Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At last?

By now you all knew that the crisis in Thailand is ended . Hope this ending is last for a long long time.

The court said the government is gone, Somchai is gone and the whole cabinet is gone for 5 years.

It is amazing that Thai people were on strike, anti-government for quit a time but with little blood shed. If this is in Burma, I bet there will be lots of blood shed. I hope the Burmese should learn some lesson on this situation. The Thai always said "Chai Yen Yen" means "take an easy". Now time for every one "Chai Yen Yen'"? or may be sit in the Air Port is the best way? or sit in the Parliment House and use the facilities is the best way?

The yellower even made it out as a smooth sailing for the tourist stranded in the airport. The passengers got entertained by dance, coffee, chit chat and they even got some souvenir (like head bands) too.

Now the yellow are happy and the red are angry and not happy. It is normal and natural...The winner take it all (as ABBA song) and happy, the looser got the tear.

The King starting to celebrate his birthday yesterday. I wish him a very Happy Birthday and "Long Live The King".

I am going to celebrate my birthday tonight with friends and my wish will be "Peace on Earth" in this very special season.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY!!! its the 2nd here but when you get to read this its going to be the 3!!!

Since my noodle shop has been doing great...Ill take my private jet and fly to the nearest open airport, my helicopter will be waiting for me there, and Ill land in your building, pick you up and gon anywhere you want!!!! good gift ah?????



Helen said...


Thank you so much. Yah Yah Yah, give me the company that you rent the holicopter last year.

Hey no joking, why don't you all girls come to Thailand with Claudia's plane??


Bob M said...

Doña Helena, from the bottom of my heart I am wishing you the happiest birthday in your life. I which you another 92 happy years more.

Much Luv,


Pinky said...

Just to send you a b-day wish! I taxed to your phone
in Thai. Not sure you recd it. Wish I could meet you there!


Anonymous said...

Hallo meine Liebe,
sorry I,m too late but I wish you all the best HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,my dear, health, peace and the great love of our Lord and all what you wish for yourself.
As ever with love