Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The nurse and the link

I was in the hospital for 2 days last week. My red blood cell (Hematocrit) was very low within 2 days due to my woman circle. My red cell level was dive down to 25 (normal range is 34-48). I was abit tired and felt weak too. Called the doctor office and here my liver doctor put me on hospital and took care of me. I like my Thai liver doctor I really do.

After almost 5 years then back for the first time to the hospital. I was abit scare for sleeping in the room again. Now I am OK as my red cell up to 35 after sucking some blood from the hospital. I was very concerned to get a blood in Thailand but my condition is a must! So I became Vampire for a day.

I searched under "Blood Transfusion in Thailand: safe or not" and I google it. Here is what I found...

"Thailand is the only in the region (Asia) which is screening blood unit for HIV antigen in addition testing for HIV, HBsAg, HCV and Syphilis."

My liver doctor explain to me that the hospital recheck the blood which is call beyond the screening. Double check is my language.

By teh way....., I was going to tell you all that check out www.catandnat.com then follow the guest speakers. Scrolling down and you will see sometime my article about my cancer. Not often but sometime. So far I did 3 articles.

Here is one thing I like to share in this blog.

Do you all notice that there is 2 kinds of nurses in the hospital! One I will call "Sweetie Nurses" and the other one I like to call "Misery Nurses" also lets call it "Unhappy Nurses" groups.

I met this, a Thai nurses she is 5'2" and her skin colour is quit brown. I might be wrong but she looks like from southern part of Thailand. She looks like not more than 25 years old and her expressions was.."Ask me nothing I will do only my job!"

Other nurses will say.."How are you today... then ta ta ta ta ta." but when this nurse comes she said, "Blood draw!", "Doctor said drink this medicine." or "NO... OK I tell doctor!".

After seeing her 4 times I can't control so I asked this..."Do you like your job? You like being nurse?" When I heard her answered I was so please as it matched my thought. On top of that I like her truly answered!! She said.......................,

"No I don't like nurse!"

I very understand what she means. Bless her heart!!
without a like I will say too.
"No me no like blood transfusion!!"

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