Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all my blog readers. May all of us have a special time with our love one. My prayer for this Christmas will be...

Dear God,

Thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ! You has the best reason to be part of human form.

Thank you for the Pig that we are going to share with others in this Christmas. We won't have Turkey to eat but God, thank you so much for I have plenty of people to eat with. I know some who has the best of Turkey but no one to eat with. Please be with them God. They need you, especially to old people who are alone.

Thank you for teaching me to share. In this holy season may your peace be with our troop and others who are fighting in war. Please bring them back with their families soon and in safe. I remember for those who are sad. Please be with them too God. Your kindness will be with those who are poor. I trust in your loving that your love will be abundantly on them.

I am looking forward to be with my grand mama. Thank you God for my family. Please be with us, guide us and lead us. May you be the only one who guide my family forever also to my next next next generation. Robins is in China and please bring him home safe to be together with us in this wonderful season. Thank you!

In Christ's name,


Hope you like my choice of Christmas music for this year. My blog will be off for 2 weeks. Again....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bangkok, Thailand!!

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