Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Florida time!

I am back to Bangkok! Yesterday, I went to the Travel Agent and rearrange our trip to Florida. We are taking BKK-LAX direct flight by Thai Airway! Flight is full and left some 5 or 6 seats!. I told the Booking Agent that I need the first roll and I got it.

In this time of the year, lost of people are leaving to their home country as the school are on holiday! As I did mention often, this trip will be interesting and exciting because we are going to see my son's high school which is in Penn. State. Shan will be in Tennis Camp for a week while we are waiting him, we might visit our friends in Washington DC. Robins wants to visit Guatemala also. For me..lets see! I have to watch out my new liver.

My son's grand uncle, grand father and father, they all went to the same boarding school calls Mercersburg in Penn. State! Hope this school will and still produce more good liver doctors!! Remember...my wish??? Well... They produced some good Hollywood actors though...even some good Thai Business men from Thailand.

Oh.. we had a good holiday with grandma except my Shan shoot all of hers Papaya fruit off ! She was up set. My son has that itching hands which any fruits must be target of his plastic gun. He got one Sparrow which he put it in coma for 15 minutes. I was so glad to find out that the little Sparrow later flew off. I told him you shoot, you eat that Sparrow. Shan was not happy to hear that.

I am so glad to see my grandma is healthy and wealthy in spirit! I see her, I see the wonderful blessing that she is receiving too. I am thankful that we can still pray together at night before heading to bed.

I want to end this blog with....

"Your life is God's gift to you-make it your gift to God"

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