Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Human Nature

As I said before I had faced liver cancer because of one lack of vaccine shot. Got the liver cancer and ended up liver transplant. I wish no one will face this nor to deal with it.

I learn to live my life to share my blessing, to care the needs, think about others and not me me and me all the time any more.

So I was thinking what can I do to help others and share my blessing.

There is a team of doctors from University of Florida (UF), who come to Bangkok Thailand once a year to learn the Asian health problems, help the local hospitals and go to the remote country side to help hill tribes people who have nothing much and...... to see the doctors is NOT on their lists of living unless they are dying.

This year I was thinking how can I do to help people. I have deiced to join the team of University of Florida. How??? is my first question. As a liver transplant receiver I have to watch out what to do and what not to do. I mean there are somethings which I can't help physically but other ways of helping.

So I come out with the idea of to raise the fund and buy the vaccines in Bangkok for the UF Team.

Someone helps us for the invitation cards, donated us for the receiption event. We also stop the flowers for my late father in law instead to donate the Project Thailand. We formed trustees group (who are also helping the donation + their time.)

OK now the donation and human nature how they related??

I sent out like 70 invitation cards to friends and business company.
Some are so generous just by mouth to mouth they donate to us without a question. Someone is working till midnight sending out emails and checking the Bank transfer.

Someone donated us XXXX US$ with one question wich is the money not to end up in the politician's hands. We respect his requested and we will make sure of that.

Some got invitation cards but not stop there and help us to spread the news to their friends.

Went to a friend's dinner. On that dinner table some who I met for the first time thrown in the donation.

Now see this........

In Bangkok I have been living in this building for 10 years now. Not big building OK side with different people with different background. I do get along with most (99%) of the people in this building.

Some poeple in the building do have grouping people but NOT for me. I like everyone and I am not allowed myself to group with any groups as saying, "Helen belong to this group". Of course I do have good friends and just friends who I enjoy different ways.

Honestly I do not want to invite all people from my building to my fund raising cocktail party. I have the reason to say so but I am not going to. Then I also thought this...., if I invite this person then that person also I have to invite too. Thinking they will piss at me. So I sent out invitation cards to all my building which is may be around 40 apartments.

Came back one day from my jewellery setting and my maid said, "Here some one sent this to your mail box." It was my invitation card. I said, "Hummmm some one so fast, nice and thinking about the poor on the mountain."

Then I opened it there was nothing inside just returned my invitation card!!! I said who is living such a low people in this building. I don't care they donate or not donate. I am an educated woman and I do not expected that every one must donate to this fund raising but I wish people shoud be a human nature and not like DOG!! No one will hurt even if this person donate or not donate nor comes to my cocktail or not comes. Now this person got my piss on him! Oh am I bad??? I think I am.

Actually everyone has free will and free choice so somehow I do understand to this person who sent me back the card. I just wish this person be a little human than like animal that's all. Am I wrong???

I could careless who do not come to my cocktail receptions. I even do not ask for RSVP! I do not ask nor gunpoint to no one that you have to donate us at all. But this is my wish.... I want only human being come to my cocktail party but not like DOG just need to do it because some one said so.

I have learn so much of the nature of human for just doing this little fund raising which is NOT for me or us but FOR the poor.

Me and you are sincerely or not, only me and you know right???

If I only raise 80 baht (2.5 US$), I am OK because someone big will knows my heart.

So proud of myself for this 80 bahts if I raise 80 baths!!!!!!!!!

Let me end with a prayer........

"Dear God,

Please bless this fund for us. May your power on the vaccines and prevent polio, liver cancer and all other problems for those who needed. Please bless to who donate this fund and also to who not donating because of some reasons but willing. Father you see much more than we see because you are God.

In Christ's name I pray,


PS. We raise XXXXXX bahts for the fund already!!
Thank you so much to you all.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Lately I have been so busy that I have a hard time to go play my tennis too. Then Thailand was holding a liver conference in Bangkok and my GI doctor from the States was here. Busy but I am so happy to see my doctor in Bangkok. We did had a good time.

My beloved father in law passed away 2 weeks ago. It is sad but I thanks to Christ for 89 good years of him on this earth. My father in law was a nice man and I do love him.

Talking about my father in law, 3 nights ago he was in my dream. 20 years of marrying to his son, Robins Jr, I dreamt about him only 2 times. Both were the best dreams about him.

3 nights ago in my dream I saw my father in law was sitting right next to the fire place. He had this happy face with a huge smile and talked to me, "I am good, I am happy and I am OK!' I could say my dram about him was not more than 25 seconds. I believe that he is in a good place.

Ok to change the subject....

I am sharing my ex cancer experiences in http://www.catandnat.com/ links.
It is on line Magazine. Click on it then follow the guest speakers. Sure you will find me. OK the name you have to follow is Helen Layshan.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do right-sleep right

Never asking money from others except to my husband. Of course to him I ask many many times. Well he is my husband so I did ask money from him. What can you say??? I need the money for me.

Regarding my blog the one I shared on February 8th......, yes I did ask money from people but NOT for me it is FOR the Children who are living in the remote area in Thailand. Ok you can read back if you want to know why I ask. Me myself I did share my blessing to this Project Thailand with other friends.

On that night (February 8th), I pray that to do the right thing. I starting this project with a little prayer myself. Asking to God bless this money and to use it according thy will for the best sake of unfortunate children. All fund will go to Vaccination.

I said a prayer and read my devotional guide book. From it I want to share with you.

"Two years after her husband died, Joan Kroc founded the Ronald McDonald House Charities and became its largest benefactor. Once, when she read a newspaper headline about flooding in South Dakota, She sent unsolicited donations to flood victims totaling fifteen million dollars. This generous woman was the widow of Ray Kroc, the founding father of McDonald's restaurants.

Joan's philosophy was simple. She looked for people in need, and then she surprised them with her generosity. You can do the same. Whatever your financial situation, you can make a big difference in the lives of others. And every time you do, you'll discover, as Joan did , how good it feels to share the wealth."

Here is what I want to say..

1. I am not Joan Kroc.

2. My husband is not Ray Kroc.

3. I do not inherited the McDonald restaurants. (even though some people call me Mrs. McDonald sometime.)

4. I have no fifteen millions dollars to donate (Actually with that money I can vaccine not only one mountain people may be 50 mountains people.)

Here is what I can do...

1. Share my blessing within my limit.

2. May be for sure not fifteen Million dollars but 1000 baht Thai money.

3. I can help to raise the fund.

4. Join the team (from University of Florida) and share my time.

I was surprise that how my friends response to this matter. Thank you very much for your kindness. Even if I can raise only 100 US$ I can still buy some polio oral dose!!!

This is what I believe,

God did not see the amount of the offering but God knows the sincere of your heart.

May I finish with this...

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."
Acts 20:35

PS: I feel good. I am doing right and I sleep right too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fund for the Vaccine

NOTE: Thank you to those who are following this blog. I noticed you all are from different background. You also have the different choices and I understand the way of your different kinds of believing too. Here is My God told me: "Thou Shall Not Judge" so I won't, beside thank you for reading this blog and you all are my friends.

If my parent is born in the developing countries, I won't face the liver transplant nor liver cancer. I am not blaming to my parent but thanks to them because of them I am here.

By the way I was born in Shan State, Burma.

I had a Hepatitis B which was lead to my liver cancer and then it ended up to liver transplant. By the blessing I am living cancer free for 5 years now. I am taking the virus control pills every day. The DNA tests shows that no Virus detectable in my blood for 5 years too. I will put it this way... the medicine works well by the pure mercy of Christ.

I was facing all these from just one lack of Vaccine Shot!! The vaccine is call Hepatitis B Vaccine. It was suppose to vaccine any new born children whose mother are virus carriers at right in the delivery room. See the point here is...., we did not have vaccine in that time and even if we have it who is doing the education about it in Shan State. Till today there are many areas in Burma which no one see "The Vaccines". People are so poor that no school, no education, no vaccine, no money, no clothes.

Talking about no clothes.... each year I spend the Christmas with a very poor church in up north of Thailand. The children are so poor that no clothes to cover all of their body. Some even come to the church with butt naked or half naked.

There are many children suffering Polio in the Shan State just not having Polio Oral Dose which is cost 80 Baht in Thai Money which is 2.60 US$.

After my liver cancer I am starting to enjoy of sharing. Remember I often said that my cancer did not give me all negatives but some positives. I used to love the word of "Thank you" but now I love to say, "You welcome!"

I am putting a fund raising cocktail party in my house on 1st March. I am working with Doctors from University of Florida who come to Thailand with their own air tickets and own expenses. I like to work with them for 2 reasons.

1. They are providing vaccine, education and treatments for the "HILL TRIBES" people who are living on very remote place. They are very poor. The children are living no clothes in the very cold cold season. They have no money for medication also.

2. University of Florida is where I got my liver Transplant! This is a way of helping them back because I am so thankful for them. Yes, I would love to help Shan People in Shan State but I do believe in that helping mountain people in Thailand is the same way of helping any body those who are in needs.

I am working with 4 trustees... Dr. Nat (PhD), Dr. Pakorn (PhD), Lan, Me and of course the Team Leader Dr. Kevin from University of Florida.

The vaccines they need the most are...

Vaccine / Children /Cost-per dose

Hepatitis B /300/ 400 baht (13US$)
Jap. Ence., /150 /250 baht (8US$)
Oral Polio /200/ 80 baht (2.60 US$)
MMR /200 /250 baht (8US$)

All prize are from the Thai Red Cross which we are buying the vaccine from them too.

PS: I am not forec you to donate but if you interesting about it please contact me at mlayshan@yahoo.com and also for any questions. If you wish to help but can't because of many reasons, please pray for us.