Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bush Shoed!

I am very curious about our President got shoot at with the shoes! What do you think about this? Do you think that our President over teach the taste of "Democracy" to the Iraqi??? What is it call "Freedom"?? OK joking!

Put it this way...Yes we do have disagreement of Bush's presidency but do we really need to throw the shoes at him?? NO, is my answer. Where is human respect not to other only but also to yourself?? You do this to the Junta you get shot or dead roll, you do this to the Royal you get put into jail, you do this to other you might get the spit back to you face!

Sometime I wonder do we really need to act that low class ? The guy, the thrower is a writer or reporter?? He can show his anger in his paper but not this kind of act. Well may be no one can't control the other's desire or someone can't control his own desire. That's why there are full of murderer, killer, pervert, bastard, molester, rapist, cheater..(what els more bad ??) in this world.

Rest in peace soon Mr. Bush! I do not mean you die (never wish on no one), I mean rest in peace from this Job the title that you have as"The President". Waiting to read your book!!

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