or out! I cried and called my Robins to come home earlier for to be near me. Bottom line I am not me at all. I felt like a little old lady who is thinking no so right!

I was also stupidly thinking that I no need the doctor as I do have appointment on the 3rd of I will wait till then.

Yesterday was 3rd of June..... at 7 am as my apointment, I went to do my blood test which I have to do every 3 months for the safe side. At 3 pm I went for reading the results. Then the doctor found out what was wrong with me. I was anemic!!

My Hemoglobin was only 7 which should be between 12.2 -16.2! Surprise me was.... beside all those horrible feeling, I am still can function like a normal woman. I did some business and even went to the beach last Saturday. But yesterday at 9am while I was playing tennis, after 17 minutes I thought I was going to drop dead. Such feeling was never occured before. I was so so tired. Called my driver to pick me up right a way instead of after one hour.

I learn one on if I do not feel good I must see my doctor right a way and he told me that too. By the way my Thai Doctor, I do like him a lot. I can throw all the questions and he did explain to me very well. Oh yes trust me after 5 years of marrying hospitals and doctors I do know different kind of doctors.

Came back from hospital and look at my test results I do the thinking but which I already have the answer though. Science are so good at that by the blood test some can tell you what is wrong with your body. We must have.......for example,

Glucose within (70-99)
Cratinine (.5-1.5)
Cholesterol (150-200)
Globulin (2.1-3.7)
AFP (0-10)
Red Blood Cell (4-5.5)..... OK list goes on long tests!

All those limit... if you are above or low then you will feel something wrong with your body. Science found out those numbers very smart way. Science knows that there are those numbers and should be that numbers but for sure they don't know why that numbers. Like red blood cells numbers should be between 12.2-16.2! Why not between 20-30 or 50 to 75?? The scienctist did not put that correct 12.2-16.2 numbers in my or yours body!!

My one big question was,

How in the world who put this number in our body which is very clearly that we must have that range.. period! Why only between those mumbers? Explic a me favour??

Do not try to answer me because of science this and that. I do have many why why and why to you back. Science knows how it works but do not know why?

Then last night my devotional time, I found exactly what I am looking for..." And God saw everything that he had make, and, behold , it was very good" Genesis 1:31!!!

You all know by know that my husband is a scientist man! Who is good at it and wrote some books too. I asked him, "Robins all animal do have the same blood range as we human has?" He said to me, " Yes all the mammal are the same." Then I asked another question, "Them why mammal are not speaking as we are or not smart as we are?" (I know the answer but wanted to know how he thinks???)

Robins said, "The DNA and the Brain size is the answer!" Then this make me flash back my bible reading last night again which is very coincidentaly I read! Why last night before those questions??

After God created human this is what God said., "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." Genesis 1:28

That's why we human are above of all. Those who believe we come from Monkeys or fish, let me tell you I am still the Queen of all the animal!!

Tell me who can say clearly and firmly about how we start!

My God did!!

I know there are lots of people will not agree with me but I said., so be it but this is what I truly believe in!!

I love you my Dear God....