Monday, July 21, 2008

not much news!

Yesterday, we went to Ceder Key to see our Lawyer friends couple. They have a second house there and it is a lovely house. I had a good dinner with them I ate sea food. Clams is famous there as they farm around the key. Clams are so small that to fill my belly, I think I have to eat 600 clams! No joking!

Today me and my family went to the church this morning. It is always nice to be the house of God! After church....We had Lunch with most of Robins's family at Olive Garden.

Tomorrow, I will be in Cancer center for my infusion. In Cancer Center there is a paper on the wall and it said " Please be considered, everyone in this room are fighting in battle".... I love what it said!! Let me say something here. This is come into my life we all are fighting in different situations. I see people fighting with divorce, some are fighting with happiness, some are fighting with depression, some are fighting with greedy, some are fighting with inherited... OK list can be on and on. Yes...All of us can find happiness to a certain period which is normally last for a short time or may be some years but long lasting joyful is only can find in faith! is what I learn in my life journey.

I am now understanding what my Lord said " You will see me when you seek me with all of your heart ".......

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