Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy New Year to you all!! Sorry I have been not in the good mood to blog lately. I will try to blog often in 2011.

Bad News:

We decided that we are not going to continue our Insurance with the old company any more. Obama can't help lots of cancer patients like my situation as being got suck by the Insurance unfairly each year. Since I got hit by Liver Cancer they are increasing the fee every year that now I have to pay 85000 US$ for the year 2011. We are OK but we are not Bill Gate or Warren Buffet or Stanley Ho from Macao or CP company's owner. Yes we must do something before we end up eating nothing but grass and warms to survive.

Our son is going to boarding school soon and it is another 50,000 US$ per year for us. So calculation comes out that my husband needs to make 500000 US$ per years for 3 of us to live as we are living now. Tell me how many can make that much money??? Not much compare to the world population.

Question: I think there is a insurance company should come out which grouping people like my situation..... "doing well almost 5 years group" ??? What do you think????

Good news:

I had the best time with my grandma at up northern part of Thailand. The weather is good , the food is good and the happy people around me is good. People here do not know about Insurance much so they can smile so freely. May be that's why they look happy. Sometime I wish I have the mountain people attitudes. Do not know much when I die I die.... still then just be happy life. Here I am living but with worry. It's remind me the saying, "life is not how long you live but how you live". Yes I do want to live normal happy life.

Doing my same thing as always... I did feed the poor mountain church a pig! These mountain people, some of them are so poor that the children are coming to the church butt naked even in the very cold weather.

My grand ma is so healthy as usual she laughs a lot. Let me say it again here....
My sister died in my grandma's hands and so did my mother die way ahead of her. My grandma attitudes is like this.... She said, "who's not going to die?". Here faith is, "I am going to see all my love one when my time come. I will be right in front of our God!" and she believes in it.

The house that I bought for my grandma to live is now worth alot. This is another good news???

Question: How can I live worthy what ever time left a head of me???

Answers: I found the answer in my this week devotional book.

"There is a time to cry and a time to laugh. There is a time to be sad and a time to dance."
Ecclesiastes 3:4

Laughter is special gift from God, a gift He intends for us to use. Yet sometimes, because of the inevitable stresses of everyday living, we fail to find the fun in life. When we allow life's inevitable disappointments to cast a pall over our lives and our souls, we do a profound disservice to ourselves and to our loved ones.

If you've allowed the clouds of life to obscure the blessings of life, perhaps you've formed the unfortunate habit of taking things just a little too seriously. If so, it's time to fret less and laugh more.

Today, look for the humor that surrounds you... When you do, you'll find it. And remember: God crated laughter for a reason, and Father indeed knows best. So laugh!

Jennifer Jones said, "If you could choose one characteristic that would get you through life, choose a sense of humor."

The truth: Honestly let me open my heart in this blog. I had a hard time to fine the laughter in this moment. As I said in the beginning I am going to stop my insurance and will do the self insurance. What will be happened if the cancer return????

My Faith: I don't know about the future but I know who does! I have faith in Christ. I no need to say no more. This year 2011, I will put my Insurance in my God's hands. If my time comes for sure God knows the time for me. If I am still here for sure God knows this world still needs me.

Request: Put me and my family in you all prayers. Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

Helen, your entire blog is MY devotional book. Thank you.

Helen said...

I pray to my God for not what he is blessing to me. I trust God knows exactly what God is doing. I pray to God because of "Who HE is!"