Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A story says: "Long time ago there are two boys. One is very polite, good listener, obey the parent, good student, respect the elders.. a boy nearly perfect. This boy has a good friend who did almost all the opposites of the good boy does and his name tag along with "bad boy". Beside the two different characters, the boys play together everyday.

Then one day both boys die suddenly, ie; accident!

They both went up to the heaven. On the way to heaven they met an angel. The angel said, "OK before you get into the judgment let me check your histories on earth first (sound like an inteview before to heaven right?)." Well, the angel found out one is almost perfect and one is totally bad. So this is what the angel said;

"You no need to go for the Judgment I already know what the sentences are." And the angel continue:"You good boy go to heaven and be a good angel like me, you bad boy let you be the "BAT" forever"....

When My son was 3 or 4 years old I used to tell the story as a funny bed side story. My son loves the story and he goes he he he he at the end. My son even said " I am good ma ma!"

Last Sunday: I went to the Church. I have a question that I often think about it. Now I see the answer.

You know Judas don't you? OK some readers might not know him. He is a betrayal of Christ. The man who sell Jesus to the Romans a mount of 30, what ever currency is! (I forgot! Well I am honest! For sure the coins are with Cesar's head)

My Lord Jesus who let the blinds see, who let the lame walk, who raise the dead, who get ride of the demons and who is a true God also taking part of human knows really well what Judas is going to do to.

Of course Jesus can definately do as the angel from the above story ie: in my Shan English ways if I can say....., "You Judas how dare you bad man, let you be a pig or let you be a blind or let you be a cow..." but Jesus did not do that. Right here is my question comes .... Why Jesus did not stop even he does has the power can stop???

Now I understand why? Please always remember Jesus is part of God, we are the human. Human always react as human ways. Pastor explained to us..."Jesus wants to teach us who he is!"

Knowing Judas is betraying to him but Jesus offer the love till every one's the last! Said;"Jesus reached out to Judas up to the end by cleaning the disciple's feet including Judas's. On top of that Jesus handed the bread of honour to Judas! What a love? Pastor Martin write about this act; "According to the culture this was a sign of friendship and respect given by the host. As Juses reached over with the piece of bread and his eyes met Judas', how could Judas' heart not be touched?"

Now I know why Jesus did what he did. I got my answer. Jesus teaches us about "Love" and act accordingly what he teach us! Oh yes there are many human telling love this and that but never show their love at all!!!!

And these I learned last week. Judas was not forced to act as he did. Remember we all have free will. You want to kill you can kill no one can't stop you. You lead your willing!

Judas felt so bad that at the end he took his own life as his own will!!

PS. I am not a preacher woman nor study about bible, I am a person who trust in Christ who is the light, the way and the turth! Eveything I share here is what I feel in my heart, that's all!!

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