Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Robins's grandfather

Who Collects Whiskey Bottles? Show Us!: "Re: Who Collects Whiskey Bottles? Show Us!
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Here's a whiskey bottle that I dug in a clearing in an orange grove south of Ocala, Florida. The Carmichael & Son refers to George Carmichael and his son, C. Ed Carmichael of Ocala. Ocala and Marion County remember C. Ed Carmichael as the pioneer developer of Silver Springs."


Helen said...

Who ever has "Carmichael and son" wishkey bottles, we will buy them. Please contact me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Helen,

I was just searching the web and saw the same article "Who ever collects old whiskey bottles..." Nice article about C. Ed, etc. I saw one of these on eBay last year and tried bidding but it went pretty high. I would love to have one. I guess I will have to visit Ocala and go antique shopping or something. Seems one can also find online bidding occasionally. Hope you're better!

Your friend and Robins relative,

Helen said...

Hi Barbara,

We had 2 in our house in Bangkok. Yeah tell me if you go to Ocala. If timing is OK meet you all there.