Saturday, December 13, 2008


We went to a Wedding Anniversary of a Latin Couple at the Marriott Hotel by the pool. It was very nice, good food and many happy people. I mean real very happy people. How do I know,? Seeing the laugh, the drink and the dance, I should say they are very happy!!! Oh boy....... the Latin can dance. The couple is one of the Robins's business friends. I just went there as a Robins's wife!!

I had met Ambassadors, Thailand Telecom people, Shrimps people, The Project Manager of Surinaboom (OK can't spell it and I knew it is wrong. It is the Bangkok International Airport's name. I was surprise to see over sea Expert is still in here because I thought the airport is finished! ), and some local shrimp business people.

I also met elegant Latin Ladies last night which make me miss my friends in Guatemala. What more fun is, they all come from different places but one same language, Spanish (mostly) every where. Me too I did lots of "Habla" last night. The Latins are from Central America, South America and Mexico.

Ok...the most fun part is I met DR. T. He is a nutrition specialist and it was very nice to meet him. He is a unattractive man, very plain but nice to talk to him. If you allow me to say it in my language, he is not attractive but his conversation is very attractive. After many years of my living life, last night DR. T educated me with Baha'i Religion. This was one of the many subjects we talked last night. Can you believe it that the first time I heard about Baha'i? It was a bit embarrassing to ask him "What is Baha'i?". Without insulting but honestly say.... first I heard it sound likes "Behind"!

In Gainesville I have passed by many many times to this a nice Baha'i temple with a star symbol on the wall. I thought it is something to do with Jewish...(Sorry!! I said it before that I do not know every thing so forgive me and my knowledge on this matter). I said to Dr. T, "Oh you are Jewish!"... He was very kind and said "Nope.. I am Baha'i". I said, "What do you mean behind?"

Dr. T said Baha'i religion is very new only 145 or 140 years old and it is formed in Iran. What my understanding is, it is originally from Islam but the believing is a bit different. One of the Dr. T's believing is...He said, "Our world is one big nation!". I let it out my one statement which is thinking back I shouldn't say but I did say, "Oh Dr. T, looking our world situation today, it is very hard to call we are all one big harmony country!".

Now this morning, I did my research about Baha'i. I found some though. One thing I noticed that Dr. T does eat pork but said no to alcohol. On last night buffet dinner, there were many kind of food. There is a dish which is from Chaing Mai, it called "Moo Sone Koc", like sour pork sausage. Its come in different shape but last night was like bullet shape, a rounded one. I used to eat it before but after my new liver I try to stay a way from pickle or preserved food. Some said very good with beer.

Well one thing Dr. T told me that I shouldn't eat too much peanuts but lots of gingers!! I asked one last question to Dr. T as I am very curious in the believing of scientist people. I asked, "Do you believe in the Big Bang or I will say the boom dock??". He answered.."I am not sure because I am not there!"...I would say "Good answered Dr. T!". I am planning to have a dinner with Dr. and Mrs T.

After meeting Dr. T I realize that I have to do more reading and less talking. Bottom line I gain one more freind, his name is "Dr. T!"


Marsha said...

What a great story. So glad you made a new friend.
I taught several children who were of the baha'i faith. They are wonderful folks.
Just to clarify one thing - you likely were thinking of the jewish temple, but that word is b'nai. The temple is on 16th Ave and you passed it often, I imagine.
Sure wish you'd come back so we can go to Starbucks!

Helen said...

Hello Marsha,

You are very right. I think I am mistaking Baha'i with B'nai. Yesssssssss, you are right. Thank you for correcting me. Ofcourse we will go to Starbucks. The minute I set my foot in Gainesville, I will call you for sure.