Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Khun Helen you are fat!!!".... is the way my liver doctor's nurse greeting me yesterday.

Am I mad? Not at all. I am now 55 kilos (121 lbs, is this fat weight??), but I said that to her, "Well I can still see my big toe so I think I am not that fat."

I did my blood works 2 days ago and then in the afternoon I saw the kidney doctor and liver doctor.

I am doing well except my Prograf (Immune Suppressor pill), is now hitting my kidney. Kidney normal function range is (0-150), mine is now 225. For that reason I talked to kidney doctor yesterday.

"Is your urine cloudy?"... is one of the questions from my kidney doctor. I said, " I saw bubble but cloudy or not I have no idea." Now on I have to look at my urine and check that "going to rain or not?"

May I remind you all..... If your urine is cloudy please go see the kidney doctor!!!

My kidney doctor said I am still OK at 225. Said very very very mild case only. I asked, "Which level you think my kidney is getting sick?" He answered, " 500-1000!". Then I asked this again, "In this case why can't we say the normal range for kidney function is 1-500????" No answer though.

Kidney doctor said, if I hit level 3000 I have to do the kidney biopsy. One thing he telling me was,..... in my case to reach level 1000 to 3000 is, may be after 30 years. 30 years!!!!! Where will I be after 30 years??? Only my God knows.

Beside this I am doing well. I have nothing to complain as I am living 5 years full of life.

Any way in June I am going back to USA. I am talking on skype with my liver coordinator and see what I should do. May be I might see the Kidney doctor in University of Florida.

To change the subject.....

I was up north at my second house for 9 days. I did have a good time with my grandma. The care taker of my Gma left without notice. I was mad and worry about 95 years old lady at home alone. I went up and got a new care taker for her. We got one and she is 58 years old. Her name is "Boo Neer". I do have two problems with her. One, I have a hard time to call her name. Two, She talks too much. (Can you imagine if I say she talks too much knowing that me, myself talk alots too.)

It was real cold up north of Thailand. It was 7 t0 12 C for 2 days. The cold came with rain. I can't go out nor shopping. So I stayed at home eating and talking to my grandma.

One day my Gma was mad at me for just touching her comb which is made out of turtle back bone. She told me not to touch it again and said, it is antique!!

To change the subject..................

One very very happy news is... I got back my Insurance. I am so thankful to my God.

I lost my insurance for 4 months as they were asking 95,000 US$ for this year, 2011. My husband and I talked and we decided that we are not going to pay that much money to that SUCKER!!!$%^&*()$#@ #$%^%^&

For 10 years I was paying to this insurance, the sucker took it happily and the minutes I got hit by the cancer and got the new liver, the sucker increased the insurance almost 100% each year. How could they do this to any one???

One thing I am still thanks to the SUCKER is....., they paid my liver transplant fee which was huge payment. At lease something was good from the SUCKER.

To change the subject..............

I do pray. I do pray as I did not have insurance anymore. BUT I did not ask to my God to give or to help me back my insurance. Beside, I do believe in that there is nothing impossible with my Christ if you truly loves him. I just pray..."Dear God, I put my insurance in thy hands." That's it!!

My God never promises me that I am not going to die but God said, "Who ever believe in me shall be safe!". I also know that if my day comes, it's thy will too.
Tell me who's not going to die???

4 months I have been praying. I know in deep down in my heart that it is going to be very difficult for us without insurance and... I do not want to give our money to the SUCKER any more too. I am not stupid and also I am not BILL GATE's wife either. My medicine and my constant checking up and follow up is so expensive.

My husband was nice to me and said, "We will insurance by ourself. I trust in God. If anything happen to you, I will do my best. If we broke we broke!"

Now by the blessing we got what we want.

Thank you very much my GOD!

"If you are walking toward Jesus to the best of your ability, he will see you through life's unpredictable waters-----but you must risk launching the boat." said, Patsy Clairmont.


Anonymous said...

I am agree that you say about the insurance. They love that you pay, pay and pay, but once you start to use it, and present a claim, they start increase the amount of the policy.
But now thanks a God that you use them for your liver transplant and now you are Ok. Your liver is Ok. and thanks Good that Robins has a good job that he can pay you everything you need. What you say, we have to pray and take care ourselves.

I dont know how is my english, is no good but at leat I am trying.

Anonymous said...

Helen, Always we want to know of your journey in faith and health.

Anonymous said...

Just got off the plane, and happily read your blog.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful letter. You have such a strong faith and trust in God and in Christ. May you have that always.

I'm sorry to say your English is getting better and better. It was CHARMING the way you used to talk and write. Pretty soon you will talk and write just like every other American. Oh well. I send you love.