Friday, June 4, 2010


Thank you so much for reading my blog! Yesterday there was 50 people poked my blog which is very good numbers for me as not so perfect English Language Blog. I bla bla bla alot on my blog but 99% honest and truth though. Well any way...Thank you for reading!!

Starting 3 months ago I have this horrible feeling. I feel abit tired, my legs feel not normal, my mood also not good. The last 4 days was nightmare as I can't sleep and my heart feel like no blood bumping in or out! I cried and called my Robins to come home earlier for to be near me. Bottom line I am not me at all. I felt like a little old lady who is thinking no so right!

I was also stupidly thinking that I no need the doctor as I do have appointment on the 3rd of I will wait till then.

Yesterday was 3rd of June..... at 7 am as my apointment, I went to do my blood test which I have to do every 3 months for the safe side. At 3 pm I went for reading the results. Then the doctor found out what was wrong with me. I was anemic!!

My Hemoglobin was only 7 which should be between 12.2 -16.2! Surprise me was.... beside all those horrible feeling, I am still can function like a normal woman. I did some business and even went to the beach last Saturday. But yesterday at 9am while I was playing tennis, after 17 minutes I thought I was going to drop dead. Such feeling was never occured before. I was so so tired. Called my driver to pick me up right a way instead of after one hour.

I learn one on if I do not feel good I must see my doctor right a way and he told me that too. By the way my Thai Doctor, I do like him a lot. I can throw all the questions and he did explain to me very well. Oh yes trust me after 5 years of marrying hospitals and doctors I do know different kind of doctors.

Came back from hospital and look at my test results I do the thinking but which I already have the answer though. Science are so good at that by the blood test some can tell you what is wrong with your body. We must have.......for example,

Glucose within (70-99)
Cratinine (.5-1.5)
Cholesterol (150-200)
Globulin (2.1-3.7)
AFP (0-10)
Red Blood Cell (4-5.5)..... OK list goes on long tests!

All those limit... if you are above or low then you will feel something wrong with your body. Science found out those numbers very smart way. Science knows that there are those numbers and should be that numbers but for sure they don't know why that numbers. Like red blood cells numbers should be between 12.2-16.2! Why not between 20-30 or 50 to 75?? The scienctist did not put that correct 12.2-16.2 numbers in my or yours body!!

My one big question was,

How in the world who put this number in our body which is very clearly that we must have that range.. period! Why only between those mumbers? Explic a me favour??

Do not try to answer me because of science this and that. I do have many why why and why to you back. Science knows how it works but do not know why?

Then last night my devotional time, I found exactly what I am looking for..." And God saw everything that he had make, and, behold , it was very good" Genesis 1:31!!!

You all know by know that my husband is a scientist man! Who is good at it and wrote some books too. I asked him, "Robins all animal do have the same blood range as we human has?" He said to me, " Yes all the mammal are the same." Then I asked another question, "Them why mammal are not speaking as we are or not smart as we are?" (I know the answer but wanted to know how he thinks???)

Robins said, "The DNA and the Brain size is the answer!" Then this make me flash back my bible reading last night again which is very coincidentaly I read! Why last night before those questions??

After God created human this is what God said., "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." Genesis 1:28

That's why we human are above of all. Those who believe we come from Monkeys or fish, let me tell you I am still the Queen of all the animal!!

Tell me who can say clearly and firmly about how we start!

My God did!!

I know there are lots of people will not agree with me but I said., so be it but this is what I truly believe in!!

I love you my Dear God....

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