Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Follow up!

Today is my Iron level follow up day!! My Red Blood gone up from 7 to 9.6 in 11 days. Doctor was pleased to see the result ofcourse me too. Before seeing doctor, the nurse said the doctor want to check my Oxygen level. I said, "OK"!

They put my big thumb into between, like big paper clip, for a while. Then here come out 100% Oxygen. Means I am breathing well. I am happy to see my oxygen is happy too.

Doctor wants me to rest one more week and NO exercise yet. He wants to make sure as I am flying very soon so he said....., rest. I have to take the iron pill for 2 months.

Today I got a sad news. My Gainesville neighbour Mrs. Chris Randall passed away on last Sunday. She die of cancer. Chris was 82 years old. I am sad but also I am happy that she no need to suffer all this crap anymore.

Chris had this a lump on her nose and was turn out to be a cancer. The doctor operated it, had chemo and free cancer for a year I believe. She got wake up called and enjoy her life as God's love and mercy!

Then the cancer came back into her brain last year.

I do the thinking here. If I were in Chris's shoes, I will say thank you my Christ very much! I mean it and will say it again, "Thank you my Lord for my 82 years old on this earth with my loves one." it is a good years you know. Lots of folks even can't see their 70 or 75!!

By that age I will see Robins is old and walking by my side as two very old people, Shan gets marry and my little grand kids will be all over me. Just think about it I am already happy. God please may I have it please.

My grand mother is 94 this years. When she die, I will cry with the tear of joy. This woman is having such a blessing. When I see my grandmother I see God is with her. She is still walking very straight ! One things I notice... my grand mother is a very happy person. She laughs a lots and put her trust in Christ a lot too!

"The Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want"..... right?

My dear Chris, rest in peace. Thank you for the time that you shared with me. We talk alot don't we?

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