Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Infusion Day

I got my HBIg infusion today!! I went to the Cancer Center at 830 am this morning. As schedule, they withdraw my blood before the infusion. There is a little male nurse who withdraw my blood. I like him because he is always smile and has this very kind, soft speaking. Every time I saw the needle, I'm starting to talk, to avoid looking at the needle poke into my arm. I found out today that this little nurse's grand mama was waiting for liver transplant but passed away while waiting the liver.

In the waiting room I met a couple who lives in Cheifland, which is 40 miles far from Gainesville, Fl. Again I am starting to talk to them. I told them that I am a liver transplant patients as they asked me why I am here as I do not look like the patient.... may be!! I also asked him and his wife answered.. " he has cancer".. I asked him "what kind of cancer?" his wife said " all over"... I feel so sorry to hear that, I really do but I am gald that he looks just like a normal person! I shared my blessing to him and said " You know, God never promise that we are not going to die, in fact we all are going to die but he promises us eternal life with him"....His face lighted up and with his arms in the air and said "Yes!..." ... He was surprise for me to come so far to get infusion here but I told him that " I like the hospital and I like my doctors, my nurse here". It is very ture too.

At 930am the nurse put me into the room and I wait for my infusion. The nurse Cindy came and said " You know the new type of HBIg infusion came out around March 24, 2008 which is no need the premed and it is good, take only 20 minutes"... I said "Wow....could you please call my doctor and see what she is going to say??".... I got green light and got my new form of HBIg. Old form of HBIg needs premed which is make me sleep and take longer time. I really thanks to these medical science people. They do have good brains.

Everytime I am in Cancer Center, I saw many looks of people. Some sit very far in the corner and close their eyes, some are taking medicine, some are watching TV, some are look so weak and some are talking each other. We all looks different but for sure we all have one gole...."We all want to win this horrible battles" .........................................

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