Monday, December 8, 2008

Definition of Redneck

Redneck house!

Redneck's door bell!

The definition of Redneck: When I heard the first time "Redneck"...I thought a man who his Neck is Red. After many years now if I see someone I can tell you that he is redneck or not. Enjoy the different definitions of Redneck!

Me-She said:It's a well known fact the we Californians value our "rednecks" as hard working, hard drinking, stable members of the community who pay their taxes & stay out of trouble. They get those red necks from doing work outside in the hot sun. Many drive trucks..some ride motorcycles. They often work in the oilfields & make it possible for the US to have a supply of gasoline.

A HICK is a worthless redneck who has become unemployed & is proud of it. Most hicks just want to go home, but can't remember how to get there.

A WHITE TRASH HICK has usually never worked a real job & sells dope to support their other habits.


A WHITE TRASH INBRED HICK is related to everyone in their neighborhood & sleeps with anyone who is readily available.
A HiLLBILLY plays good bluegrass music.
A SKINHEAD is a wanna-be racist.

A RACIST is a business owner who rides in the Christmas Parades.
A GOOD OLD BOY doesn't give a crap what you think...cuz he's the boss of all your troubles & makes you think it's someone else who's doin' it!

Yeeeeah Hawwwww!

Thinking Out Loud said:Larry the cable guy!
MISTER said: I would think in terms of a wife-beating beer-guzzling child abuser living in a trailer watching a 32 inch television whilst picking two different body orifaces with both hands at the same time with the curtains open.
They usually have International Male underwear catalogues hidden in their next to bottom level dresser drawers (where the tread-marked skivvies are neatly folded no less).

Driving a Chevy or a pick-up truck is usually a give away, not so much as the mattress in the back of the pick-up that was cleverly hidden by a blanket, which his girl friend thought was an act of genius, "...cause nobody knew!"

Hell, she didn't know she was pregnant 'til her little brother said she looked the sort, and to lay off the dollar double cheeseburgers...


Nahhhh, I don't think just kinda looks that way, don't it?
11 months ago