Thursday, March 24, 2011

Double Blessing!

Two reasons I wanted to go back to USA. The first reason, very soon my son is going to boarding school and I wanted to be close by him. The second reason, I like my mother in law and she just lost her husband. I do feel for her and thinking that old lady should not be a lone or lonely. Oh yes she has help.

Two reasons I wanted to stay in Bangkok. The first reason is, Robins loves his job in here. The second reason, I am thinking about my grand mother. Seeing her is a joyful moment and leaving her is a misery for me.

My husband got an job offered by XXXX, as the CEO position. The good news is they are going to pay my insurance. As I mentioned in my last blog, the insurance can screw you and can push you in the corner which can cause you suffocation. The insurance can make you angry woman, ugly woman, screaming woman and bitching woman. You lists all the bad feeling and the lists will never end.

I was once suffer the suffocation by the insurance. We were still paying for 65,000US$ per year but 95,000US$ per year is getting very very suffocation and if I keep paying them I will be closed to eat nothing but crap.

Above of all, "The Insurance" is getting into the center point! In life sometime the decision is depend on not your feeling but on what is good for us.

Double blessing??? Yes... Robins got stay in Thailand and he gives me a Green light to buy a house as I want in USA. (Yes, we have one house but this house is reserved for our son.)

Double blessing??? Yessssss, I want one insurance but God blesses me with 2 insurance.

Thank you to my Lord Jesus Christ.

NOTE: You think I am crazy because of the love that I have to my Lord Christ, let me be the most craziest woman in this world!! Let me be and I am OK for that. I love you my Christ till I depart from this world.

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