Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prayer Request and blood clot in lung

I got an email said, "Please pray for Steve (His real name), he is suffering blood clot in the lung. He is in the hospital and he is only 22 year old. Yes! I do praying for him last ngiht. I do my part in faith and God will do God parts as God's will! Honestly I do not know how the result will be because I am not God but I have faith and I pray.

Each night before I go to bed I will read short verses of Bible and I pray for " my Friends and family".

This is what I read last night...... Christ said, "Have faith in God...... Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours." Mark 11: 22 and 24

Some of the Christian do believe in requesting to pray for each other, some don't as, "the thing is between me and God". I do believe in praying for others.

When I was sick my friends from around the world are praying for me. Guatemala, Germany, USA, Thailand, Shan State, Panama, .......
I was touch! I even had hospital workers praying with me!!

The first time I do really surrender in Christ was when I was fighting with my liver cancer. I just pray.."Your will be done." I had no question at all. "Why me??" is never in my mind but I prayed "Help me"! I did beg and prayed to Christ that, "I do not want to leave my child, he is too young."

Last Sunday after the service I did had a good conversation with Joe, and 2 girls from Hong Kong who are touring Thailand. They came to the church on Sunday.

Joe said, "Sometime it is difficult to understand how God's works. Here we had 2 cancer patients in our church , you and Peter (not his real name) but you stay and Peter die in short time. I do praying for you both!"

I told Joe, " I also do praying for Peter almost every night since the day I got told he had cancer. He passed a way but I am still do praying for the family."

I continued and shared my thought...." Here I think I am going to die soon by liver cancer, meantime I have heard and seen that 6 months old die, young people die or dying, accident happened in every minutes and look at it in Taiwan and Philippine lots of people die of flood! I do have many questions but I am still do praying because I do not understand. But one thing I know "Have faith and pray!!" I need God, I really do.

I also understand that there are 2 kinds of people who do the praying!

1. Give (faith), everything into the hands of God and pray.

2. Who pray because wanted to test the power of Christ... like, "well let see how the result will be!! may be yes or no, but I will pray in case Christ is there!!

Have faith and testing the power of Chirst is two very very differnt kinds.

As I used to say, I am a person who has faith in Christ but I will never jump off from my 16 and 17 floor saying God will catch me in the air. Of course you will be "DEAD"!

Anyway please put Steve in your prayer tonight please.

My blog is as you know not lavish, not grand, not good at English, sometime no taste, but some how around 40 people poking my blog each day. To my surprise my blog rank 1 million something in one link and Top Ten of another link too!! Even I am with my little world I am very happy!!

This is what I understanding of Blood Clot in Lung, (From my reading).....

"A blood clot in lung is usually called a pulmonary embolism. It is caused by a blood clot broken off from another part of the body and stuck in the lungs. A blood clot is a bunch of blood platelets stuck together. Blood clots are formed to heal something, like a cut or wound. This blood clot in lung then becomes a blockage and causes damage to the lungs, much like a heart attack or stroke. This damage is permanent because it cuts off bloodflow to that part of the lung. "

Anyone is at risk for a blood clot in lungs, but there are some typical risk factors. Some may include:

Family history
Estrogen therapy
Treatments for Blood Clot in Lung

Treatments include blood thinners. This prevents blood from clotting, which will keep the blood clot in lung from happening in the first place. This treatment can be a pill, shot or an iv.
There is another treatment if the blood thinner doesn't work to prevent a blood clot in lung. It is called vena cava filter and it does not prevent the clots from forming. Rather, it prevents them from entering your lungs.
".... It is from my google health news!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love You America

An Ode to America

Evenimentulzilei (received via email) after 9/11/01 Cornel Nistorescu
From a Romanian Newspaper (after 9/11/01)

We rarely get a chance to see another country's editorial about the USA .

Read this excerpt from a Romanian Newspaper. The article was written by Mr. Cornel Nistorescu and published under the title 'C'ntarea Americii, meaning 'Ode To America ') in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentulzilei 'The Daily Event' or 'News of the Day'

~An Ode to America ~

Why are Americans so united? They would not resemble one another even if you painted them all one color! They speak all the languages of the world and form an astonishing mixture of civilizations and religious beliefs.

On 9/ll, the American tragedy turned three hundred million people into a hand put on the heart. Nobody rushed to accuse the White House, the Army, or the Secret Service that they are only a bunch of losers. Nobody rushed to empty their bank accounts. Nobody rushed out onto the streets nearby to gape about.

Instead the Americans volunteered to donate blood and to give a helping hand.

After the first moments of panic , they raised their flag over the smoking ruins, putting on T-shirts, caps and ties in the colors of the national flag. They placed flags on buildings and cars as if in every place and on every car a government official or the president was passing. On every occasion, they started singing: 'God Bless America !'

I watched the live broadcast and rerun after rerun for hours listening to the story of the guy who went down one hundred floors with a woman in a wheelchair without knowing who she was, or of the Californian hockey player, who gave his life fighting with the terrorists and prevented the plane from hitting a target that could have killed other hundreds or thousands of people.

How on earth were they able to respond united as one human being?

Imperceptibly, with every word and musical note, the memory of some turned into a modern myth of tragic heroes. And with every phone call, millions and millions of dollars were put into collection aimed at rewarding not a man or a family, but a spirit, which no money can buy. What on earth can unites the Americans in such way? Their land? Their history? Their economic Power? Money?

I tried for hours to find an answer, humming songs and murmuring phrases with the risk of sounding commonplace, I thought things over, I reached but only one conclusion... Only freedom can work such miracles.

Cornel Nistorescu

I got the above article from one of my friends by email! I said, hummmm it is make sense. I have nothing to add more as the man said it all.

I never think the history will be written itself that African-American man (OK I should say half white and half black), is going to be the President of United States but it's happening because of freedom!

For the moment I have a hard time to see that "A Shan Man or a Karan Man or Wa Man or Mong Man is going to be the Prime Minister of Burma!!"

As many times I said, no matter how much you work hard in some countries there will be no reward but most of the Burmese who come to USA they live in the good house and drive the nice car within 8 to 10 years just by rolling Shusi. I have seen it with my own eye balls!!

There will be some flaws in every real Ruby or Diamond but I will rate the USA as a diamond with "D" colour and IF (Internally Flawless, OK I did not say FI, Flawless so please see the different!).

I can only say, "God Bless America and other countries too". I love you my "America!!" Here this is what I feel, I love you America and I miss you my Shan State!!

By the way accidentally my Transplant Doctor who I like him very much and I become "Americans" the same day!! Is that neat?? May be the only history in Transplant World too!! I really think we both should be in the Opral's or Larry King's show........

Well eveything can be happened in USA shows.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Do you ever feel that....... you wake up one morning you look into the mirror and you feel like 60++ year old even you are just 40 ++ ?? I Do!! I hope I am not the only one feel like this. If I am the only one feeling old at 40++ , I think I should see a doctor!!

I am a one of those kind of woman who is spending some money on face lotion too. Nowadays you have face lotion, body lotion, hand lotion, foot lotion or ??? Many kind of lotions in the market!!

I used to believe in that you pay for the good result!! You pay what you get is I should say??. But, to my surprise surprise I am very please with Neutrogena. I already tested with Lancome, Biotherm, SKII, Bobby Brown, Estee Louder....ta ta ta ta ta. They already suck my money enough too. I have love and hate relation with all these products!

My skin starting to went bad when around late 30. May be I was much time in Caribbeans Sea or my liver wasn't doing a good job? I have no idea on that. But some how after I got my new liver, my skin starting getting better and better.

3 week ago I had lunch with a friend of mine. After lunch she took me at the beauty boots at Central World! OH.... so many thing, you name it you can get almost everything in Bangkok. She told me that her skin look much better after using Serum compound of lotion. Looking at her face skin I was impressed! She looks good but I am not sure that because of lotion with Serum, stem or Botox??? Which one do the best wonder job???

I bought @#$ us$ per bottle of serum compound lotion! The bottle was tiny I could say the same size of the smallest Tabasco Chile hot sauce!! Using it now for 3 weeks already let see this will make me looks like 20++ or not.

By my reading from the medical news..... I understand that all these lotions with serum or Stem cell are not miracle lotion at all. They will prevent from new form wrinkle and mend it on old deep wrinkle with very little results! The researcher said, to get the best result and to fill the deep wrinkles only Botox will do the wonder job.

Here are some article that I was reading today!

"Rumors on Amatokin: a skin stem cell wrinkle cream?

Posted by attilachordash on September 27, 2006

Is Amatokin the first product to harness the potential of your own stem cells to reduce serious wrinkles? From Businesswire: This “super-secret” wrinkle cream, called Amatokin, is not really a cream at all, but a “highly efficient ‘barrier-neutral’ emulsion” containing a unique polypeptide compound (known in official circles as polypeptide #153). This meta-peptide was developed 62 miles north of St. Petersburg, Russia in a high-security lab . The original goal was to find a better way to help burn victims heal, but the real money is in harnessing the power of stem cells to renew old skin and make it young. … Amatokin is the most controversial anti-aging skin cream in more than three decades. …While the public debate rages about the use of stem cells from fertilized human eggs, most people don’t realize that human skin is the largest repository of stem cells in the body. …If Voss Laboratories succeeds in bringing Amatokin to the American market for a price of under $200 for a 30-day supply, industry sources say Amatokin could be the most sought-after formula to ever hit the “anti-wrinkle, anti-aging market.” Bottom line: The ability of Amatokin and stem-cell science to deliver wrinkle-free skin remains mostly rumor – but a very persistent one. Link

Ok, it is one thing to use a polypeptide or a mix of them to make the endogenous, natural born skin stem cells move and divide and regenerate, but to put exogenous stem cells into a cream as a compound: that is a completely different project. For the latter you need to glue the cells somewhere with something (gelatin, colloid emulsion?)."

Here more what I found!

Stem Cells in Skin Creams: Don't Believe the Hype
Leslie Baumann, M.D. - Posted on Thu, Sep 24, 2009, 5:27 pm PDT

Dr. Baumann said, "Harnessing stem cells to treat diseases such as cancer and Parkinson's disease has been controversial for years. Now, the debate has spread to the beauty industry as cosmetic companies create new stem cell containing creams that they claim can regenerate skin cells, repair damaged tissue and iron away wrinkles.

Save your money! Many of these products contain the same old peptides and enzymes that have been in creams for years. They are nothing new--just a new marketing slant."

She also said, "Some skin creams contain substances derived from embryonic or adult stem cells, but none that I know of contain actual human stem cells. Some creams claim to contain apple and other plant-derived stem cells; however, I have not seen any convincing proof that these stem cells survive the lag between the time they are packaged and the time they are applied to the skin."

The one I bought was said make out of apple and berry derived stem cells!! As a liver transplant patient I choose to put on my face with Berry Stem Cell. Sound like a kind of Bull@#$% right?

I am a person who do not like to take so much pills. I avoid pain killer as much as I can. I kiss good bye to BOTOX as scare of putting extra thing into my body. Oh yeah I have seen some look beautiful with botox's helps. Botox can minus 10 years of your age.

I will never be look like 20++ any more. I am very ok with my look. I do have fire mouth but I also do have a wonderful kinded heart though.... believe me on this.

I will do my way as eating fruit, extra fiber and clean my belly with juice and be happy. My most wish is..."May I have true joyful moment in this life what ever left over for me." That's all I want the most.

Have a good lotion buying day folks!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My talk for today!

UGLY Gadhafi??

"Gadhafi in grand UN performance" is the one I like to talk about!

"The UN's location in New York, which he described as inconvenient for him and other traveling world leaders, causing them all to suffer from jet lag." is from AP Assoclated Press, also as Yahoo head lines. It was the complaining from Gadhafi. What the hell he is talking? Is he 6 years old?? The United Nations General Assembly has been in New York for how long?? 64 years?? If he can't take the long flight he should stay at home. Listen to this news, beside complaining he only wanted to stay in his style of tent. He doesn't like hotel!! So the Donald Trump offered his building to put the tent for him. I heard Gadhafi cancelled Trump's offered!! I do not know where he is tenting now? I heard someone joke, he can tent in New York Central Park! Sick???

This Gadhafi, is he even know that it cause us, the tax payers , alot of money to put the meeting and to cover their asses!! If he did not like it, yes he no need to attend the meeting beside the world need to listen his talking rubbish!

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also listened to Obama, tieless and not using an earpiece. Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Iran's U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazee each listened with earpieces." This Mahmoud man also is he ever feel shame of people walked out on his speech each year. When he will wake up and realized that most people do not like him??? He has no clue that people do not want to hear his crazy talk. Sill showing up each year doesn't he?

"Delegates also began walking out on Gadhafi. There was amazement and disbelief. Others laughed or smiled, perhaps not knowing quite how to respond. Many spoke among themselves. More than half the assembly that Gadhafi called the supreme leader of the world was deserting him. Empty blue and beige seats were replacing the sea of business suits." I have nothing to say that people walked out on Gadhafi. I could only said, ha ha ha ha ha!

"Gadhafi seemed to be making up for lost time. And when he finally ended, delegates lightly applauded and no one stood.

But Gadhafi clasped his hands above him and waved in triumph as he left." In my language I would say, "No one stood mean, no one respect him and lightly applauded mean, people hate him??"

Gadhafi clasped his hands above him mean, he loves he own speech?? Sicko??

That's all I can talk for today!

Something to talk about!

NOTE: Read or pass please!

I saw, "Richard Dawkins says Pope is 'stupid'

Richard Dawkins has described the Pope as "stupid" for claiming that the use of condoms could increase Africa's Aids problem."

I would say "Richard Dawkins" is a Moron stupid too. I would call him "Dick"!

Why? Here is my explanations. Dick always talks like... his saying, his thinking, his writing, his behaving is above of all, more over above of all religions. He thinks he is an almost perfect human being. Yrs, Dick is a "The Perfect Priest of Unsweet Atheists" who is still wondering about many unanswered sciences.

The Pope when he said, "The use of condoms could increase Africa's Aids Problem"...Yes sound not right but I do understand that "No one in this Earthly World is perfect!". The Bush made mistake, Obama will make mistake or making mistake, I do make mistake may be more than all. Remember the Pope is human. He did not call Richard, the Dick Man..."Stupid Dick!!" back. The Pope make a mistake on his saying but unlike low class as Dick who call someone "Stupid" in public. I think Dick acted and talked on this matter is more "Stupider". The Pope made a mistake of saying but he shows us the "humble" for not strike back...such as calling to Richard , "The Dick Head" or "Stupider".

Remember Pope is human, he is NOT the God! Yes, he will make mistake.

"He, (The Dick) married Marian Stamp, August 19, 1967, but they divorced in 1984. In the same year, Dawkins married Eve Barham 1st June, and they had child(ren), but they also divorced. He married former actor Lalla Ward in 1992, after having been introduced to her by Douglas Adams (who was a colleague of hers on the production team of Dr Who). Dawkins and Adams quickly became friends after he had written a fan letter to Adams."

The man (Dick), who proclaim he is very good at Zoology, very sure of there is no God, who make lots of money in the name of God (Why bother to write about God as he did not believe in God???), but failed in his own marriage, one time is OK but 3 times is not smart. In his married life yes , he is a "Stupid Looser!".

Dick said, "People come from fish!" Yes, I can see him as a fish which is waterless and restless. He believes in it but can't prove it!! Even more he did not beleive in "free will" but using his free will, he choose to believe in that he comes from FISH!

He wrote the bestselling book The God Delusion in 2006 and supported the recent £140,000 advertising campaign on London transport, which featured posters reading: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

The Dick and the Atheist camp can't even say for sure there is"No God" but instead "Probably No God"! Let see the meaning of Probably in English Dictionary. It said, "used for saying that you think something is likely" but not for sure. So The Dick and his group not sure for what they are saying. Stupid???

For me yes there is a true God! I can't prove it in person but there is a true God. Me too, "If Dick can prove me Jesus is not a God (like science), I will be Dick's side."

A week ago I put dinner at our house. The guests including with 2 Atheists. They are smart people though with PhD and CPA! One I could put him in Sweet Atheist but the other one I have no idea on him. This is what I see, a Sweet Atheist mean.... A person just do not believe in any religions but can get along with every one without mocking, attacking, criticizing and bad mouthing to other believers.

Some how one of the guest starting to talk about religion.... We all got into many talks, talks and talks. Robins and one of the lady were not talking much at all just smiled.... Yes, I love to talk and no hiding of my love to my God.

The Atheist asked me;" Helen, Do you really believe in that Jesus is as in painting blue eyed with blond haired?"

With my faith, I answered:" Honestly I do not know what will Jesus be looks like! I was not born that era but the closet I can guess, he might looks like middle east part of people. Here my mainly answer to your question..... I don't care what Jesus will look like, as Brad Pitt or Deny Devido. My faith is not base on what Jesus looks like. My faith is base on his teaching!! I have trust in Jesus who acts according to his teaching."

Then come another question, the Atheist asked, "Helen why can't you see the Bible is just a book??"

Again I answer with my faith, "Yes, The bible is a book for you also for me too for the first sight. But the different is I do not worship the Bible, I worship the God who has the inspiration on this book,
which I call "the Holy Bible" and believe in what in the book. Thanks goodness for only one Holy Book!

Here come another question:" If you beleive in God created everything why not in God created the purnishment?"

I answered: "To my best faith, I understand God did not created "The punishment" at all. You the one created punishment from using yours free will that God puts into your brain! Lets see..... you lives in Thailand and you obey the Thai law because you know that if you break the law you will get punish, may be more even death! Remember God does the creation and God does has the law too!"

Well over all what I want to share here is my faith is simple. I believe in Christ teaching and I am a follower of him."

"The Lord is my Shepherd!!"

Richard Dawkins stumped by creationists' questi...

Bill O'Reilly SCARED by Richard Dawkins

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Got the following new from my blackberry
The head new is like this..................

FOXSEXpert: The Real Reason Women Have Sex!

"Why Women Have sex"!!

I am a normal woman so my eye got caught the new very fast. My curiosity is... Am I normal or not as in research view!! After I finished reading then I realized that I am special and not that research group!! Actually I am very outsider from that 1006 women!

The book was written by researchers Cindy Meston and David Buss and said the result of a survey of 1,006 women. Now I am thinking that these 1,006 women will represent the rest of the world or not . I am not sure how could this will refer to the American, Chinese, Guatemalan, Honduras, England, French, Burmese (mountain people, as me), Indian, Bangladeshi Women (I mean different women from different countries as we all are raise by different background),
........ etc.... list will be long if I want to!

The authors said the finding are over board so they share 200 reasons in the book. Here some.....enjoy!

1. She's alleviating boredom-it gives her something to do.!

(I was thinking, hummmm eveytime a woman get bore and have sex is dangerous. I do have boredom too but when ever I am bore and have sex, my Robins will divorce me fast because I have boredom a lot. OK I got boredom, I go Tennis, shopping, tea with friends.. over all I have a son who I am busy taking care of.)

She's wants to relieve a stress headache or migraine.

(What a reason to get SEX!! Every time I headache, I got told to take Tylenol! I even heard for some women when they are in stress SEX is the last in their list!! I am confused, research can make you sick you know. Do not pay attention to much on research people!)

3. She is trying to put an end to an argument.
(Ok I understand that for some women SEX is the only way to deal with the argument but for me when I am angry and in argument, my phone, my book, my flower pot (small one), my glass fly all over around. I know this is no good but if I have to put an end of argument, something must fly!!)

4.she wants a better complesion.
(Wooooo la la, having sex for the complesion!! See the complesion ageing with the age. That's mean you have to have sex more when you are getting old ! Sex till 60, 70 and 89?? disgusting!!)

5. She's thanking her date for a nice diner, a present or spending alot of money on her early on in the relationship.
(These group of women I would say, stupid (sorry!!) or Cheaters! They do not know the real meaning of SEX at all. How could you like to live your life as one present, one sex!! Sick folks!!)

6. She's after a spiritual experience since sex is seen as "the closest thing to God."
(What in the world the "God" name they are using for?? I believe in "Thou Shall Not Use God Name in Vain"! No comment for No. 6!)

7. She's refining her sexual skills.
(I wonder how stone age people having sex? different than nowadays?? Well the world has changed so must be the SEX too.)

8.She feel sorry for the fellow.
(This group of women are so sick in their head! I can hear that they are saying, "Oh I am sorry for you, lets have SEX!!". I am so sorry for late bloomers. Ooop! my sorry is nothing to do with SEX. I really do sorry for these women. Hope they do not get diseases.)

9. She likes that he has an extravagant lifestyle.
(I honestly do not understand what is extravagant lifestyle to do with SEX. The more having SEX the more you are famous and stylist?? I need more information on this one.)

10. She's in a long distance relationship and wants action now versus later.
(I thought men do that only but now I see lots of women are competing with the men's world la!! These group of men and women, they really do deserve each other. I guess good for them too.)

The researcher said " Attraction, too, a apparently ranks low on a lady's list. What's interesting to note about this factor is that while most men find most women sexually attractive, researchers said that the gals don't see the guys in quite the same way."

From my reading I learn that women like man with deep voice and smell good. I strongly agree with the smell! I hate being around with bad smelled men or women.

I think this research is OK for the western world but how truthful for a mountain women's sex life, this I don't know. In some countries if you have sex for getting present, you will get your head chop off!!

For a mountain girls, Sex is only for getting start a family and making babies!! The man family will give hers family may be 10 chickens or 3 pigs or one cow and marry and have sex for babies. I do not think they know you love someone then marry and making love and built up the family.

I see many countries believe in arrangement married. I am also surprise to know that a couple have sex before love after married. Even some of my Asian friends who are very educated one too, many of them. I wanted to know that when did they really starting to love each other after married.

On that point, I am a exceptional Asian mountain girl! I studied, I read, I learn, I took off and I find my own man and I got one damn good husband but not perfect 100%!!

Hope you all have a meaningful sex life!!

NOTE: Please read this blog as fun to read!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Miracle or Magic

"Miracle or Magic!" is one of my old blog, dated on December 10th 2008. If you have time to kill and an believer it is good to read!

I need to know!

I was reading and reading and reading about some medical news. Actually all night long and all this morning too. As I am not a doctor, I understand very little but some articles are very interesting.

This is what I am trying to understand! I wanted to know the different between Cysts, Lesion, and Tumor! Mostly I want to know that a cyst or a lesion can be dangerous or not?. I read this article from my google search, saying...............

Background & Aims: K-ras mutation is frequently detected in pancreatic juice of patients with pancreatic small cystic lesions, as well as those with pancreatic cancer. Those cystic lesions are often found by chance with modern radiologic imaging modalities. In this study, we prospectively examined the prognosis of patients with pancreatic cystic lesions, focusing on pancreatic cancer development. Methods: A total of 197 patients with pancreatic cystic lesions, 80 with intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm (IPMN) and 117 with non-IPMN cysts, were followed up for 3.8 years on average. Blood tests and imaging diagnosis were performed twice a year. The observed incidence of pancreatic cancer was compared with the expected incidence calculated on the basis of age- and gender-matched mortality of pancreatic cancer in the general Japanese population. Results: Pancreatic cancer developed in 7 patients during the observation period (0.95% per year), infiltrating ductal carcinoma in 5 and intraductal papillary mucinous carcinoma in 2. Three of the ductal cancer cases had pancreatic non-IPMN cyst as preexisting lesion. At least 2 of the carcinomas arose in regions remote from preexisting lesions. The observed incidence of pancreatic cancer was 22.5 times higher (95% confidence interval, 11.0–45.3) than expected mortality from this cancer among general population. Conclusions: Patients with pancreatic cystic lesions are at a considerably high risk for pancreatic cancer, with a standardized incidence rate of 22.5. Cancer might develop in regions remote from the preexisting cystic lesion, suggesting diffuse pathologic changes predisposing to malignant transformation in the entire pancreas harboring cystic lesions.

Them I read the following from the "WiseGeek".......said,

"Cysts, which are small to large bumps that can contain fluids, gas or air, can occur on the skin, or in many different parts of the body. Most cysts are benign, but there are some that require medical attention, as they can be dangerous. In general, the cysts that fall into the danger category are those affecting major organs, or those that affect the breasts. Any lump in the breast could be a cyst, but might also be a cancerous lesion and needs immediate medical attention to rule out cancer.

I am going to stop reading now. My brain is boiling from reading and not being able to understand all. So here again I say,

"I will put my trust in God"

Whether my cancer to come back or not is , in this point NO one will know. So I trust in the hand of "Almighty God"! I will beg the wisdom to face whatever the situation is waiting ahead of me. To walk alone in this world is impossible for me, to walk with God is all possible in good or bad!

I love you Christ!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Me and Jenny who is visiting to her mother. I was very happy to see her. She lives in Australia!!
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Hong Kong/Macao

From my last week trip!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Last Friday to Sunday it was raining all day in Macao. I had no umbrella with me and also not bother to buy one.

Most of the Hotels in Macao are attaching with Casino service and entertainment, like... Karaoke, Ma Chong?? (Chinese Games), Shows, (different shows!).

On Friday morning that week I need to go deal with a business. The door boy at my hotel, he is from Nepal and was nice to me. Every time while I am waiting for the taxi, I say Hello, Good Morning and Where are you from to him. As raining hard he said to me," You can take my umbrella!". I said thank you, took the umbrella and walked outside the door.

In Macao if raining, very difficult to get a taxi. My hotel was right by the foot of Mountain Guia. I can say it is more privacy than others so no way to get Taxi in rain. To get a taxi, I need to walk down to near by the main road hotel which is much easier.

Heaving rain so there was a black girl also waiting the taxi by the door. I thought she is a lady who's staying same as my hotel. I told her,"Would you like to walk down to the main road to get a taxi? I can share the umbrella with you!" She said, "Oh Thank you very much."

She is from Ghana. She is a tall girl with a nice body. I should say full of voluptuousness!! In face, hummmm I will say I am beautiful than her but by body I can't even get close to her. She is 5' 8", long legs, small waist, nice boobie (actually a bit big for me), and rounded butt!! Over all she is good looking girl.

On the way to taxi I said, "You stay the same hotel ?" She said, "No I worked late last night so I have to spend the night at the hotel." I said, "Oh you work at the hotel?" She said, "Yes I do!" I asked, "Which dept. you are working?" She said, "I dance!" I questioned, "Oh good! What kind of dancing, I have nothing to do so I might come and see you before my dinner!" She said, "Oh sure but you have to pay me 150 HK$ to watch!" I told her, "My goodness what kind of dancing you do?" She answered, "I do the pole dancing and I am a pole dancer. If you want to see me it's private so I will dance for you and you have to pay 150HK$"

I was shocked!! I was worry to dead and saying to myself, " Shoot... My goodness, she thinks I am a lesbian. I better explain to her quick!" So I said, "Oh sorry, I do not mean that! how many girls dancing there? Can I come and see you all not only you!" She was nice enough to say, "Ok, you can come in the basement at the club sit and just pay for the drink, be my guest!!"

I felf so released to here that I can go free. I never been to the pole dancing place. I have this curiosity in my blood that if I haven't seen before I wanted to see or I must see.

On that night Jenny my friend who lives is Australia asked me to have dinner with her family. She came to pick me up. I told all the story that I had met a black girl from Ghana who dances at the night club in my hotel ground floor. I told her come with me for 5 minutes just have a look before to the dinner! Jenny always please me so she said only tow wards, "OK" and we went down to the club.

Standing by the door, (I told the door girl, she is from Philippine, I just come and see my friend to say hello!!! Was a big fat lier from me), I saw only one white Russian girl was dancing. Early so there's only 4 men sitting and watching!! The room was full of smoke from the smoking.

This is the way the girl dance, her leg was way up to the right and the other leg was way up to the left. She twisted down to the pole or flat down on the floor. She can dance like a snake, crocodile or lizard what ever you can imagine. Remember not like a tiger or elephant or hippo!!! I was thinking ..."Hummmmmmm good for the exercise! That's why they all have a good looking body."

I was so please to see that the girls still wearing 3 very very small pieces in the front just to cover what we would say "Private parts". But in back side view there is..........


Thursday, September 17, 2009

A girl I meet in Hong Kong airport

I was quite hungry while I was waiting a plane in Hong Kong air port back to Bangkok. Went to order a plate of Chicken rice, carried the tray and was looking for a seat. So many tables were occupied then I saw a table only seated by a young girl who was having late lunch also. I told her "Can I share a seat with you?" She gave me a nice smile and said, "Oh yes please take it!" Very good English (thousand time better than me), and has a lovely face too.

Lets call her Veronica! (not her real name). I most of the time say a short blessing before I take my meal. She saw my prayed and asked, "Oh you are Christian, what kind of Christian??" I told her, "I am the Christian who believe in Holy Trinity. Who ever believe in this I consider Christian." She said, "I am a Christian too." From there we started a very nice conversation.

Veronica family lives in Bonio Island In Malaysia. She called her city KK! I have no idea where the KK is. (now I know as I looked at it in the Map). She is doing her PhD in UK and rush back to attend her sister wedding. Her sister was with her a month a go shopping for wedding in London for ta ta ta ta ta ta....................

Our both planes leaving just about the same time so we did have coffee and conversation for almost 2 hours. I asked her, "Do you have your sister photo?" she showed me from her cell phone . Her sister (beautiful girl by the way), who was trying 3 different gowns photos.

I asked, "which one she picked?" Veronica said, "This one by Vera Wang"....I went, "Vera Wang??" Wowwww! I look at it, the gown was full of layers with long tail, well..... what ever the right thing to say?? Actually I said, "Very beautiful, price tag might be too" She said, "Yes.... my brother in law paid for 9000 ponds." I talk to myself time for me to shut my mouth. Well... Once in a life so should be I guess! On top of that sure they can afford it.

Veronica gave me her email, her home address and said, " I will email to you my sis wedding photos." Looking back I am happy to know her who is very likable, sweet and POLITE!!!

Typhoon signal 3 when our planes took off. Veronica said she is concerned about typhoon. I was scare too!! Honestly I really really want to move back the date but also not wanted to miss my Burmese Traders. I did say... " Dear Christ, I know you calm the sea, you let the blind sees and the lame walks so help me God to be back home safe. Amen!!"

I appreciated that my little prayer before meal caught Veronica's attention on me. If I wanted to I no need to say blessing before meal. I did it because not for show off but to thankful that I have food to eat. I could easily thought and said, "Robins works for this. I am his wife and he feed me good and give me a wealthy life!" BUT I will never ever say that because FOR ME everything I have is a blessing from my God.

As someone said, "Yes, we work to earn money for the food, but God gives us the ability to work to earn a living. God also causes the seeds to grow so food is available. God is indeed the source of all good things. More over, God gives us a sense to use it!!"

The bible said, "Do not say to yourself, "My power and the might of my won hand have gotten me this wealth." Deuteronomy 8:17

Veronica, have a wonderful time at your sis's wedding!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to McIntosh home

NOTE: I blog this only based on my experiences!!

I had finished things that I wanted to do in Hong Kong/Macao. Robins met me at the airport. Shan was waiting for me at home with a big smile.

I like new Hong Kong airport than the old one. Well "new" mean, you know what I mean don't you? Compare to the old one, yes it's new.

It was lost of changed after many years that I haven't been back to this part of the world. I lived there for 4 years before though. Honestly I like old time than the new time. Now I felt it is too crowed. Hong Kong with 6 millions people and Macao with more than 500,000 on that tiny place.

Both people from Macao/Hong Kong who I countered in this trip (beside friends that I knew), I would say they are pretty shamelessly rude! People even look different.

The girls sitting at the information desk in Hong Kong airport were unbelievably rude to me. Haven't been to the new airport so I asked one direction. She looked at me like, "Hello, dah....where have you been all these years type"!! and......... she point at me to one direction and said with very very loud voice (OK remember how loud I am so if I said LOUD mean very loud!!), "GO TO THERE....YOU SEE." OK do not tell me that they do not speak well English but they can at least catfish smile at me don't they. Come on, they are working at the information desk so what the heck their job suppose to do even no matter how many people ask them. I just said to her, "Ney Tay Um Hoi San lah?" Mean.... "You all not happy??" as she was talking with her friend just like fighting and can't even look at me !! (By the way after 3 days, my Cantonese came back like a fire balls.). Oh almost forgot to tell you that I went to the supervisor and told her, "Would you teach those girls who work at the information desk to smile please. They look like they are busy fithting each other." The supervisor was a very smart lady though.. She said to me, " I am very sorry."

Then I found an Exchange Boot on the 6 floor. There a man who looks like his wife died 2 days ago... (I am sorry to say such unkindly but I want you to see the picture clearly in here. He also looks like I hate this job and what am I doing here too. ) I have only US$ with me and I need the local money so I asked.." Does HK$ can be used in Macao too?" This is exactly what he said to me, again with very very loud voice and misery looks..."How do I know? I live in Hong Kong. You go ask Macao." This is what I told him back, "Look, you sit in this Exchange Boot "at the air port", different people need different money and by the way you suppose to know all these informations don't you?" and I walk out.

Well....... we all do have own problems but that doesn't mean to share your problem to others. You have problem at home but leave at home just do not bring into information desk or Exchange Boot or to me too!

In Macao worst! Except big hotels there is not much English nor Portuguese. I would say No Chinese No Macao! Portuguese language left very little to the local. Even in casino there is not enough English there!! May be they do not care as they can survive without English. Those mainland Chinese came to gamble day and night so who cares??

Went to a coffee shop in Macao. Tons of Chinese sitting there having breakfast. I went into the shop. As the waiters were busy so I asked (with my big smile which did not help in Macao at all), to a lady who sat by the door in Chinese NOT English, "Lee tor yum ca...fai (mean coffee), tat um tat arh? means, "here can drink coffee or not?" (I asked coffee because mostly they drink Tea not Coffee so I have to make sure before I sit). Again this lady looked at me likes her husband died 2 days ago so leave me alone and do not talk to me type. There was not a ward came out from her mouth and left me speechless next to her. I was pissed and angry hell.

I want to end with this...............................

"Politeness and Friendliness will get you more and bring you where you want to be. How difficult to give a smile to someone at the airport or coffee shope??? How much will cause you for a smile???? You never know this smile might leads you a better job or into a good husband!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beleive in this!

"By Alyssa Shaffer

Skip the 11 o'clock news, respect your mouth and 18 other stay-healthy musts!!

Get Your Flu Shot Swine flu scares aside, an annual dose of the influenza vaccine will go a long way toward keeping you healthy all year long. "Research shows getting a flu shot decreases hospitalization from so many conditions that can arise as a result of the flu, including asthma, pneumonia and even cardiovascular disease, by 25%," says Dr. Roizen."

Above is health news from Yahoo. Believe in Flu shot? I do. I got each year flu shot. I haven't been attacking by flu for a long time. It is works for me!

Off To Hong Kong

I am off to Hong Kong. See you soon!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Part II - On The Book

NOTE: This is the second part of my last blog, Part I -On The Book!!

Dr. Chris's said: "The possibility that the initiating agent in my case was a high level of mobile phone usage had already been suggested to me by a number of people including Gail, Charlie Teo and another young friend who worked as a neurosurgeon n Canberra, Vini Khurana, who has since gathered together available research linking mobile phone use with the development of brain tumours and concluded that not only is the link irrefutable, but we may be not he cusp of a dramatic increase of brain tumours and cancers. I was a regular (though hardly a heavy) user of a mobile phone, but who can say what the threshold of danger is in someone who is susceptible."

My feeling: I am not a doctor but somehow I think it is true that the cell phone initiate some thing. I do feel not right in my head and even my ear getting hot when I use longer time cell phone. Now on no more cell phone talking unless necessary after reading Dr. O'Brien's book. Guess what... I do not use the cell phone much for 2 days already. Well.... I did play with it more than I talk. Everything is not good if over used it.

I like he wrote about that he operated on a man who suffered eye's cancer and the man is doing well. He also did mention about how the different skin cancer effected to the sun shine.

Dr. Chris said: "My spiritual sustenance comes from a number of sources principally reading but also regular attendance at Mass. I have not lost my scepticism a bout God and the existence of and after life but I enjoy and value the ritual, solemn reverence and spiritual peace that I find at Mass. I don't think I really understand spiritual wholeness or how I can achieve true enlightenment, but as I continue my journey I hope to learn more and I will remain open to all of the influences of nature and God."

My feeling:When I was fighting with my own cancer, in the beginning, in the middle and till now I believe in the existence of God and God's power, miracle, healing and most of all I believe in my God is living God.

I do not know medical science much but I do know God's miracle because I felt it I feel it and I am feeling it. I said it again, I speak only for myself not for others. Here are the blessing...

1. When a very smart doctor called me and said, "Do not do the second biopsy again and go to see Dr. Hemming." This called was a wonderful call for me. My first old man GI Doctor ordered me to do the biopsy and the doctor who did the biopsy did make a mistake and missed my good size of malignant tumor. Before the procedure I even said to the doctor that why not turn on the monitor. This is what the doctor told me, "I have done this job for many years and never miss the tumor and now not yours because it is big size of tumor. He did missed it which was a very GOOD MISSED! The missed prevent me from possible cancer cells to spread around.

Later I learned that if you have that size of tumor in Liver, yes must take out.

2. The called of "Do not do the second biopsy" came on time!! I was ready to go for second biopsy as they missed and offered me free for second biopsy.

3. I landed in the hands of very good doctors. My GI doctors are two of the best, my transplant doctor is very good one, the transplant team are superb and still taking care of me.

4. When I was waiting my matching liver to arrive, I learn that there is a line that no none can't cross except my God. I got the liver within 2 months. Do not ask me why so fast?? I have no answer. On that waiting time no one can't do nothing even the doctor. We all, the doctor, the team and me just WAIT and wait until that matching good liver to arrive.

I had met people who are waiting the liver, kidney or hearts for 1 to 4,5,6, years and still waiting it.

5. The amount of Pills that I was taking for the first 3 months was huge. I was told that there will be different kinds of side effect. I had none except mood change because of steroid. In the support meeting room one patient shared that he saw only one big eyes on
his wife's forehead, other shared that saw a dried plain land, etc...because of Steroid. I saw nothing except Robins sitting next to me most of the time.

6. Now I need to take little pills.

7. Till today all my tests are very good result!

I do not know what my future will be but I do know that one day I am going to die as you. My cancer will return or not, it is not a clue in my brain. What in my brain is "Thank you God for my second chance on this earth."

God knows the best for me and I will trust.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Part I - On the book

I had finished reading the book,"Never Say Die". Good book!! Here are some of Dr. Chris's sharing. Remember he was a very famous Head and Neck surgeon at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Australia.

Dr. Chris said,"On the afternoon of Saturday, 25 November 2006 when it was found that I had a highly malignant brain tumor.

The first warning that a mass of mutant brain cells was proliferating in my head like a spider's web came three days earlier.... I gave little thought to its possible cause, took a couple of paracetamol tablets and readied my self for the drive to RPA for morning rounds"

My feeling: In 2005 when the doctor told me that I had one big size tumor in my Liver, I know this was no good but I was not understanding much what happening around me as I felt nothing, no tired, no pain and very look healthy woman. What I know was I had cancer and will kill me soon. When I looked at Robins on that ugly day at doctor clinic, his face was turned into red with tear around his eyes.

Later what I felt was I am so scare to leave my son (that time he was only 10 years old), alone.

Dr. Chris said, " I tried my best to reassure and calm my broken-hearted wife, who dragged her self forward bravely only to have the small gains she made in restoring calmness......... That night we talked for hours about the state of our collapsing world...."

My feeling: My situation was different. Robins is very good at not showing his emotion or feeling. Till today Robins did not tell me what he really feel when I was sick, well.... not sick, I was never sick even no one fever just 2 operations and here I am. Looking back It is a "Miracle" for me that I am doing so well.

Actually I am the one who talk to him. I remembered the one I repeat constantly to him was... "You are not allowed to remarry till my son turn into "18" years old." Here I simply admitted to my readers. The love that you have to your Husband and the love that you have for your Child is different. How do I say??? OK here goes like this..... I love Robins but I wont' die for him. I love my son but I can die for him if there is a choice to do so. Am I a bitch???

Dr. Chris said, "Gail (his wife), was too loving and attractive to be alone forever and wondered whom she might remarry and what would become of the house. We sat together for hours combing quietly through our passionately devoted relationship and I shed my own bitterly sad tears in equal proportion to Gail's."

My feeling: I had seen or am seeing those men who said love their wives so much but the minutes the wife die their eyes are on the next woman or women! Some last one years some last only 3 months. Some are so bastards that even the wife is not dead yet already got one new wife!! May be "Can't live a lone" type of men.

For me I do not care Robins remarry or not but I do very much care about he is remarrying before my son turn into 18 if I die. That's my problem. The reason is..... 1. He will be busy honeying, I mean.... licking the new woman's what ever to please her. 2. No time for my son. 3. My son might not like his father's new wife. 4. My son will be alone while the daddy was having fun....etc..
Am I a bitch??

The rest I do not worry about Robins at all, he knows how to taking care of himself (good at it too), he is materially no need to worry but I don't know he will get a good wife as me or not... That's his problem not mine once I die I no need to worry all these @#$%! (I am not saying shit here. Just do not know how to put in English)

Dr. Chris said, "This sudden (but really quite crazy) preoccupation with selling our own comfortable home and moving into a far smaller cottage become a resuscitating diversion that allowed both Gail and me the opportunity to gulp in enough oxygen to feel that, irrespective of the outcome of my illness, a measure of control had been achieved."

My feeling: I never ever thought a famous doctor will face financial problem when got hit by the Cancer. Yes I know it is very very expensive as my own experiences but I did not know that a well know doctor can face beside cancer more over finance. (In his case I should say...., Somehow I do understand as he had 4 surgeries)

I also do not know hows in Australia but in US most well know doctor ( Also professor in Medical School) makes 500,000 US$ per years. For me it is alot!! Some even may make more than that.

I know how much cost me and still costing me for my medicine but I just do not want to think about it. Nothing I can do beside give me headache when I am thinking about my insurance and my cost of living now.

I got to stop here as I need to go for exercise. See you on next blog!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shan, my boy!

Beside reading, I did not do much this week. Yesterday was my son, Shan's birthday. He is 14!!!

Talking about Shan, I recalled this occasion. I was having Lunch with my friend and a couple, I would say only the husband and the wife. This couple, the husband is somehow people think he can tell you what happening in your past life just look at your face and your personality.

I am a person who do not believe in astrology, palms reading, or just look at someone and can read someone's mind or past life.. etc! (OK I understand those people believe in that. I have no criticism on their way of living or thinking. This fact is depend on each person's believing. For me I do not believe in that.)

Anyway back to the lunch table. Suddenly the husband stared at me for 1 minutes and said, "Helen how many children do you have?" I answered, "Just only one"....Then he continued with very deep thought and said to me, "Are you sure?" This question made me stunned and was thinking that this man is confused me with one of his friends. I said, "Sure!!" Then this is he said, "I look at you and you have very good personality but you are very secreted. You have one child before but the child is dead right??" I went....."Oh my mine... what is he doing or saying to me??? What the hell he thinks he is!!!

Here I told him, "I never aborted a child nor facing a dead child in my life. I married and I got this one child and never ever had another child again too." (This is the truth!!) ....and I flib my hair with a bit arrogant way and felt ha ha ha you are very wrong.

Once I was walking by the street and the street astrologist shouted at me, "Hey come you want to be rich! I do know the number of this week lottery. I can tell you and give you the winning numbers." I shouted it back to him while walking the same time.."If you know the wining number why don't you go buy the lottery yourself and be rich??" He went, "Ha ha ha ha ha ha" and speechless!! (Here I admit it that I am buying Florida State Lottery for 18 year and never win!!).

After marrying to Robins, of course I want children as other normal women do. I want 2 children but I got my only "Shan" 3 years after into my " The wife of Robins's" life. I thought I never get a baby as I prayed and prayed and prayed and did not happened for almost 3 years but I never stop praying though. Oop one day my test showed (I was headache and my body part changed, actually my boobies got bigger, so I went to see doctor), I already pregnant for 4 weeks that I even did not know. I was sooooo over joyed!

Shan was born at 5 Kilo (10 lbed boy). He was a kind of ugly baby and a big fat one too. This is Robins's first ward after seeing his son, "Oh what a baby Red Haired and Chinese Eyes." I was so pissed to hear that. Now the rest is the history. My son is 6' at 14 year old and one damn good looking boy! He got Robins's attitude, iced characters and not so much talking and also very reserved with kind hearted. He did not get the way of his ma ma's mouth working though.

Happy Birthday To You Shan, ma ma loves you !!

May you growning up under thy God's protection and hope you live your life adjusting in God's way of living. Remember we all are temporary in this earthly life so use it in value ways.