Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did it!!!!!!

I should say we did it than I did it.

The fund raising for the Project Thailand of University of Florida is over and finished. The cocktail party for them was so fun. Met the new and future doctors, also one old doctor. Old doctor means..., he has been a doctor for many years ago. This year according to Dr. Kevin they are 20 people from University of Florida, came to Thailand.

The vaccines were bought already. Cost us 165,000 baht and the good news is we still left over money which we can use it for the next year.

Some brought their envelopes along in the night of cocktail party. On that night we received 18,000 baht more.

We raised total 220,000 baht!!!!!!!

I feel so good for what we did. I am so thankful for these doctors are going on the mountain. I am so happy for the mountain children who are taking care by good doctors without fee. These children are monitored in computer and the team knows exactly what they need for the next year.

I would like to join them in person may be one of the future years.

Let me share with you this. It is from my prayer book. It said,

"Most of us have been blessed beyond measure, but sometimes, as busy people living in a demanding world, we're slow to count our gifts and even slower to give thanks to the Giver. Our blessings include life and health, family and friends, freedom and possessions - for starters. And those blessings are multiplied when we share them with others (with pure thankful heart).

As the old saying goes, "When we drink the water, we should remember the spring." So it's appropriate that those of us who have been richly blessed should give thanks for our gifts, no matter how busy we are.

Do you make it a habit to slow down each day and thank God for your talents, your opportunities, and your loved ones? If so, you've already learned that gratitude is its own reward - but no its only reward."

"I will bless them and the places surrounding my hill. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing."

Ezekiel 34:26

I started and donated to this fund for some reasons but the main reason is.....

I have many blessing. I no need to worry about my food, my shelter, my family and I have planty of friends. Well... I have to be honest here. Yes I worry sometime about my health and my halth insurance but I have faith that My God knows exactly what I need. What ever ahead of me, again I say..., "My God knows exactly what I need."

So thankful for teaching me to share my blessing.

We did it. That you so much to you all who sharing your belssing to this fund.

I did it which I never done before. Raising Fund for the needing people!!!!


Anonymous said...

Helen, this is wonderful! I didn't know you were working on this. So glad to see you involved in such a worthy humanitarian effort. Congratulations on your fundraising success.

Anonymous said...

Hello Helen, that was a wonderful thing you did, to help with the vaccines. Could you please send me some information.

Helen said...

Please google the below link and see what this "Project Thailand" is doing.

UF professor, med students to help kids in Thailand
Five years after a tsunami struck Thailand's coastal villages, killing an estimated 200,000, the mission has changed from rescue to rebuilding.

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Anonymous said...

Big congratulation for this well done!

Anonymous said...

hi helen,
that is such fantastic news about the $$ for vaccine, etc!!!!