Monday, March 28, 2011

Quake and my Grandma

Last week, I think on Thursday night, our building was swinging for 30 t0 40 seconds. My passed experience of huge quake in Indonesia, I knew it this might be an earthquake not small but big quake. Also knew that it might be not far from us.

The epicenter was very close to Thai and Burmese border. Some said 7 but some said 6.8 R.

Me, Robins, Shan and my part time helper, we all ran down to the ground floor. I told everyone OUT!! My cook was sleeping. We ran but she slept over the quake. We came up she said to us, "What happen??" I told her, "Nothing!"

My second house is nothing happened but my grand mama got sick. The quake got her real scare. I am sending my cook to my grandma to taking care of her for awhile.
My grandma is my role model!!!

On Friday and Saturday, my grand ma was so sick but on Sunday she was in the Church. She told her pastor to pick her up and said to him, "Sundday is my Church day and I have to go pray. Please pick me up!" The Pastor did pick up my Gma. Thank you pastor!!!

She was in the hospital on Saturday evening. The doctor took X ray and did the blood test. Her bone, her mind are still good but the blood test show she got some virus in the Kidney.

I spoke to the doctor by phone and the doctor said my Gma needs antibiotic injection for 7 days. Have you ever heard antibiotic injection???

Got into google and found out the yes they do have antibiotic injection for human and also for the fish!! You search under "Antibiotic injection", you can read all kind of ta ta ta ta ta.

Very thankful for my grandma is getting better and my house is still pretty too.

My thought and prayers are with the quake vitims.

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