Thursday, July 24, 2008

A prayer from me

Dear God,

My MRI is coming this Friday, please have mercy on my test. As I heard someone said today, sometime God, you did not give us what we want but you give us what you want us to have which is the best. What ever Lord, you knows the best for me also. I have put my trust and my faith in thy hands. I do trust that my holy God, who feeding the sparrows will feed me too. My Lord, you who also let the blind... see!, who let the lame ...walk! and who raise "Lazarus" from the dead will still have mercy on all of the cancer patients as thy will please.

I honestly admitted to you my God, I still very scare when eveytime I have to go under that MRI machine which help me pointed out my cancer spots before. I also thank you so much to you ...... because of this MRI, I am still alive with so many blessing from you Lord. Dear God please accept my prayer. Thank you so much and I love you my Lord, In the name of Jesus.......Amen.

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