Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Just got my MRI result!

My Lord Jesus said " if you have faith the size of sesame seed, you can move the mountain"... I do not know how big my faith is but it does move the biggest mountain of my life. Thank you so much my Lord Jesus!!

One blessing after another you all. I am cancer free for one year and nine months!! I was told that my body Chemistry is almost perfect.

I want to express my thank you to the Shands Hospital in Florida University, the Rocky Point lab team, the transplant team, the infusion center, the girl who prayed with me before my MRI, and to my drs.....DR. S. Pico, Dr. Nelson and My Surgeon Dr. Hemming.

My special thanks to Dr. Bob, Dr. McGarity, Pastor Martin who are part of my families in Christ!

God is good. Keep praying in faith!

Love you all................