Friday, July 4, 2008

Tour in Ayutaya

I love these girls...They are so fun and happy people! We went to Ayutaya. Rashell's husband left but she stays more days. They wanted to tour some more around Bangkok so we went to Ayutaya. Rashell loves the place. They are leaving tomorrow and I will miss them. They live in Las Vagas and we might drive by on the way back to Bangkok. Well lets see.

Rashell and her twin also used to have a music band. These girls can play guiter so good. They are crazy about foot massage, taking almost everyday. I am going to take them to night again before they get in the plane. I am having a ball this week! I thanks God for my good frends. I mean it, a year a go I thought I am going to die and now by the mercy of the good God I am still here.

It's was a good day today!

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