Thursday, December 18, 2008

Off for a while

Today I am leaving for Christmas Holiday to be with my Grand mama. See you all soon after 2 weeks!! Here I want to share with you. I love the innocence children's prayers. I found the following cute things from "Christianet". I wish my prayers be innocence as these children even not right.

While we were praying the Lord's Prayer, my 5 year old son said "My Kingdom Come". I just looked at him thinking "Oh, really?"
---Greyrider on 12/14/07

My brother, when he was about 9 years old, had to take a test in catacism and one question was, why did Jesus asend to heaven on the third day? His answer: to be with his Dad. !
---sue on 12/1/07

My yougest daughter when she was around 4 or 5 was walking through the house singing "He punched me to victory beneath the cleansing flood."A friend of mines son prayed so quietly at the dining room table that we couldn't hear what he was saying. When his sister complained to him about it he said, "I wasn't praying to you."
---trey on 11/30/07

Thanksgiving dinner, my now six-year old grandson was asked to ask the blessing. And as he began to pray he said many usual things and then he said, "God thank you for letting the "Mayflower" land on this wonderful country". Soon the prayer was over but the joy in my heart will last for ever!!!
---Mima on 11/30/07
Here click the link and see!
Love to you all,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Are Toast!

Someone sent me this cartoon by email and I love it. I really do. I am a kind of woman like Michelle Obama. I see she is a normal woman just like me too! You want to put me in "sensitive woman type" ???? You may. In this cartoon, Michelle said " You Are Toast"....I might say " Your are chop off!". (not the head but something that you will be regret and very sad the rest of your life. I no need to detail it here just you guess!!). I just say it I might not dare to do it. Well I think I can cripple him with baseball bat!

I understand that if you are single, you can do what ever you want. None of my business but the minutes you married, you better behave!

I know there are lots of women singing "Stand By Your Man" too. Actually I am so admire of those kind hearted women who are so forgiving. I wish I can do it but knowing myself, I can't. I will share my shoes, my clothes, my hats, my glasses and my food with you..may be even some money if you are in real need for medical care but I will never share my house (mean years and years), my car and my husband! These are the 3 things that I will never ever share with no one.

Just try to share these 3 things and see what will happen!

Well people are in different ways of living.

Bush Shoed Part 2

I found it from "Seriously Guys" blog and like to share it with you. Good to read!

The McBournie Minute: Honestly, who throws shoes anymore?

Posted on December 15, 2008
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We are now in the waning days of the Bush administration and it appears no one is happier about that than President George Bush himself. He’s been taking time to dance with children, crack jokes in a less-smug manner and even visit some of the places he bombed one last time.
Yet, not everyone wants to play along with Nostalgia Fest 2008: Oh, The Places We Went. In fact, some places didn’t like their visitor a good measure more than they dislike the average tourist. Bush was speaking at a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki when an Iraqi journalist yelled at him and threw both his shoes at him. (Video of the disturbing attack here.)

This is yet another example of the liberal media. They throw shoes at Bush and shout insults at him when they should be taking notes and asking questions in an unbiased manner. Instead, they let their personal, left-wing convictions get in the way, and once again, professionalism takes a back seat. And don’t think that’s not a huge insult he was throwing at our president. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find shoes in Iraq, much less good ones?
Luckily, our lame duck president still has cat-like reflexes. He deftly ducked the first shoe, which was on line for somewhere near his head, and then bravely stood in the face of the second one, as al-Maliki blocked the flying footwear with his hand like he was playing goalie in a game of shoe soccer.

Where was the Secret Service when this was going on? Maybe I’ve just watched In the Line of Fire too many times, but I am truly saddened there was no agent leaping in slow motion yelling “NOOOOOOOOO!” as he takes a shoe for the president. I have no doubt that every reporter in that room was frisked, so the argument could be made that Secret Service agents felt they could hang back far enough, thus not being able to make it to the podium in time. Still, that’s no excuse. Someone get Clint Eastwood on this.

Bush said later that the shoe-throwing incident was not indicative of the popular opinion in Iraq, rather an isolated incident and meant to draw media attention. I can’t agree more, Mr. President. You are probably loved in Iraq, don’t let the haters get you down. Play on, playa. And that stupid, stupid media will just latch on to whatever oddly symbolic incident happens on your farewell tour.

Mr. President, you have just over a month left in office (not that anyone is counting or anything). I know I don’t speak for myself when I say that we will miss you when you leave. And with a tear in my eye, I say my hat, and my shoes, are off to you.

Written by Bryan McBournie

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Notes from around the world

I would like to share some wishes from my friends who live all over the world!

Hi Helen,

Enjoyed reading your Christmas note/letter to everyone. Glad you are all doing well. We go to Orlando often. So, I do miss picking up emails. John and I wish you and your family A Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, healthy New Year. love,


Dear Helen,

Thanks for mail, thanks for wish. Merry Christmas to you too dear. Today, out side, it is raining and mountains with snow capping for first time in this year, 3 mm ice layer on car windshield in the morning. It is chilly out there Hele. I miss my home town Christmas.Now I am start to breath regularly again.

Anyways, I thank you for your blogs and very helful information. I will have to celebrate Christmas Party with my sis in law's family at Baltimore, MD, that would be first time family reunion Christmas Party in U.S. Another amazing thing I found in your email addressee are Ma Ma Tu ( May Thet Mar ) and Phillip ( San Myint Tun ). Phillip and I graduated same year in same major. I called him last October, 2008 when I was in geological field at L.A. We are good friends . Ma Ma Tu always mentioned me as her little brother, she lives on the half way to my home, we knew each other for 25 years, her sis Moe Moe was ex-geology majored student in RASU. Are they all your firends? It is amazing. Wow!!! what a small world!!Merry christmas and happy new year to you and your family.

Bless you dear. (This one is from my special dear email friend)

Dear Helen,

I would like to thank you for my beautiful pearls, I love them. Bob and I were at Oak Hammock for a Memorial Service and I wore them, We ended up having lunch with your in laws, a very pleasant time. I tease Susan that I would let you get me more any time. They looked great with my black suit. Hope you are doing well. Give our best to your family. We look forward to seeeing you this summer. We send our blessings for a merry Christmas.


K. Helen,Thank you so much for your good wishes. It's also very nice to be kept updated on your family.Seems like you will be having a grand time during this Christmas holidays. I will be spending quiet and quality time with family and friends here in Bangkok.Wishing you and family a healthy and propserous 2009.

All the best,

Dear Helen,

Great way to say Merry X'Mas,
God will look after and bless you and your family.
With Loves
Govind Bharvaney Family

Merry Christmas. We also plan to go back home for a christmas. Last month, eric and i went to chiang rai, we are at Le Meridien, it was really wonderful time there. during the evening we heard about the airport close, lucky we get the last TG flight to Donmuang airport on a next couple days.
Merry X mas


Happy Holidays,( Christmas!!)

This is to wish you, Shan and Robins a Very Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. I hope your trip will be a great one.

With love,

Dear Helen,
Thanks for the greeting. MERRY CHRISTMAS too. Im not going home this season to spend time with my family but I thank God that even though we are absent in the fellowship that they will be having at home still we are all in felowship with God.

Im not that homesick because I have my younger sister with me and we keep in touch with our family and we are assured that God is with every one of us.

In reading your e-mail, I remember something that I've heard from a christian comedian and he said that his favorite verse is "and it came to pass".He said, as a christian we have to enjoy everything that we have or even the circumstances that are happening around us may it be good or bad because everything will "come to pass". It's true right? But most of the time we don't enjoy them, we even get mad/ angry when we face various trials in life it's because we dont understand what God has in mind for us. But 1 thing I know for sure God is always the same He does'nt change His mind when we choose to do things that is against His will. Thank God for it.

Well, I do pray that you will have a wonderful time as you spend your Christmas holiday in other place. Enjoy it because all "will come to pass" GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
In Christ,

A verry Merry Christmas to you Helen and your family. It is not wrong to think highly of your son. That is why God made you the parent to move him in the right direction. Thank God for your health, and may you live to see many more healthy and prosperous christmases. God bless you and yours.

Thank you Helen Feliz Navidad to you and all your family!! I hope you have a very nice holidays and a very peaceful 2009!!!


Bush Shoed!

I am very curious about our President got shoot at with the shoes! What do you think about this? Do you think that our President over teach the taste of "Democracy" to the Iraqi??? What is it call "Freedom"?? OK joking!

Put it this way...Yes we do have disagreement of Bush's presidency but do we really need to throw the shoes at him?? NO, is my answer. Where is human respect not to other only but also to yourself?? You do this to the Junta you get shot or dead roll, you do this to the Royal you get put into jail, you do this to other you might get the spit back to you face!

Sometime I wonder do we really need to act that low class ? The guy, the thrower is a writer or reporter?? He can show his anger in his paper but not this kind of act. Well may be no one can't control the other's desire or someone can't control his own desire. That's why there are full of murderer, killer, pervert, bastard, molester, rapist, cheater..(what els more bad ??) in this world.

Rest in peace soon Mr. Bush! I do not mean you die (never wish on no one), I mean rest in peace from this Job the title that you have as"The President". Waiting to read your book!!

Contributed by Citibank

I know very little about Citibank. I am sure some of you know more, much more about Citibank situation. I no need to detail about it.

In Nation Newspaper in Bangkok, December 16th 2008, here they give us "Seven Most Common Mistakes We Make With Our Finances"! Let's see...

1. Living beyond your means: We are all"wanting to live a better life". But are you trying to live "that kind of life" with income that cannot sustain that lifestyle and ending up spending more than your monthly pay cheque?

2. Not saving enough: You've heard the expression "it's not what you make that matters, its what you keep." Saving monthly is the fundamental habit for which all of us need to discipline ourselves.

3. Being Materialistic: Don't try to keep up with your celeb friends. Be frugal; don't over spend.

4. Not knowing what you want: People don't know what they want and then they end up wanting everything they see.

5. Failing to pay off debts: Interest from debt never sleeps: it doesn't take days off or holiday.

6. Not having a plan: One of our most common mistakes is not having financial plan, not following up on the plan and not implementing the plan.

7. Procrastinating: Time doesn't stand still. The best time to start a budget is now. The best time to save for retirement is now.

Helen said: I wish next time they give us "Guru Speak, Seven Most Common Mistakes The Housewife Make With Family Finances"....Before they speak, first here is my speak..

1. Dying beyond your hair needs: I realized that dying the hair is not cheap at all. I am getting some white hair (I feel sorry for some who starting their white hair in very young age), and now I know (for me), it cast 390 Bath for to get a good dye and the labor is another 500 baht so it cost 890 bath per dye. Some paid for 3000 to 4500 bath if you do more like highlight or this and that.....

2. Buying beyond your feet need: My case, I love shoes. I wish the shoes company to stop making those cutie shoes. I admitted that some time my happy money spent on shoes most of it. See I do not care my hair that much but a good shoes cost 80 to 200 US$.

3. Having beyond your tea time with friends: Tea party at home is OK. The tea party at Emporium first floor cost way expensive. I do not care that much because I like my friends. I learn that Dutch System is the best to have tea with friends.

4. Trying beyond your look:Every one has own beauty. Mostly will last is inner beauty. Clothes, yes... everyone has their own style. I have friends only goes for expensive clothes. Fendi, Channel ...ta ta ta will cost around 45000 Baht in Bangkok. If you goes for designer clothes think twice. I like them but not crazy about it. I think more depend on who wear then what you wear??

5. Having beyond plastic surgery:Nowadays women go for plastic surgery, a lot. One day I might do it too. If you have money OK but do not go there for to please men.

6. Collecting beyond need: Jewellery is one of the reasons that housewife crying for. Somehow I do not care much about expensive jewellery. I like more trendy style with semi precious colour stone.

7. Listening beyond your understanding: Here do not take so much advises from many people. Your life you leads it. I just do not wants finances advise from others so much because I know my situation. Robins is actually very good at finance. He fall in very much of about Citibank's adivise. Just fit in there.

Have a good finances plan in 2009!

NOTE: Do not take my speak seriously please!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all my blog readers. May all of us have a special time with our love one. My prayer for this Christmas will be...

Dear God,

Thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ! You has the best reason to be part of human form.

Thank you for the Pig that we are going to share with others in this Christmas. We won't have Turkey to eat but God, thank you so much for I have plenty of people to eat with. I know some who has the best of Turkey but no one to eat with. Please be with them God. They need you, especially to old people who are alone.

Thank you for teaching me to share. In this holy season may your peace be with our troop and others who are fighting in war. Please bring them back with their families soon and in safe. I remember for those who are sad. Please be with them too God. Your kindness will be with those who are poor. I trust in your loving that your love will be abundantly on them.

I am looking forward to be with my grand mama. Thank you God for my family. Please be with us, guide us and lead us. May you be the only one who guide my family forever also to my next next next generation. Robins is in China and please bring him home safe to be together with us in this wonderful season. Thank you!

In Christ's name,


Hope you like my choice of Christmas music for this year. My blog will be off for 2 weeks. Again....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bangkok, Thailand!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


We went to a Wedding Anniversary of a Latin Couple at the Marriott Hotel by the pool. It was very nice, good food and many happy people. I mean real very happy people. How do I know,? Seeing the laugh, the drink and the dance, I should say they are very happy!!! Oh boy....... the Latin can dance. The couple is one of the Robins's business friends. I just went there as a Robins's wife!!

I had met Ambassadors, Thailand Telecom people, Shrimps people, The Project Manager of Surinaboom (OK can't spell it and I knew it is wrong. It is the Bangkok International Airport's name. I was surprise to see over sea Expert is still in here because I thought the airport is finished! ), and some local shrimp business people.

I also met elegant Latin Ladies last night which make me miss my friends in Guatemala. What more fun is, they all come from different places but one same language, Spanish (mostly) every where. Me too I did lots of "Habla" last night. The Latins are from Central America, South America and Mexico.

Ok...the most fun part is I met DR. T. He is a nutrition specialist and it was very nice to meet him. He is a unattractive man, very plain but nice to talk to him. If you allow me to say it in my language, he is not attractive but his conversation is very attractive. After many years of my living life, last night DR. T educated me with Baha'i Religion. This was one of the many subjects we talked last night. Can you believe it that the first time I heard about Baha'i? It was a bit embarrassing to ask him "What is Baha'i?". Without insulting but honestly say.... first I heard it sound likes "Behind"!

In Gainesville I have passed by many many times to this a nice Baha'i temple with a star symbol on the wall. I thought it is something to do with Jewish...(Sorry!! I said it before that I do not know every thing so forgive me and my knowledge on this matter). I said to Dr. T, "Oh you are Jewish!"... He was very kind and said "Nope.. I am Baha'i". I said, "What do you mean behind?"

Dr. T said Baha'i religion is very new only 145 or 140 years old and it is formed in Iran. What my understanding is, it is originally from Islam but the believing is a bit different. One of the Dr. T's believing is...He said, "Our world is one big nation!". I let it out my one statement which is thinking back I shouldn't say but I did say, "Oh Dr. T, looking our world situation today, it is very hard to call we are all one big harmony country!".

Now this morning, I did my research about Baha'i. I found some though. One thing I noticed that Dr. T does eat pork but said no to alcohol. On last night buffet dinner, there were many kind of food. There is a dish which is from Chaing Mai, it called "Moo Sone Koc", like sour pork sausage. Its come in different shape but last night was like bullet shape, a rounded one. I used to eat it before but after my new liver I try to stay a way from pickle or preserved food. Some said very good with beer.

Well one thing Dr. T told me that I shouldn't eat too much peanuts but lots of gingers!! I asked one last question to Dr. T as I am very curious in the believing of scientist people. I asked, "Do you believe in the Big Bang or I will say the boom dock??". He answered.."I am not sure because I am not there!"...I would say "Good answered Dr. T!". I am planning to have a dinner with Dr. and Mrs T.

After meeting Dr. T I realize that I have to do more reading and less talking. Bottom line I gain one more freind, his name is "Dr. T!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got My First Injection

I went to get my blood test yesterday. My liver enzine is all normal. My Prograf level is 4, which is low, suppose to be between 5 to 10. I am not worry on that because my Prograf level is up and down and sometime stable for a while too. That's why I need to blood draw every 3 months. The doctor said I have to increase to 2 ml in the morning and evening 12 hours apart as always. I am waiting the approval of my Liver Team at the University of Florida.

The HBIg the one I used to get it infusion, this time I got it by injection on my arm. I decided to get it on my arm instead of on my butt thinking might not get sleeping well. The doctor ordered only 400 unit as first time he wanted to see but there are 1000 unit available in the market. I was told no tennis for one day! This HBIg by injection is the first time and also the first time outside USA. Not that bad but pain a bit. The nurse was nice enough to take time and see how I am going to react. By the way I like the Thai nurse also. They are so happy people. The minute they saw me they starting to smile. I got invited by one of the nurse wedding soon in next month. She was so sweet and asked, can you come to my wedding in Muslim way. I said of course, I enjoy all of the wedding. It is good to see happy people. My injection was OK and right after that, my family and Dr. Arlo we went to have Sea Food.

I love yellow crab curry, squid fried with lots of garlic, and fish steam with ginger. I enjoyed last night Dinner. It was good to see Arlo back to Thailand.

Me and Shan is heading to Up North for our Christmas Holiday. Same as last year I am going to feed that little church. I am starting to spend my value time with value way (most of the time!!). I said that because normally this time of the year, I am making lists for Christmas Presents that's it..busy and busy. Busy taking my son to arrange presents too. For his great grand mother, his father and his friends. Now this is what I told him "Shan beside the presents that you are giving around there is a meaning. You have to think that what is a true meaning of Christmas. He is 13 now he has to know beside thinking about Santa who goes around with presents all his life. Santa is good but not all the maning of Christmas.

What is true meaning of Christmas for me?

It is ...."Instead of saying thank you, for a change I am enjoying someone telling me thank you!" as Christ share his life to me I am going to share my blessing to others as much as I can.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miracle or Magic?

I welcome to everyone, believers, Atheists, Pantheists or what ever you believe in, you all are my blog friends and you all are very welcome. I respect you what ever you make choice in our life. My blog is also a place that I share my thought, my believing and my opinions which is might not agree by you. So....
Note: Please read or pass!

Sometime I do ask questions to myself that am I a perfect good person. The answer is ...... NO! I am still cripple in some cases but I do know I am a person trying to be a good one but never will be perfect.

The next question I asked is, am I acting like I know everything? The answer is NO! There are many thing that I do not understand.

Then more questions likes..

1.Why our earth is dangling in the space? OK no air then I asked why not goes run crazy like it wants? Why 24 hours per round? Even I wanted to invite the moon to closer to us but why it doesn't come closer to us. Once someone said "oh the sun might be closer to us cause it is getting too hot? I goes..dah! Of course, The sun is rounding to earth as a oval shape. Why so perfectly?

2. Why we human being do not have exactly DNA to another? (For sure not to prevent only from the pervert). In fact how many people I run into each day but there are no two faces exactly the same (in dogs? Well may be only in animal except we, human animal). Even in Identical twine, they had one like Asian food and one like American food, one become gay and one become fully man or one become lesbian and one become fully woman. (No argue with me please, I have seen many).

3. Who put oxygen perfectly on Earth? Aren't you worry one day it all gone no left for our next generation? Thanks God for do not give us in limit like two lbs per person per day. I might end up borrowing from those who use very little.

4. Why I am on earth ? because of my father and mother had sex? That's all ?Then why other couple have many many sex and no children...(OK you can come with different answers but I can still put on many Why, why and why?).

5. What is boom dock? Oh lost of high educated people think we all come from boom dock! Any way who make this boom dock happened? Oxygen and Nitrogen? Then where these Chemistry come from. OK here some experts say...they are jsut there in the beginning.

Now see...this is what I believe. God is there always in the beginning, now and in future just like someone believe in chemistry was there in the beginning. The different is I believe in the Creator and appreciate the creation. I like chemistry. So thankful that God knows we need chemistry on earth. One question, if someone believe that the chemistry is in the beginning then why not God too? Of course by choice. Another question, some said "I can't see God so I do not know God is there or not?" Can you see the oxygen? By smell? You like oxygen because it good and necessity? For me, I am very sure that Christ is good not even necessity but is a must! Christ does not play Magic.

God said... "I am in the beginning and in the end, I am Omega and Alfa...."

Last night I found some questions at my devotional are the questions!

"Did Jesus really walk on water or simple use some nearby sand bars? Did he actually multiply bread and fish to feed 5,000 or just hypnotize the crowd into thinking he did? (by the way I do not believe in hypnotize at all unless some one drug me with "Ya Ba" means, may be 2 crazy pills).

Was it miracle or magic?

When Christian illusionist Brock Gill explored those questions for a BBC television program, he set aside his personal beliefs to examine the biblical miracle with an open mind. Producer Jean-Claude Bragard said, "Even if an atheist had been chosen as host, the conclusion wouldn't have changed." In every case, Gill concluded that Jesus could not have tricked people into believing they had witnessed a miracle."

Jesus did not trick me. He loves me and I love Christ.

As David McCasland said I beleive that .." The miracles of Jesus identified him as part of Holy Trinities." Christ does not needs trick but miracles of love and grace.

It took a miracle to put the stars in place.

It took a miracle to hang the world in place.

It took a miracle the sun to run a round perfectly to earth.

It took a miracle to breath each day for us.

It took a miralce for me to live in order with my new liver. Goes on...........

Christ said.... "Though you do not beleive ME, believe the works, that you may now and believe that the Father is in ME and I in HIM." John 10:38

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Liver News


Here are the statistics, per the US (OPTN) Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, as of Sunday at 7:45 AM:

1. 100,571 people in the US are waiting for life extending organ transplants.
2. 2,700 need a heart transplant
3. 15,941 need a liver transplant
4. 1,585 need a pancreas transplant
5. 78,082 need a kidney transplant
6. 2,015 need a lung transplant
7. 248 need some combination of the above

From January to August 2008, 18,659 doctors had performed 18,659 transplants

From January to August 2008, the OPTN recovered 9,490 organs for transplantThe issue is close to me because my father, when his heart was failing, was “too sick” to receive a transplant and because my neighbor donated a kidney to his sister just over a year ago.In my neighbor’s sister’s case, she hit the organ donor lottery; a family member nearby, ready willing and able to help.

Many are not so fortunate, and rely on OPTN to live another day, week, year or however long a transplant will extend their lives.Still feeling puffed up about that 7% you peeled off last year’s corrugated expense? What if your performance was measure in kidneys, or hearts and lungs? Put things in perspective, doesn’t it?We’re not saying that good work for your company doesn’t matter. Peeling 7% or any % off an annual spend does matter, it matters a lot, and even more so in challenging economic times.But this is the time of year that our society has chosen for thanks giving, gift giving and personal reflection.

That’s why the OPTN team deserves special mention for “savings” that we can’t measure in dollars.Now that’s procurement of which we can all be proud.

Posted by Strategic Sourceror at 9:08 AM

Monday, December 8, 2008

Definition of Redneck

Redneck house!

Redneck's door bell!

The definition of Redneck: When I heard the first time "Redneck"...I thought a man who his Neck is Red. After many years now if I see someone I can tell you that he is redneck or not. Enjoy the different definitions of Redneck!

Me-She said:It's a well known fact the we Californians value our "rednecks" as hard working, hard drinking, stable members of the community who pay their taxes & stay out of trouble. They get those red necks from doing work outside in the hot sun. Many drive trucks..some ride motorcycles. They often work in the oilfields & make it possible for the US to have a supply of gasoline.

A HICK is a worthless redneck who has become unemployed & is proud of it. Most hicks just want to go home, but can't remember how to get there.

A WHITE TRASH HICK has usually never worked a real job & sells dope to support their other habits.


A WHITE TRASH INBRED HICK is related to everyone in their neighborhood & sleeps with anyone who is readily available.
A HiLLBILLY plays good bluegrass music.
A SKINHEAD is a wanna-be racist.

A RACIST is a business owner who rides in the Christmas Parades.
A GOOD OLD BOY doesn't give a crap what you think...cuz he's the boss of all your troubles & makes you think it's someone else who's doin' it!

Yeeeeah Hawwwww!

Thinking Out Loud said:Larry the cable guy!
MISTER said: I would think in terms of a wife-beating beer-guzzling child abuser living in a trailer watching a 32 inch television whilst picking two different body orifaces with both hands at the same time with the curtains open.
They usually have International Male underwear catalogues hidden in their next to bottom level dresser drawers (where the tread-marked skivvies are neatly folded no less).

Driving a Chevy or a pick-up truck is usually a give away, not so much as the mattress in the back of the pick-up that was cleverly hidden by a blanket, which his girl friend thought was an act of genius, "...cause nobody knew!"

Hell, she didn't know she was pregnant 'til her little brother said she looked the sort, and to lay off the dollar double cheeseburgers...


Nahhhh, I don't think just kinda looks that way, don't it?
11 months ago

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I wish I could be a Liver Specialist

I got the following email yesterday. As a respect I do not want to mention the writer name nor address. I want to help the person very very much. I wish I could give him/her for the best of my advices but I can't because....

1. I am not a doctor. Me myself I listen to my GI doctors from the University of Florida and above of all, I do and did pray. I still do or did everything what my doctors ask me to do. I fully trust all my doctors (my transplant doctor and the GI both), and the Liver Transplant Team of Shand Hospital, UF. Yes it is very very important to find a good doctor. I did mention or not I can't remember but I will share it again. My first Private GI doctor, he has his own clinic in Gainesivlle. I got told by him saying "You should go back to Bangkok and get the treatment over there. They have so much experiences." I was so surprised to hear that. I did asked him back one question..."What are you going to do if an American man got hit by a liver cancer? Are you going to tell him to go back to Bangkok???" By the blessing I got one of the top surgeons in the world.

2. With my little brain I do know that all the cancer patients situation are more or less different. I was so blessed that I had to take very little pain killer but I did had some sleeping problem. The accumulating the liquid in my lung which is normal to liver transplant patient, I had that. I got suck off twice!! Without lieing my faith put me through for Prednisone attacked also. The side effects of Prednisone is mood swing, stomach upset, swelling, skin change, diabetes, weight changes (Increase in appetite), muscle loss and bone damage and eyesight changes. I have some mood swing and took Activan for a very short time beside that the profit I am getting is my skin looks much much better, even lost weight (I maintain 120 lbs now). I truly thankful for not so much serious problems (like virus attacking) at all, actually till to day.

Diet, as my GI told me I can eat every thing but MODERATE is the key (remember I am sharing only my situation). Lately I have been eaten so much hot food. I do have that crazy desire like one week I would like to eat shrimp with garlic grilled or one week I would eat noodle soup or one week any kinds of curry. My problem is I will eat till I am so tired of it and changed to another kind of food.

3. Do you believe in herbal treatment? Honestly I do not. I do believe in that eating like garlic, tomato, onion, broccoli, ta ta ta ta is good but boil the roots of this and that, these I will never touch! (ie: take the tiger bone soup or cat liver fry or sneak blood). For my case as a cancer problem, I will never go for treatment with herbs unless recommended by my doctor. Remember I do not say that these are bad. What I means is if you believe in it, it is all up to you.I have been one of the lucky ones. My own liver transplant experience has allowed me to stay healthy and cancer free for two years.

In the future, I do not know what will happen, but I can tell you that I live very happily now. I value each day and every morning I pray.."Thank you my Lord Jesus for the new day!"

To my dear email friend, again I wish only the very best for you. My thoughts and prayers will be with you from now on. I pormise you that I will help you as much as I can.

Helen McIntosh

Sent: Saturday, December 6, 2008 5:45:22 AM

Subject: Hi there

Dear Helen,

How are you doing lady? Today, I found you by goggling. Just typed "living with new liver" in google and found you. It is amazing to hear your life with new liver, because I am just advised to get kemo for my liver while I was trying so hard to get proper treatment from western medical since industry for 10 years.I got some possible idea for having new liver or kemo or using many herbs. My liver do not show cancer yet, but there is no medicine in the market right now, I was treated for three times already and being non responder.

I feel so good to see you and can you share me some experience on your transplant. Now I live in California. I have a daughter. My wife is also working in silicon valley.

I like your blog, it is beautiful.If you do not mind please email me back.

Thanks in advanced.

Friday, December 5, 2008

True faith

Note: Read or pass please feel free.

I am cancer free for 2 years now. I do believe that God gave me second chance. I believe in that Christ can heal. I asked to myself many many times that Why me and why other die. I do not know why but I know that knowing myself, not because of I am the special one. I am a person still dealing with anger, impatience and instead of love, I am still showing my fang (I am doing much better though!). I still do have my ugliness, lots of it. I believe that my God has a reason for me. May be I am one of his tools???

I have no authority to judge others. I will never ever think that those who die in cancer or accident were because of their sin. Lots of people believe in Kama but I don't because I have no eyes on other's past life. I am not a ghost or an Angel or a saint capable of seeing someone's past life. I will never believe that someone has cancer or is in bad accident and die because this someone had done a bad something in his/her past life. Sometime I do feel that I want to ask....... How do you know his past life? Are you God ? How dare you? Are you no sin at all?

John 9:1-4 said "And Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, neither had this man sinned nor his parents; But that the works of God should be made manifest in him."

After my cancer I am thinking many many things which is never come a cross in my mind before cancer. One of my thinking is..... I rather get a spanking from God, to straighten me out rather than my God ignoring me. I would be very worried if Christ ignored me.

Like my grand mama used to whack me with stick (by the way many times), think it back I deserved it. I was so naughty but Oh..... How I love my grand mama. I love my grand mama so much! My blood told me and still telling me that my grand ma ma weck me with love not with hate!

I am a believers. I love Christ. Now with my health situation, yes I truly admitted that I am more closer to Christ. I wish I was as close to Christ before my cancer as I am after my cancer.

On one Sunday morning Pastor said " In Bible said when every where Christ was teaching there were more than 5000 people following him. We do not know those followers are simply have faith in Christ or just waiting to get heal because of knowing Christ can heal"

OK....Hope you like the article that I share to you today.

written by craig
December 4, 2008 at 9:04 am

Matt 5:21-43

A Good Story What should we be making of this? Surely a good story, with effective elements included: suspense, dramatic tension as we are yanked from Jairus, made aware of the crush around Jesus preventing him from moving on to heal the innocent 12 year old girl. We might even share the sense of possible frustration that might be hinted at with Jesus when he has to stop and ask who touched him.

The second story then begins to reveal itself; a woman despised, unclean, used perhaps to making herself invisible. Her healing is instant and linked – we are told very clearly - to her faith; ‘If I could just…’ The touch – and are we therefore to assume, the healing - is the first thing that happens between her and Jesus – she grabs hold of his cloak and he heals her, almost involuntarily. The questions come later – his probing of her reasons, which strikes me as possibly a little strange; surely he knew this already? If Jesus is fully God, then why would he need to question who touched him?

We are then pulled back to the original story with the news that all this good stuff has had a negative consequence; the delay has killed the little girl. The finale is set up perfectly; fake, plastic mourners – the sort whose wailing turns to scornful laughter at a moment’s notice – a quietened room, a handful of witnesses and the words of a loving father that breathe life where death has threatened to settle.

A Good One… But Potentially ToxicIt’s a good story. It’s made for TV. And I think it has probably been the cause of pain, distress and abuse. How come?
[32] But Jesus kept looking around to see who had done it. Then the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came and fell at his feet and, trembling with fear, told him the whole truth. He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”
How great would it be to be alive here today with the sure-fire knowledge that our faith could heal us. How much silence do we need to compile a list in our minds of the things we’d choose have healed, fixed or just touched by the hand of God if we could?

If releasing healing itself it was only a matter of believing that God could do it I’d be waltzing around healing, helping and transforming lives in a way that would make Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother look like a self-cantered slacker. The only problem would be which destination first; the hospice, the African refugee camps or right here, in this town, in this church?
If only it were a matter of believing enough to reach out and grab hold of Christ… wouldn’t our lives look different?

Life’s Not Like ThatWhy is life not like this? Do we lack even the mustard seed amount required to see God work miracles? Is it our fault? Have we messed up? Were there other people in the crowd wanting to be healed, but lacking the courage, belief or conviction to ask Jesus for themselves? Is that who we are – the ones that Jesus walked by? The ones he ignored?
I apologise now for what I’m going to share. I’m not saying it to manipulate or make you feel uncomfortable. I’m saying it because I cannot talk about faith and healing without looking back on a year scarred by grief.

The last time I spoke here I mentioned that things were about to get tough. Here’s what I said:
If the doctors are correct I might well be attending a few funerals over the coming years. My step-father last week was told he has months to live as the cancer he was treated for a couple of years ago has returned to his face and lung. He’s talking about his funeral already, wondering whether family rifts will be patched over for the occasion. His life has been a catalogue of failed relationships and I know that sadly, many of those burying him with be dead themselves. I will be left feeling empty and hollow, wondering how different it would all feel I my step-dad or either of his sons had made the choice to follow, to reach and to take part in the journey with God.

My mother is also talking about her own funeral. Her battle with liver cancer looks as though it has longer to play out than my step-dad’s, but she’s aware that the end is a little closer for her than she thought. “I want my funeral to be a celebration” she says. I don’t know quite how well this will help us grieve, but I get her point: there’s something about having lived a life that followed Jesus that transforms the way we approach the rituals surrounding death. Death, it seems, is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Funerals too, are not the best.
It turns out I was wrong. It wasn’t years, it was months and there weren’t two but three funerals. Four if you count our next door neighbour and six if you count the two frozen guinea pigs we buried on Wednesday.

MothersBoth my and Emma’s mother were women of faith. They had known unbelief and the glorious power of Christ’s redemption. Both found that in the midst of their deepest suffering – when they were young women, younger than I am today – God was there. Faith grew within them as they picked their way out of their own valleys of the shadow of death; for my mother it was the fear of being utterly overwhelmed when first facing life as a single mother. For Emma’s mum it was the grief of losing both her parents within the first few years of her marriage.
Despite the pain that drew them to take their first steps of faith, they both grew to become remarkable women. Women who found that their faith was the fuel to propel them out. They set up and ran charities, dedicated themselves to helping outcasts and underdogs and chased after God with incredible persistence and amazing results. My mum would spend hours sitting and immersing herself in scripture, scribbling notes and messages for others in her bible as certain passages jumped out. Emma’s mum would suck every last molecule of spiritual protein from the books she read, always ready to share her newly acquired knowledge over kitchen table tea.
So these women had faith. The believed that God could do amazing things – and they had the privilege of seeing such things at first hand, and in their own lives.

So, they had faith.
And they had cancer.
So they prayed for healing.
And yet they died.

Why?I know this passage was on my mum’s mind towards the end. For the final year she would chime out the phrase:
‘one touch of the King changes everything’.

Emma’s mum likewise talked about taking pleasure in being in a place where the only chance of a prolonged future was if a divine miracle showed up. ‘Wouldn’t that be great?’ she’d ask. ‘Such a sign of God’s power to confound the sceptics.’

As the realisation of death’s imminence gradually settled on both of them, they struggled. Life – shortening by the week – got hard. Why were they not healed? Was it their fault? Did they lack faith? Why would God choose to take them away so early when there were so many unborn grandchildren yet to be held, so many people yet to help, so much life left unlived. Why, when they reached out again and again, did nothing happen?

Of course, there were other parts of their brain that knew otherwise. They knew that physical healings are rare for us, they knew that God’s ways are above and beyond our understanding, they knew they could trust him, and eventually they knew it was time to go.

But not before their faith had been stripped down, blow-torched, threshed, flailed and flogged. For women who had been living examples of strength, bravery and determination, they were left eerily silent, childlike with their lack of answers to what was going on. Like the bleeding woman in the story, part of them was left face down at Jesus’ feet. Fearful? Perhaps. Confused? At times. Angry? I never heard them say it, but who would blame them? Not God, I suspect. We shield far too often from our anger…

Guilt, anger, disbelief, frustration, disappointment – are these the legacies of our prayers to God? They may not define us completely – I certainly hope not – but are there traces that could be found within us if we looked close enough?
Why Does This Happen?Why is that for every miraculous instance of healing and transformative encounter, there are many, many more where prayers for healing and restoration go unanswered? Why are there so many seemingly unanswered prayers littering our lives like cold-war satellites. Remember that quote at the start? Is that what our life is like; surrounded by the debris of unanswered prayer? Each fragment may not be much more than a spec, but given time and the continued repeats of our faith feeling not quite up to the task, do we end up obscured, bogged down or clogged up?

But the truth that I wonder about is this: it’s not doubt that is the main barrier to divine healing.
It’s God.

If I’m wrong – if it is faith alone that heals us, if it’s just about the quality – or quantity – of our prayers, then we’re into a very weird situation indeed. And God is not a slot machine any more than our prayers are the coins we pile into them.

For some, this is where the talk ends. We just need to acknowledge the disappointment, anger or disbelief that has settled within us since we told ourselves that God let us down.
For others, we might need more – an explanation, perhaps. A reason why. I don’t really know. I know what I’m supposed to say; that God’s ways are not ours, that it’s his grace that heals us, that our faith does matter – it drives us towards God, which matters more than the physical condition we’re in. Maybe we should follow James’ advice and:
‘Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.’

Back To The StoryApparently NT Wright reads his New Testament straight from the Greek. His own translation of the lines “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed” and “My little daughter is dying. Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live.”

If I just touch his clothes I will be SAVED
Come and SAVE my daughter.

He writes about what salvation really means – how it includes elements of present, physical things like healing and rescues – not just what happens to us after we die.
So when Jesus heals he’s not just handing out goodies or extra treats for the ones he notices or who should loud enough He’s bringing to the here and now elements of God’s salvation of his people.

When we pray for healing, are we perhaps thinking too small? Should we rather pray for salvation – or more of it? I’m not sure, but I know I want to find out more about that one.
One Last ThingIn a book recently I read something that made me stop. It was the line about how Moses asked God to let him be seen. God declined, saying that it was not possible. However, he’d allow him to see ‘his back’. Is that right? Can God really have a back? If so, does he have a top, a bottom and a front? Surely not – surely he can’t be limited, hemmed in or tailored?
Here’s what the book has to say:

‘The Hebrew word for ‘my back’ is achorai…. The word achor also has a temporal sense. What God seems to be saying to Moses is that you can see ‘my afterward’. You can see just what it’s like after I’ve been here. But if you knew what it was like while I was still there, that would mean you were still hanging on to a little piece of your self-awareness that was telling you it was you who was there. And that would also mean there was a part of your consciousness detached and watching the whole thing and therefore not all of you was there. There are, in other words, simply some things in life that demand such total self absorption that you cannot know it’s you who is there until it’s over. Being in the presence of God is such an experience.’

I don’t know fully why this helps, but it reminds me of something I experienced frequently this year – the sense that I was very, very small, peeking behind the curtain backstage at a grand theatrical production. I don’t know what’s going on or where I fit in, but I’m glimpsing things that I shouldn’t really be seeing.

Death is connected to life. There’s sorrow and loss and loneliness as well, but there’s a sense of being connected to God that is very, very powerful. In a way All this death makes faith easy. It makes life bigger and bolder and the colours and the tastes better than ever. It’s easy to trust God when not trusting him means losing everything. Being so fully in the moment with God is the key.

What’s hard is coming back down to earth. Finding yourself out on the edge of the crowd, a spectator in your own faith, watching- detached – as others get closer but you do not. That’s when it’s tempting to let faith become a formula – the right sort or quantity of prayers being the way to get the result. But like the woman forcing her way forward, ignoring the pain from within her body and the elbows or ankles from the others crushing forward, she existed at that moment for no other reason than to connect with God.

I suppose that’s what true faith is. And surely that is the way to be truly saved.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday and Long Live To The Thai King!

Today he is 81 year old. I thank to him that he let every one can come and visit to Thailand also if you wish you can stay inThailand. He is thoughtful enough that allowed all the religion to worship freely in his kingdom. Some countries did not have that kind of life.

Again I wish , "Happy Birthday to you" and a wonderful time with your family.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At last?

By now you all knew that the crisis in Thailand is ended . Hope this ending is last for a long long time.

The court said the government is gone, Somchai is gone and the whole cabinet is gone for 5 years.

It is amazing that Thai people were on strike, anti-government for quit a time but with little blood shed. If this is in Burma, I bet there will be lots of blood shed. I hope the Burmese should learn some lesson on this situation. The Thai always said "Chai Yen Yen" means "take an easy". Now time for every one "Chai Yen Yen'"? or may be sit in the Air Port is the best way? or sit in the Parliment House and use the facilities is the best way?

The yellower even made it out as a smooth sailing for the tourist stranded in the airport. The passengers got entertained by dance, coffee, chit chat and they even got some souvenir (like head bands) too.

Now the yellow are happy and the red are angry and not happy. It is normal and natural...The winner take it all (as ABBA song) and happy, the looser got the tear.

The King starting to celebrate his birthday yesterday. I wish him a very Happy Birthday and "Long Live The King".

I am going to celebrate my birthday tonight with friends and my wish will be "Peace on Earth" in this very special season.

Monday, December 1, 2008

What will I do if my medicine runs out

I blog my email which I sent out to my friends today. I am getting worry now since the air port is closed for almost a week. Today The Nation Newspaper said "There is an elderly man who stranded in the airport, his medicine ran out and he needs it urgently. There is a boy who has bleeding problem need to get out too....etc....

Now I am thinking what shall I do if my medicine run out??

Hello everyone,

I was told that the problem in Thailand will not be easily finished. It is very close to The King's birthday (December 5th), seen to me will not be end by his birthday at all. So does my birthday is on 3rd December, but any way I will celebrate my birthday by the pool and in our function room. Hope people will show up or I end up dancing by my self??? No problem I will dance a lone. One way or the other, I wish they could figure out to end this unhappy situation.

I am just bla bla bla blaing actually I am a bit worry. As no planes and now they are talking that the ports will be closed too. This is my worry....How could my medicine will come in? Yah yah..I have for 2 months stock. Any idea ??

My grand mother who lives way up north in Thailand said by phone ...."I was told that I am not suppose to wear yellow or red colour ( basically yellow and read shirt wearers are fighting). If I wear red, the yellow people might beat me up or if I wear yellow the red people might beat me up too. So I am wearing black!".. See my grand ma ma 91 years old young lady knows how to keep peace by herself.

I know some of my friends in this email who has planes and yacht. If there is a big problem continuing, please come pick me up..will you....please please. I will squat by the bank of sea and waiting for you...and please bring my medicines too. ( What a B$%^$! am I ?) Pataya is the nearest port for me to squating and waiting for you.

I have heard that military airport is opened. If you come and pick me up, just use the military airport or wait me in China I will drive there to meet you. Just land it even the control tower not permit you to land. Just do it! I will take care of the rest. I have to check is my insurance covering the rescue plan or not !! What a heck world that we are living in.

Robins was supposed to go to China for seminar 10 days but now he can't go. Someone I knew was landed in Malaysia and taking the bus to Bangkok now. Well this is my up dated Bangkok situation.

Again Do not Forget me if there is a huge one come!

I will hold my passport and waiting for you all.

Lots of love,