Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miracle or Magic?

I welcome to everyone, believers, Atheists, Pantheists or what ever you believe in, you all are my blog friends and you all are very welcome. I respect you what ever you make choice in our life. My blog is also a place that I share my thought, my believing and my opinions which is might not agree by you. So....
Note: Please read or pass!

Sometime I do ask questions to myself that am I a perfect good person. The answer is ...... NO! I am still cripple in some cases but I do know I am a person trying to be a good one but never will be perfect.

The next question I asked is, am I acting like I know everything? The answer is NO! There are many thing that I do not understand.

Then more questions likes..

1.Why our earth is dangling in the space? OK no air then I asked why not goes run crazy like it wants? Why 24 hours per round? Even I wanted to invite the moon to closer to us but why it doesn't come closer to us. Once someone said "oh the sun might be closer to us cause it is getting too hot? I goes..dah! Of course, The sun is rounding to earth as a oval shape. Why so perfectly?

2. Why we human being do not have exactly DNA to another? (For sure not to prevent only from the pervert). In fact how many people I run into each day but there are no two faces exactly the same (in dogs? Well may be only in animal except we, human animal). Even in Identical twine, they had one like Asian food and one like American food, one become gay and one become fully man or one become lesbian and one become fully woman. (No argue with me please, I have seen many).

3. Who put oxygen perfectly on Earth? Aren't you worry one day it all gone no left for our next generation? Thanks God for do not give us in limit like two lbs per person per day. I might end up borrowing from those who use very little.

4. Why I am on earth ? because of my father and mother had sex? That's all ?Then why other couple have many many sex and no children...(OK you can come with different answers but I can still put on many Why, why and why?).

5. What is boom dock? Oh lost of high educated people think we all come from boom dock! Any way who make this boom dock happened? Oxygen and Nitrogen? Then where these Chemistry come from. OK here some experts say...they are jsut there in the beginning.

Now see...this is what I believe. God is there always in the beginning, now and in future just like someone believe in chemistry was there in the beginning. The different is I believe in the Creator and appreciate the creation. I like chemistry. So thankful that God knows we need chemistry on earth. One question, if someone believe that the chemistry is in the beginning then why not God too? Of course by choice. Another question, some said "I can't see God so I do not know God is there or not?" Can you see the oxygen? By smell? You like oxygen because it good and necessity? For me, I am very sure that Christ is good not even necessity but is a must! Christ does not play Magic.

God said... "I am in the beginning and in the end, I am Omega and Alfa...."

Last night I found some questions at my devotional are the questions!

"Did Jesus really walk on water or simple use some nearby sand bars? Did he actually multiply bread and fish to feed 5,000 or just hypnotize the crowd into thinking he did? (by the way I do not believe in hypnotize at all unless some one drug me with "Ya Ba" means, may be 2 crazy pills).

Was it miracle or magic?

When Christian illusionist Brock Gill explored those questions for a BBC television program, he set aside his personal beliefs to examine the biblical miracle with an open mind. Producer Jean-Claude Bragard said, "Even if an atheist had been chosen as host, the conclusion wouldn't have changed." In every case, Gill concluded that Jesus could not have tricked people into believing they had witnessed a miracle."

Jesus did not trick me. He loves me and I love Christ.

As David McCasland said I beleive that .." The miracles of Jesus identified him as part of Holy Trinities." Christ does not needs trick but miracles of love and grace.

It took a miracle to put the stars in place.

It took a miracle to hang the world in place.

It took a miracle the sun to run a round perfectly to earth.

It took a miracle to breath each day for us.

It took a miralce for me to live in order with my new liver. Goes on...........

Christ said.... "Though you do not beleive ME, believe the works, that you may now and believe that the Father is in ME and I in HIM." John 10:38


robert said...

You make some interesting comments. Thanks for sharing. Your blog honours the Lord Jesus Christ for who He is, but it has a personal flavour too.

Thanks for quoting John Peterson's gospel song, "It Took a Miracle." Today is the 3rd anniversary of his death. Do you know some of the other songs he wrote: "Heaven Came Down, and Glory Filled My Soul," and "Surely Goodness and Mercy," are a couple of them.

I invite you to drop by my daily blog, Wordwise Hymns, to learn more about the history of our hymns and gospel songs. God bless.

Helen said...

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the comment! I am a believer, and I know that Christ said, "No one go to the father except through me."

For others I can't speak for them but for me sure " there is a Miracle!". God is fair. Miracle will be here even Christ is in person with us or not! There is a miracle waiting to all of us if you have faith and believe in Christ!

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