Monday, December 1, 2008

What will I do if my medicine runs out

I blog my email which I sent out to my friends today. I am getting worry now since the air port is closed for almost a week. Today The Nation Newspaper said "There is an elderly man who stranded in the airport, his medicine ran out and he needs it urgently. There is a boy who has bleeding problem need to get out too....etc....

Now I am thinking what shall I do if my medicine run out??

Hello everyone,

I was told that the problem in Thailand will not be easily finished. It is very close to The King's birthday (December 5th), seen to me will not be end by his birthday at all. So does my birthday is on 3rd December, but any way I will celebrate my birthday by the pool and in our function room. Hope people will show up or I end up dancing by my self??? No problem I will dance a lone. One way or the other, I wish they could figure out to end this unhappy situation.

I am just bla bla bla blaing actually I am a bit worry. As no planes and now they are talking that the ports will be closed too. This is my worry....How could my medicine will come in? Yah yah..I have for 2 months stock. Any idea ??

My grand mother who lives way up north in Thailand said by phone ...."I was told that I am not suppose to wear yellow or red colour ( basically yellow and read shirt wearers are fighting). If I wear red, the yellow people might beat me up or if I wear yellow the red people might beat me up too. So I am wearing black!".. See my grand ma ma 91 years old young lady knows how to keep peace by herself.

I know some of my friends in this email who has planes and yacht. If there is a big problem continuing, please come pick me up..will you....please please. I will squat by the bank of sea and waiting for you...and please bring my medicines too. ( What a B$%^$! am I ?) Pataya is the nearest port for me to squating and waiting for you.

I have heard that military airport is opened. If you come and pick me up, just use the military airport or wait me in China I will drive there to meet you. Just land it even the control tower not permit you to land. Just do it! I will take care of the rest. I have to check is my insurance covering the rescue plan or not !! What a heck world that we are living in.

Robins was supposed to go to China for seminar 10 days but now he can't go. Someone I knew was landed in Malaysia and taking the bus to Bangkok now. Well this is my up dated Bangkok situation.

Again Do not Forget me if there is a huge one come!

I will hold my passport and waiting for you all.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Hi, Helen, I will be there Bangkok on Dec 21st if the airpot is opend by then! Love Marie

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have lost of money in BKK bank. Do you think that BKK bank will be bankrupted? One of my closed Burmese friends who stay at Onnut was passed away on 26/11 with ung cancer at age of 51. The funeral was done on 27/11. I booked ticket to come to BKK on 05/12. Now I cancelled it. I left around 7 jewellerry sets with his family. My closed friend is man. I need to take my jewellery sets back with me.

Anonymous said...

Lots of love to you. I thinkk the governmanent should ask you to negotiate. You could make them see the light.

Myriam said...

funny girl!! you made me laugh a are right to talk lightly about this reality you dont have to be worry about your medicine, cause thailand can t be a long time cutted from the world...tourism is the motor of the economylooks like they want to deal with things quietlydoing a big mess one or two weeks is taht they can do...not more...have seen that in france when people are on strike....gvt have to wait ...thats all !cause other people are disturb and they are against

Ana said...

My dearest Helen: I am in Mexico but I thought since early this morning of my dear and beloved friend, happy and many more for you.

HH said...

Dear Helen, What a funny, clever letter. I can just see you squatting on the shore, madly waving your passport and yelling, "Here I am".

BOB M said...

Helen, I sold all my airplane but surely I could find one to come and get you. Things are really bad here in Guatemala. Our police force is the most incompetent I have ever seen. Helen, it is worse here today than any time that I can remember.

Scream when you need me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday by the way! I will make sure I dance for you at home.
Be safe and be healthy.

Helen said...

Thank you Bob. I need A 380 to come and get me! Did not know you sold your planes. I was thinking with your plane I can hop all over the world before I'll be in Florida.

Helen said...

Haloooo Myriam,

Je sui mui mal a la tad! Ce sitioncion a al Bangkok est..Je ne ce pa. Alor je vay achete' une mansion a la Paris et contant avec toi!! Ce bone?

helen said...

Myriam desculpe'

Je dis situacion na pa sitioncion.
Dacor! A tot.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY!!! its the 2nd here but when you get to read this its going to be the 3!!!

Since my noodle shop has been doing great...Ill take my private jet and fly to the nearest open airport, my helicopter will be waiting for me there, and Ill land in your building, pick you up and gon anywhere you want!!!! good gift ah?????