Monday, January 31, 2011

Lying on the floor!

NOTE: Pure simple blog, NO ill manners attached!

Last week some one who we knew, he is an Indian man, he passed away. Nice man who I enjoyed Indian Tea time to time with him and his wife. He got heart attacked and die fast.

I went to the funeral. Actually this is my first time to the Indian funeral in my whole life.

The Burmese put the dead body in the coffin, the Christian put the dead body in the coffin and so does the Chinese I believe. OK to pay the respect to the dead is different ways. Some show the face of the dead body but some covered. I am sure you all know what I am talking about.

When I walked in this gentleman condo in Thailand I was surprised to see that they put him as a sleeping man on the floor. He was lying on the plain floor with a white pillow, a white sheet, and a white thin blanket covered up to his neck. Lots of flowers on his body though. Then a simple plastic bucket (was orange color), holding candle inside and put it on the head side of the body.

His son and some of his friends were sitting on the sofa which is located on the dead man head side.

Honestly and simply I say I did not expected what I am going to see. In a huge condo the dead body was right in the middle but on the floor. The rest everyone were seated on the chairs or sofa. I have no chance to ask anyone as the room was silent but Indian sad music was on. I was busy observed and these questions were going all over my head. I asked to myself,

Why he is on the floor and look not elegant? (Knowing this man was a rich man.)
Why they do not tie the chin up as his mouth getting wide opened?
Why so much flower on his body?
Why this orange bucket doing on the head direction?
Why all these women wearing only white color? ...... etc, etc, and etc.

Then on Saturday I saw my neighbour by the lift . She is an Indian woman who also going to pay the respect to this Indian man. I can't wait so I asked her, "Why Mr. B is on the floor?" She said, "Well this is what we believe?" That's it! I did not get the point. I wanted to know the meaning behind of it.

I google today and this is what I learned.

Immediately after the dead they, the Indian have to put the body on the floor with the head toward to the South which they believe "the direction of the dead!" and so that the dead person can walk to the right direction. For Indian the dead and the alive did not walks the same direction. Then I have question, how do they know the South is the right direction?? What happen if they point the dead man head to the East, West and North?? What these directions are call??

I was still curious that if the Indian man die in the war, drawn, or burn and the body can't not be retrieved how they make sure this person is walk to the right direction after dead.

I also read, Immediately after the cremation, the whole family is expected to take a bath.

I do understand we all have different believing and different traditional events. One might not be understand the other one's celebration. This world is full of colours.

No matther how we are different one thing we all have the same is ......, as we came to this world naked we gone out of this world naked!!!

So enjoy the moment and be good each other.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day of dead

Do you all recall that a wife who was vegetated and to pull off her life support was tough on her parent but her husband agreed on??? I am not sure but I think finally they pull off her life support. This was in USA.

This is what I believe in.....

If I will face some one who I love is in pain or vegetated situation, I will never judge the day of dead for this my love one. My job will be let him/her has a good comfortable final time. Hospic is one of the choice. I will make sure that the family will around him/her and talk nothing but loving conversation. I will be the one do the talking even the person can't response nothing back to me. A kindly touch will work too.

I do believe in that even very sick or vegetated people still do have feeling and know what is happening around them. They can't move, can't speak, can't say what they want but they still do have ears and hearts.

I do understand those people who think and believe in that their love one no need to suffer that long. But I do have one question. Is there any one who say I want to die this day except those who have dead sentences. Remember it is soooooooo easy to do and say it when you are not that person's shoes. I want to know is there any one who has feeling like "OK let me die I am fine with it!" Do not say YES because you don't know and you are not there yet.

5 years ago when doctor told me, "You have liver cancer!". I thought I am going to die but if you ask me, do I want to die?? My answer will be NO! I want to fight this cancer even though I thought I am dying.

Sometime I ask my grandmother who is 95, "Grand ma do you think about dead?" My grand ma said, " Yes I do but I do not want to die yet because you are still here. If this is God's will I have no choice." Then she said, "Dead for me is I will be kneeling in front of our God and will see all my love one." Good for you grandma!!!

Help me to understand this too please.

Do I have authority to say to my grand ma, "OK grandma you are healthy and you can still live in this world." OR "OK grandma you are so sick now I will talk to the doctor for you to go now nicely." ????????

Then what is the wedding vow says..."In health or in sickness till the dead part???" Do we all Christian who take this vow can be changed???? OR should we say, "Till the dead part but if you vegetated, I will pull the life support??"

I am a Christian. Actually for the 4th generation. I love my Christ and I try to be a good Christian. I also believe in Faith with Act and Act with Faith. Yes I am not perfect and will never be.

I was born in Baptist but this is how I walk as Christian. Even I was born as Baptist, I believe all the Christians who has faith in God, in Christ and in Holy Spirit are my Christian fellows. I always feel uncomfortable when a Pastor starting to preach that no one is right but his own church. Well honestly I no need to worry about that don't I??

You will be surprise if I say I do believe in that the day of your dead is only God knows. In Bible, in Palms I believe , "Our days are numbered." Now remember I am not talking about What you die, How you die and When you die. I just simple blogging my faith which is might not be yours way of believing. That's touch isn't it? I am not telling you to believe the way my believing because there is always a "Choice!!!".

May I end this blog with this......

"I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampat, and watch to see what God will say to me."

Habakkuk 2:1

Question: "How long, O Lord?"

Answer:"Wait for it, because it will surely come"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The nurse and the link

I was in the hospital for 2 days last week. My red blood cell (Hematocrit) was very low within 2 days due to my woman circle. My red cell level was dive down to 25 (normal range is 34-48). I was abit tired and felt weak too. Called the doctor office and here my liver doctor put me on hospital and took care of me. I like my Thai liver doctor I really do.

After almost 5 years then back for the first time to the hospital. I was abit scare for sleeping in the room again. Now I am OK as my red cell up to 35 after sucking some blood from the hospital. I was very concerned to get a blood in Thailand but my condition is a must! So I became Vampire for a day.

I searched under "Blood Transfusion in Thailand: safe or not" and I google it. Here is what I found...

"Thailand is the only in the region (Asia) which is screening blood unit for HIV antigen in addition testing for HIV, HBsAg, HCV and Syphilis."

My liver doctor explain to me that the hospital recheck the blood which is call beyond the screening. Double check is my language.

By teh way....., I was going to tell you all that check out then follow the guest speakers. Scrolling down and you will see sometime my article about my cancer. Not often but sometime. So far I did 3 articles.

Here is one thing I like to share in this blog.

Do you all notice that there is 2 kinds of nurses in the hospital! One I will call "Sweetie Nurses" and the other one I like to call "Misery Nurses" also lets call it "Unhappy Nurses" groups.

I met this, a Thai nurses she is 5'2" and her skin colour is quit brown. I might be wrong but she looks like from southern part of Thailand. She looks like not more than 25 years old and her expressions was.."Ask me nothing I will do only my job!"

Other nurses will say.."How are you today... then ta ta ta ta ta." but when this nurse comes she said, "Blood draw!", "Doctor said drink this medicine." or "NO... OK I tell doctor!".

After seeing her 4 times I can't control so I asked this..."Do you like your job? You like being nurse?" When I heard her answered I was so please as it matched my thought. On top of that I like her truly answered!! She said.......................,

"No I don't like nurse!"

I very understand what she means. Bless her heart!!
without a like I will say too.
"No me no like blood transfusion!!"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Robins's grandfather

Who Collects Whiskey Bottles? Show Us!: "Re: Who Collects Whiskey Bottles? Show Us!
Reply To This Topic #7 Posted Sep 22, 2010, 04:01:56 PM
Here's a whiskey bottle that I dug in a clearing in an orange grove south of Ocala, Florida. The Carmichael & Son refers to George Carmichael and his son, C. Ed Carmichael of Ocala. Ocala and Marion County remember C. Ed Carmichael as the pioneer developer of Silver Springs."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Prayer

"A PRAYER IN MUSIC.pps (2684KB)"

I just openend an email and saw this sharing from a friend of us, Dr. Dong Ho!

If you can't open it please google it. A good meaningful song for worship.


Happy New Year to you all!! Sorry I have been not in the good mood to blog lately. I will try to blog often in 2011.

Bad News:

We decided that we are not going to continue our Insurance with the old company any more. Obama can't help lots of cancer patients like my situation as being got suck by the Insurance unfairly each year. Since I got hit by Liver Cancer they are increasing the fee every year that now I have to pay 85000 US$ for the year 2011. We are OK but we are not Bill Gate or Warren Buffet or Stanley Ho from Macao or CP company's owner. Yes we must do something before we end up eating nothing but grass and warms to survive.

Our son is going to boarding school soon and it is another 50,000 US$ per year for us. So calculation comes out that my husband needs to make 500000 US$ per years for 3 of us to live as we are living now. Tell me how many can make that much money??? Not much compare to the world population.

Question: I think there is a insurance company should come out which grouping people like my situation..... "doing well almost 5 years group" ??? What do you think????

Good news:

I had the best time with my grandma at up northern part of Thailand. The weather is good , the food is good and the happy people around me is good. People here do not know about Insurance much so they can smile so freely. May be that's why they look happy. Sometime I wish I have the mountain people attitudes. Do not know much when I die I die.... still then just be happy life. Here I am living but with worry. It's remind me the saying, "life is not how long you live but how you live". Yes I do want to live normal happy life.

Doing my same thing as always... I did feed the poor mountain church a pig! These mountain people, some of them are so poor that the children are coming to the church butt naked even in the very cold weather.

My grand ma is so healthy as usual she laughs a lot. Let me say it again here....
My sister died in my grandma's hands and so did my mother die way ahead of her. My grandma attitudes is like this.... She said, "who's not going to die?". Here faith is, "I am going to see all my love one when my time come. I will be right in front of our God!" and she believes in it.

The house that I bought for my grandma to live is now worth alot. This is another good news???

Question: How can I live worthy what ever time left a head of me???

Answers: I found the answer in my this week devotional book.

"There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. There is a time to be sad and a time to dance."
Ecclesiastes 3:4

Laughter is special gift from God, a gift He intends for us to use. Yet sometimes, because of the inevitable stresses of everyday living, we fail to find the fun in life. When we allow life's inevitable disappointments to cast a pall over our lives and our souls, we do a profound disservice to ourselves and to our loved ones.

If you've allowed the clouds of life to obscure the blessings of life, perhaps you've formed the unfortunate habit of taking things just a little too seriously. If so, it's time to fret less and laugh more.

Today, look for the humor that surrounds you... When you do, you'll find it. And remember: God crated laughter for a reason, and Father indeed knows best. So laugh!

Jennifer Jones said, "If you could choose one characteristic that would get you through life, choose a sense of humor."

The truth: Honestly let me open my heart in this blog. I had a hard time to fine the laughter in this moment. As I said in the beginning I am going to stop my insurance and will do the self insurance. What will be happened if the cancer return????

My Faith: I don't know about the future but I know who does! I have faith in Christ. I no need to say no more. This year 2011, I will put my Insurance in my God's hands. If my time comes for sure God knows the time for me. If I am still here for sure God knows this world still needs me.

Request: Put me and my family in you all prayers. Thank you!!