Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shocking News

I live in Thailand. I love this place because as other big city, we have so many stories to tell. Now this story which I am going to tell is TRUE and it is shocking news for me.

I have this very tiny business which is dealing with Gem, mostly from Burma. I do have some people who love to show me nice gems.

There is mother and daughter team from Chantaburi who I deal with the finishing jewellery also. Should say I deal with them for the setting project. Their works are neat and tidy. Good looking jewellery they produce for me.

Last week I called them as I am leaving to USA soon so I need some jewellery for presents. Met the mother and daughter, bought some rings from them.

The daughter's boy friend is a Chinese Men from China. Kind of a man who provided her cash to do the jewellery business. They have been dating for 8 months and the girl starting to complain about her sex life with this China men. She said, "Wired we have been dating for 8 months and no sex at all. He even not try!!" She is starting to wonder that the guy just loves her as simple way. She said, "Why he is giving me money for my business without SEX??"

OK here I have no idea what is happening I just listen . By only business, I knew both of them. You no need to ask questions but people in the Gem business they talk.

Well 5 days ago someone call and said to me the China Men is in ICU and in coma.

What happened was the guy has a problem with his manhood. Finally he decided to go buy Viagra for to try his manhood life but poor thing after 10 minutes he went straight into coma. He is still in the hospital for 2 weeks now. In Coma!!!

The doctor said, "The man did not check his health situation and he has very high cholesterol. High cholesterol and Viagra and the SEX did not work together."

I am so sorry and yes it is shocking news for me because I have never heard such news before in my life!!!

Watch out when you take VIAGRA!!!


genuine_pills said...

Thanks for the post. I'd rather have Erectile Dysfunction for a life time than be in coma. But Erectile Dysfunction is something curable. Its just being overweight might be a problem for that.

Helen said...

I understand what you are saying but sometime people are not thinking enough when come around with pleasure. The pleasure blind them even with dead or alive!!