Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Are Toast!

Someone sent me this cartoon by email and I love it. I really do. I am a kind of woman like Michelle Obama. I see she is a normal woman just like me too! You want to put me in "sensitive woman type" ???? You may. In this cartoon, Michelle said " You Are Toast"....I might say " Your are chop off!". (not the head but something that you will be regret and very sad the rest of your life. I no need to detail it here just you guess!!). I just say it I might not dare to do it. Well I think I can cripple him with baseball bat!

I understand that if you are single, you can do what ever you want. None of my business but the minutes you married, you better behave!

I know there are lots of women singing "Stand By Your Man" too. Actually I am so admire of those kind hearted women who are so forgiving. I wish I can do it but knowing myself, I can't. I will share my shoes, my clothes, my hats, my glasses and my food with you..may be even some money if you are in real need for medical care but I will never share my house (mean years and years), my car and my husband! These are the 3 things that I will never ever share with no one.

Just try to share these 3 things and see what will happen!

Well people are in different ways of living.

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