Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just got my MRI result!

My Lord Jesus said " if you have faith the size of sesame seed, you can move the mountain"... I do not know how big my faith is but it does move the biggest mountain of my life. Thank you so much my Lord Jesus!!

One blessing after another you all. I am cancer free for one year and nine months!! I was told that my body Chemistry is almost perfect.

I want to express my thank you to the Shands Hospital in Florida University, the Rocky Point lab team, the transplant team, the infusion center, the girl who prayed with me before my MRI, and to my drs.....DR. S. Pico, Dr. Nelson and My Surgeon Dr. Hemming.

My special thanks to Dr. Bob, Dr. McGarity, Pastor Martin who are part of my families in Christ!

God is good. Keep praying in faith!

Love you all................

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tea with Helen

There are some friends that I like to be with them from Gainesville. I went to Helen Howard's house to have, I should said Morning Coffee Party yesterday. Helen, is one of my friends who smile and laugh alot. Thanks for the happy coffee party Helen! and also thank you for your "Happy Face"..

Polly Pepper is another friend at the Coffee Party. She can sings and also makes me laugh. We had a good time as we talk about everything. It is true when 3 women together, they can be louder than 5 men!!

Madalyn is not here. Each year she has plan to go somewhere. I think she is in Russia with part of her family. Last year she went to France and told us they had a good time.

I am sure these ladies who have coffee party with me, they are like me up and down time as the rest of you!...... but....These ladies like to laugh!!! Tow day ago I read something from my evening devotional book. It said......

"Are only a few fortunate people born with a bright outlook on life, or is optimism an attitude we can learn? Susan C. Vaughan, author of Half Full, Half Empty, says that seeing life's possibilities instead of its pitfalls is the result of an internal process anyone can follow. One of her conclusion is that "there is a powerful link between facial expression and emotion"...She believes that people who begin to act happier actually feel happier"...

A wise man wrote, " A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance..who is of a merry heart has a continual feast"..(Proverbs 15;13, 15). (also people wanted to be around with you..this is what I believe.)

That kind of optimism begins with a merry heart and spreads quickly to the face. Same as "If you have the joy of Christ in your heart, it will show on your face".......

"Try to be happy please...life is so good. You have to see good instead of like to see only not good... all the time!".

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A prayer from me

Dear God,

My MRI is coming this Friday, please have mercy on my test. As I heard someone said today, sometime God, you did not give us what we want but you give us what you want us to have which is the best. What ever Lord, you knows the best for me also. I have put my trust and my faith in thy hands. I do trust that my holy God, who feeding the sparrows will feed me too. My Lord, you who also let the blind... see!, who let the lame ...walk! and who raise "Lazarus" from the dead will still have mercy on all of the cancer patients as thy will please.

I honestly admitted to you my God, I still very scare when eveytime I have to go under that MRI machine which help me pointed out my cancer spots before. I also thank you so much to you ...... because of this MRI, I am still alive with so many blessing from you Lord. Dear God please accept my prayer. Thank you so much and I love you my Lord, In the name of Jesus.......Amen.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Infusion Day

I got my HBIg infusion today!! I went to the Cancer Center at 830 am this morning. As schedule, they withdraw my blood before the infusion. There is a little male nurse who withdraw my blood. I like him because he is always smile and has this very kind, soft speaking. Every time I saw the needle, I'm starting to talk, to avoid looking at the needle poke into my arm. I found out today that this little nurse's grand mama was waiting for liver transplant but passed away while waiting the liver.

In the waiting room I met a couple who lives in Cheifland, which is 40 miles far from Gainesville, Fl. Again I am starting to talk to them. I told them that I am a liver transplant patients as they asked me why I am here as I do not look like the patient.... may be!! I also asked him and his wife answered.. " he has cancer".. I asked him "what kind of cancer?" his wife said " all over"... I feel so sorry to hear that, I really do but I am gald that he looks just like a normal person! I shared my blessing to him and said " You know, God never promise that we are not going to die, in fact we all are going to die but he promises us eternal life with him"....His face lighted up and with his arms in the air and said "Yes!..." ... He was surprise for me to come so far to get infusion here but I told him that " I like the hospital and I like my doctors, my nurse here". It is very ture too.

At 930am the nurse put me into the room and I wait for my infusion. The nurse Cindy came and said " You know the new type of HBIg infusion came out around March 24, 2008 which is no need the premed and it is good, take only 20 minutes"... I said "Wow....could you please call my doctor and see what she is going to say??".... I got green light and got my new form of HBIg. Old form of HBIg needs premed which is make me sleep and take longer time. I really thanks to these medical science people. They do have good brains.

Everytime I am in Cancer Center, I saw many looks of people. Some sit very far in the corner and close their eyes, some are taking medicine, some are watching TV, some are look so weak and some are talking each other. We all looks different but for sure we all have one gole...."We all want to win this horrible battles" .........................................

Monday, July 21, 2008

not much news!

Yesterday, we went to Ceder Key to see our Lawyer friends couple. They have a second house there and it is a lovely house. I had a good dinner with them I ate sea food. Clams is famous there as they farm around the key. Clams are so small that to fill my belly, I think I have to eat 600 clams! No joking!

Today me and my family went to the church this morning. It is always nice to be the house of God! After church....We had Lunch with most of Robins's family at Olive Garden.

Tomorrow, I will be in Cancer center for my infusion. In Cancer Center there is a paper on the wall and it said " Please be considered, everyone in this room are fighting in battle".... I love what it said!! Let me say something here. This is come into my head.....in life we all are fighting in different situations. I see people fighting with divorce, some are fighting with happiness, some are fighting with depression, some are fighting with greedy, some are fighting with inherited... OK list can be on and on. Yes...All of us can find happiness to a certain period which is normally last for a short time or may be some years but long lasting joyful is only can find in faith! True...it is what I learn in my life journey.

I am now understanding what my Lord said " You will see me when you seek me with all of your heart ".......

Friday, July 18, 2008

Point to ponder

Jean, My husband's side of cousin sent me the following article! I got something out of this article and I like it! To my remember....I was starting to fight my Liver Cancer in August 2005 and now in July 2008, I am still with my family. I also want to say as Marvin Olasky said " Every year is a gift from you Lord and Thank you!" Amen.

I am getting my infusion on coming this Monday at 930 am. I was with slightly fever for 4 hours so I got moved. Guess what I did??? I went to see Tom Petty show in Tampa yesterday!! It was so good and very different from Air Supply. I think there were 30,000 people in one place!! Of course I consulted with my coordinator and they told me OK! So I went to the Rock Concert!! I told Robins that if there is a next time to see Tom Petty, I won't go unless backstage guests!! Well He put me in Hilton Hotel.... this is a good news you all!! OK I bring this up because if you asked me where did I spent the night in LA?? This is a coming soon story in my blog.

I saw Tom Patty with the size of my eye's lock!! What I saw was only hairs on all over his face!! He rocks good though!! His song "refugees" is the best!

Don’t waste your bypass
It’s the time to think about life—and death—in Christ Marvin Olasky

A recent health surprise (I had to have open-heart surgery to bypass two clogged arteries) exposed my tendency to think, like the Pharisee praying in Luke 18, God, thank you that I am not like other men, overweight with high blood pressure. I eat heart-healthy, skip desserts, and walk on my treadmill.

I should have been praying for God's mercy—which He was kind enough to provide, in part through the talents of Austin cardiologists Paul Tucker and Stephen Dewan.
Which leads to a physical recommendation and then some more important spiritual ones. The physical: If you're 40 or above and have a parent who had heart disease, don't assume your own immunity just because you're in good shape.

The classic case is that of Jim Fixx, who popularized jogging and wrote The Complete Book of Running, a best-seller in 1977. He ran daily but died seven years later, at the age of 52, from a massive heart attack. An autopsy revealed substantial arterial blockages. His father had suffered a heart attack at the age of 35 and died of one at 42.

The spiritual recommendations stand on the shoulders of Minneapolis pastor and author John Piper. He wrote on the eve of his prostate surgery, "Don't waste your cancer. You will waste your cancer if you refuse to think about death." Amen. A whiff of fatality is a great gift, because it gets us thinking about death while we still have the opportunity in this life to do more than to mourn our sins and wasted time.

(An old novel by Joseph Wambaugh features a policeman who is getting his life together but is fatally shot. His last words are something like "I was just starting to know," but those coming to help him, too late, merely believe him to be saying, "No, no, no.")

One Piper thought hit me straight on, since to comfort others—and myself—I had told people my bypass operation had only a 2 percent fatality rate. Piper criticizes "the rationalistic, human calculation of odds" and notes that we are to rely on God who raises the dead: "The aim of God in your cancer (among a thousand other good things) is to knock props out from under our hearts so that we rely utterly on Him."

Amen—because even if we take heart in percentages when we should not, we know that the long-range certainty (unless Christ returns first) is 100 percent fatality. It's disconcerting to attain the label "cardiac patient." (Who, me? You must mean someone else.) But here's Chapter 40 of Isaiah: "All flesh is grass. . . . The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."

Bottom line: If you look in the mirror and see yourself as anything other than a future cardiac, or cancer, or something-else patient, you're fooling yourself.

Piper writes, "You will waste your cancer if you think that beating cancer means staying alive rather than cherishing Christ. . . . You will waste your cancer if you spend too much time reading about cancer and not enough time reading about God." Amen. There was no need to learn a lot about my chest being cut open and my heart temporarily stopped, since no one would be asking my advice during the three-hour operation. The news we can use is the good news of Christ, because our attitude toward that affects everything.

One of Piper's most intriguing comments: "You will waste your cancer if you treat sin as casually as before. . . . Pride, greed, lust, hatred, impatience, laziness, procrastination. . . . All these things are worse enemies than cancer. Don't waste the power of cancer to crush these foes. Let the presence of eternity make the sins of time look as futile as they really are." True: Illness can be what the Doctor orders to focus our attention.

Piper concludes, "You will waste your cancer if you fail to use it as a means of witness to the truth and glory of Christ. Here is a golden opportunity to show that He is worth more than life. Don't waste it." Amen. Christ changed my life a third of a century ago. Every year since then has been a gift. Thank you, Lord.

If you have a question or comment for Marvin Olasky, send it to molasky@worldmag.com.
Copyright © 2008 WORLD MagazineJune 28, 2008, Vol. 23, No. 13

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tony Snow

I arrived to Gainesville, Florida on 10th of July! It's always nice to be back to USA. We spent the night in LA, the weather in LA was cool and nice. I do not have that much Jet leg this trip. Yesterday was my infusion day but I came down with slightly fever so the doctor moved to till my fever free for 24 hours. I think I should rest instead of I went to ride bicycle for 40 minutes which is stupid enough to do so!!

As every one know that Tony Snow, Press Secretary die last Saturday. I do not know him except on TV. Good looking man and a father of three children, die at 53 with cancer. Every time I heard or see someone die of cancer, honestly I am starting to think "When will be my time??".... and then "When will be I fully become Helen who is the one before cancer??". When I starting to feel down and worry this is what I told to myself....

"Helen, count your blessing! You got one of the best team of doctors, you have a good insurance, materially you are comfortable. If you are in Burma, you might be dead by now (for sure even eating by warm and left nothing!!!) . Look a head and help needing people, be kind, share, be considered and live on in positive. You are still with your Son and your family so be thankful. Most of all...You do have "God" who has mercy for you. Trust in God, your faith will bring you through...." ...... so much going on and on! Agian I said it...I might be confuse of my feeling but I never confuse of my faith in my Jesus!! This is firm my dear all!!

I do not know Tony Snow in person, but him and his family is in my prayer! May God has mercy on his family. I like someone said about him which is....

"If God needs a good Press Secretary, now he has one".........................................

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

This is a real American Girl!
Shan and Marco (My Italian friend, Elisa's Son)
Marco in battle field, do not know where my Son is, may be somewhere in Ice cream shop!
Here another real American!
Went to the 4th of July celebration. Was fun! I drank cocacola and ate ribs, saussages as the rest of many people. If my new liver can talk, it would say "what are you eating today...?"
We are leaving to US tomorrown and be back around 1st week of August. I should say
see you later in my blog!
Have a happy 4th of July to you all!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tour in Ayutaya

I love these girls...They are so fun and happy people! We went to Ayutaya. Rashell's husband left but she stays more days. They wanted to tour some more around Bangkok so we went to Ayutaya. Rashell loves the place. They are leaving tomorrow and I will miss them. They live in Las Vagas and we might drive by on the way back to Bangkok. Well lets see.

Rashell and her twin also used to have a music band. These girls can play guiter so good. They are crazy about foot massage, taking almost everyday. I am going to take them to night again before they get in the plane. I am having a ball this week! I thanks God for my good frends. I mean it, a year a go I thought I am going to die and now by the mercy of the good God I am still here.

It's was a good day today!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tour in Bangkok (Air Supply)

On the way to Massage!
I got unbrella
The singer and wife
Wat tour

Kisses from Air Supply Band Boy

I got the Royal Kisses! They are so fun and cool!

Party time (Air Supply 1)

Jackie, Laura, Rashell and me

Drummer couple and the shrimp couple

Party time (Air Supply 2)

With the pianist, drummer and me!
The lovly Russell