Monday, June 7, 2010


Today My Tea Party Talk: Looking back, the two men, Gore and Clinton, What a wired people!! People will remembered one is sex addicted and one is nonsense bla bla bla on Global warming (well for me is for sure). Sorry... I know I am bad. I like Queen Elizabeth the third more than them.

News said, The Gores divorced after40 years of marriage! What a shame???

I always thought The Clintons divorce will be way ahead of Gore but I was wrong. Hillary is such a forgiving woman (which is rare), after the Cigar, after the poking in the our President's Office and after the many others women, she is still in love with her man, Bill!! Well..... she has A huge love and I have A limited love...may be???

I thought the Gore who is so loving, so caring, so family man image but now they are divorcing!! In his Global Warming language.... their loves melting away???That's why I said...Life you never know!!!

Critic said.. the third party not involved! OK let me tell you then why? I do some research about the income of this Gore man. He wealth 100 million dollars after all these iceberg this and that and after from some talks and after he gain the loves from Hollywood. So clearly they broke up not because of providing problem.

Typically a man leaves a wife because of for another woman or sometime for another MAN!

ON Gore, in my language OR in my Burmese English Language, I will say...... they divorce because of they can't stand to live together anymore under one roof. In American Polite English will say.. "The two simply grew apart." True??

I understand sometime two people can't stand each other a minute more. This can happen between couples or colleagues or friends. But on the Gores.... my question is WHY can't they built her/his bathroom, her/his bedroom, her/his office and if even they can't eat together they should built her/his dinning rooms to have own friends freely???? Al can afford it easily.

Look like staying together "until death do us part" is old trend or old fashion. You want to know what is IN?? They are saying......, "Repartnering after age 55 are much greater than they used to be."

I read somewhere and said.."If your marriage does become deeply unsatisfying, you have other ways to live the rest of your life, and you can end your marriage civilly instead of through humiliating public misconduct or explosive mutual recrimination."

I am asking to myself this...Will this happen to my marriage? Don't know!!

Research said 2 people to stay together longer is depend on 2 things. Lets say after 7, 10, 15 or 20 years of marriage. Here they are..

1. Learning new skills!
2. Travelling to a new place.!

I am not sure how true it is but I like to learn new things and oh yessssssssss..... like to travelling to a new place.

Bottom line.....,

"There are so many unlovable husbands who women found out after marrying 40 years (In Gore's case), and not very late to do something right?? What are you going to do with your husband is all up to you!"

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