Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day of dead

Do you all recall that a wife who was vegetated and to pull off her life support was tough on her parent but her husband agreed on??? I am not sure but I think finally they pull off her life support. This was in USA.

This is what I believe in.....

If I will face some one who I love is in pain or vegetated situation, I will never judge the day of dead for this my love one. My job will be let him/her has a good comfortable final time. Hospic is one of the choice. I will make sure that the family will around him/her and talk nothing but loving conversation. I will be the one do the talking even the person can't response nothing back to me. A kindly touch will work too.

I do believe in that even very sick or vegetated people still do have feeling and know what is happening around them. They can't move, can't speak, can't say what they want but they still do have ears and hearts.

I do understand those people who think and believe in that their love one no need to suffer that long. But I do have one question. Is there any one who say I want to die this day except those who have dead sentences. Remember it is soooooooo easy to do and say it when you are not that person's shoes. I want to know is there any one who has feeling like "OK let me die I am fine with it!" Do not say YES because you don't know and you are not there yet.

5 years ago when doctor told me, "You have liver cancer!". I thought I am going to die but if you ask me, do I want to die?? My answer will be NO! I want to fight this cancer even though I thought I am dying.

Sometime I ask my grandmother who is 95, "Grand ma do you think about dead?" My grand ma said, " Yes I do but I do not want to die yet because you are still here. If this is God's will I have no choice." Then she said, "Dead for me is I will be kneeling in front of our God and will see all my love one." Good for you grandma!!!

Help me to understand this too please.

Do I have authority to say to my grand ma, "OK grandma you are healthy and you can still live in this world." OR "OK grandma you are so sick now I will talk to the doctor for you to go now nicely." ????????

Then what is the wedding vow says..."In health or in sickness till the dead part???" Do we all Christian who take this vow can be changed???? OR should we say, "Till the dead part but if you vegetated, I will pull the life support??"

I am a Christian. Actually for the 4th generation. I love my Christ and I try to be a good Christian. I also believe in Faith with Act and Act with Faith. Yes I am not perfect and will never be.

I was born in Baptist but this is how I walk as Christian. Even I was born as Baptist, I believe all the Christians who has faith in God, in Christ and in Holy Spirit are my Christian fellows. I always feel uncomfortable when a Pastor starting to preach that no one is right but his own church. Well honestly I no need to worry about that don't I??

You will be surprise if I say I do believe in that the day of your dead is only God knows. In Bible, in Palms I believe , "Our days are numbered." Now remember I am not talking about What you die, How you die and When you die. I just simple blogging my faith which is might not be yours way of believing. That's touch isn't it? I am not telling you to believe the way my believing because there is always a "Choice!!!".

May I end this blog with this......

"I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampat, and watch to see what God will say to me."

Habakkuk 2:1

Question: "How long, O Lord?"

Answer:"Wait for it, because it will surely come"