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Iron pills

Feel much better after taking iron pills for 11 days! Went to the church yesterday but still no exercise yet. I have to do the blood work on 15th June then will see that am I heading to the Tennis Court soon or not. Mean time I am doing yoga (pure exercise in front of TV no meditation) and breathing exercise at home.

I have two side effect for taking iron pills. The first 3 days I can NOT go to the toilet so I was eating papaya for 2 days trying to feel good. But after 5 days, I have that stomach up set, not all day only in the morning. So this morning I went back to my Google University and do the reading. Mostly wanted to know why constipation first and then running stomach following.

Oh yes... found tons of Iron information and also about Anemia. I want to share you the following article. It said...,"Symptoms usually come so slowly that you feel no sudden change in your energy level"

Very true. On Saturday I was on the beach under the sun walking around and was thinking I was never being white skin that much! Sunday went to the church but can't eat much lunch. Monday was crying as thought my depression hit me out of nowhere.

Robins was my first victim as I called him cried and cried on him. Telling him that something wrong in my body which was true something went very wrong in my body!! Tuesday play tennis but only 17 minutes I thought my breathing was going to stop!! On that Tuesday Lab said.. I am anemic!!

My neighbour Said to me, "Helen you have to eat liver to improve fast." I told them, "Oh NO liver! I hate the smell of liver." Most Hi-So (High Society), people thinks the goose's liver is one of the Hi-So's Food! Let me be the Lo-So, no problem for me I can eat a good bowl noodle soup is OK. No Chicken's liver, no Goose's liver or Cow's liver!!

My neighbour again said., "Try my chicken's livers." In the evening here comes a very good smell dish. There was no liver smell but wonderful ginger and other herbs cook with those tiny livers. Yes I ate it and I like it but without lie I will tell you "Only for my blood not for my pleasure!!" The way she cooked was good though.

Then one of the Chinese women who is my good friend and also won't go science medicine but trusted in Chinese Traditional treatment told me., "Helen Ah, you want to cure fast Ah, drink the Goat's Balls soup la!" I go..."OH no la, no la, no la!!"

Can you imagine calling my liver team in Shand at Florida University and said, "Yo! I am going to drink Goat's testicles soup for to pump my iron?" They will order me to see the mental doctor right a way or may be thinking "Helen gone nut!!"

I was thinking westerner or easterner animal lovers are talking about animal right. If they know I am sucking Goat's testicles soup is not fall in any right at all.

Then interesting I read was... Goat Balls is not sure but Tiger testicles work wonder said in one of the article I had read. The article said just make sure that must be LEFT SIDE of testicle!!! I have one question, if you eat wrongly Right Side of testicle what will happy to you? Limp or Limpy??

OK respect is talking here. If other believing in Traditional Medicine let them be. Respect!!!

I am 100% not in traditional medicine for a big case like cancer or chronic problem but I do have respect those are in!!

OK enjoy reading!!

Ask Your Family Doctor
Developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

What is anemia?
Anemia occurs when your blood doesn't have enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. All parts of your body need oxygen. Anemia can starve your body of the oxygen it needs to survive. Some people refer to anemia as "low blood".

Symptoms of anemia
Often, no symptoms
Feeling tired
More shortness of breath during exercise
Fast heartbeat
Symptoms usually come on slowly so that you feel no sudden change in your energy level

Many things can lead to anemia. Your body may not make enough blood or you may lose too much blood from bleeding. Possible causes include low vitamin B12 or folic acid intake and some chronic illnesses. But the most common cause is not having enough iron in your blood. Iron is a mineral the body needs to make hemoglobin. Anemia due to low iron levels is called iron deficiency anemia.

What can lead to low iron levels in the blood?
A number of things can cause your blood to be low in iron.
Lack of iron in the diet. This is mostly a problem for children and young women. Small children who drink large amounts of milk and avoid iron-rich foods and young women who follow fad diets or are vegetarian may be at risk for low iron levels.

Growth spurts. Children under age three are growing so fast that their bodies may have a hard time keeping up with the amount of iron they need.

Pregnancy. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding need more iron. That's why pregnant women may be tested for anemia and why they need to eat more iron-rich foods or may need to take a daily iron pill.

Blood loss. This is the most common reason for iron deficiency anemia in adults. Women, of course, lose blood every month during their periods. Heavy periods may cause anemia.

Blood loss can also be caused by internal bleeding, usually in the digestive tract. A stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, cancer, or taking anti-inflammatory pills such as ibuprofen or ASA (an example is aspirin) or similar medicine for a long time can cause bleeding in your stomach or intestines. That's why it's so important to find the reason for a low iron level.

How is anemia diagnosed?
A blood test will probably be done to diagnose anemia. Talk to your doctor if you think you might have anemia. Other tests may be needed to find out what's causing the anemia.

Can anemia be prevented?
Some types can, such as those caused by a diet that lacks iron. You can help prevent this type of anemia by making sure you eat foods that contain iron. See the box below for a list of iron-rich foods.
Infants need to be started on cereal by ages 4 to 6 months and formulas should contain iron.
Foods high in iron
Liver and other meats
Seafood (sardines)
Dried fruits like apricots, prunes and raisins
Beans, especially lima beans
Green leafy vegetables, such as greens, parsley and broccoli
Black strap molasses
Whole grains

How is anemia treated?
This depends on what's causing the anemia. For example, if anemia results from losing too much blood, the cause of the blood loss will need to be found and treated. If anemia results from a diet that's low in iron, iron-rich foods or iron pills may be the treatment your doctor suggests.

Pernicious anemia is from low B12 and so you would need B12 shots. Vegan vegetarians can also develop low B12.

How can I increase how much iron I get from my diet?
Only a small amount of the iron in foods is absorbed, or taken in, by your body. Your body best absorbs the iron in meats.

Eating a small amount of meat along with other sources of iron, such as some vegetables, can help you get even more iron out of these foods. Taking high doses of vitamin C pills or eating foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits or juice, at the same time you eat iron-rich foods or take your iron pill may can help your body absorb the iron better.

Cooking in cast-iron pans will increase the iron content of food.
Some foods block the absorption of iron. These include coffee, tea, egg yolks, milk, fiber and soy protein. Try to avoid these things when you're eating food high in iron in order to fully benefit from the iron-rich foods.

Tips on taking iron pills.................
Take the pills when you eat.

Start to take iron slowly. Try taking one pill a day for three to five days, then two pills a day until you aren't bothered by that amount. Increase the number of pills until you're taking the amount your doctor has recommended.

Increase the fiber in your diet if you have constipation but also increase your water and fluid intake. This is worth trying even though fiber may get in the way of how well your body can absorb iron. You'll still be able to absorb some iron, and it's better than not taking any iron if you need it.

Don't take iron pills at bedtime if they upset your stomach.

If one type of iron pills causes problems, talk to your doctor about trying a different formula or brand.

Store iron pills safely. Iron poisoning is a leading cause of accidental death in children. Iron pills often look like candy.

Can iron pills cause problems?
Taking iron pills to try to prevent or treat anemia without first talking to your doctor may be harmful. Taking iron if you have anemia may make diagnosing anemia more difficult. It may also cover up a more serious disorder that could be causing the anemia.

Iron pills can also cause stomach upset, heartburn and constipation. Be sure to tell your doctor about any discomfort you notice. The tips above

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Tioga said...

Hello, nice info, any kind of iron upsets my stomach. so I found out about Chlorophyll. I found this product called Kyo-Chlorella it's a natural phytonutrient source. 100% pure broken cell wall nutritious green chlorella. It works wonders my hemoglobin is up and I have so much energy and don't see those black spots in the air. doesn't constipate you or make you sick and iron only absorbs in your body with vitamin C. I eat alot of liver pudding it's like liverwurst.(I don't like liver) but it helps they only sell it in the carolinas. Hope this helps.