Friday, July 25, 2008

Tea with Helen

There are some friends that I like to be with them from Gainesville. I went to Helen Howard's house to have, I should said Morning Coffee Party yesterday. Helen, is one of my friends who smile and laugh alot. Thanks for the happy coffee party Helen! and also thank you for your "Happy Face"..

Polly Pepper is another friend at the Coffee Party. She can sings and also makes me laugh. We had a good time as we talk about everything. It is true when 3 women together, they can be louder than 5 men!!

Madalyn is not here. Each year she has plan to go somewhere. I think she is in Russia with part of her family. Last year she went to France and told us they had a good time.

I am sure these ladies who have coffee party with me, they are like me up and down time as the rest of you!...... but....These ladies like to laugh!!! Tow day ago I read something from my evening devotional book. It said......

"Are only a few fortunate people born with a bright outlook on life, or is optimism an attitude we can learn? Susan C. Vaughan, author of Half Full, Half Empty, says that seeing life's possibilities instead of its pitfalls is the result of an internal process anyone can follow. One of her conclusion is that "there is a powerful link between facial expression and emotion"...She believes that people who begin to act happier actually feel happier"...

A wise man wrote, " A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance..who is of a merry heart has a continual feast"..(Proverbs 15;13, 15). (also people wanted to be around with you..this is what I believe.)

That kind of optimism begins with a merry heart and spreads quickly to the face. Same as "If you have the joy of Christ in your heart, it will show on your face".......

"Try to be happy is so good. You have to see good instead of like to see only not good... all the time!".

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