Monday, September 19, 2011

Washington DC-JFK-Dubai-Bangkok

Boarded on Jet Blue flight from Dallas to JFK. Short trip so I booked Economy class. As you all know that short flight, that's mean the plane is not big. I flied at the back of the plane with full of people. There was no one seat available. Yes......, I did feel like a Sardine fish in the can. The plane was delayed for 2 hours because there was no plane to take us and our plane was in Orlando. That's I got told!

Sat on the plane for long minutes for take off. The weather was bad, raining all week in around Washington DC. There was no Sun but rain and rain and rain.

Well After sat too long in the plane I told the Jet Blue Air Stewardess that I want to get out no use to fly as my next Emirate flight is schedule to take out 11 PM. The schedule is too tight for me.

Jet blue Air Stewardesses are old but with beautiful harted and said to me , "let me inform to the ground staff if you wanted to get out!". I said to her, "Oh please I want to get out. I feel so crowed and late for the next flight". I did want to get out because 1. Was raining. 2. I will never make it as one of my luggage is in the belly of the Jet blue plane. Pick up the luggage and check in the Emirate flight which is located next building also. I Knew I will never make it!

A ground stuff who is not white, not black, no yellow but brown came to me with farted face and said, "You can't get out we are going to pull out." I said, "What do you mean the the door is still open and still attached with that tube why I can't go out. I do not care loosing my ticket." That Brownie woman was so ugly and said to me, "No we are going to pull out."

Well my complaint did something good because yes... the Brownie woman rushed out from the plane so fast and pull the tube off. I said to myself, "Well like it or not I am going to fly in this freaking RAIN!"

I said a short prayer, "Lord let me be back to Bangkok please.!"

Flying since the day I was born but this is the only time that Jet Blue took off with so much power, so much faster felt like they shooted me off to the sky. Did I scare? Oh Yes so much.

The flight was 45 minutes only but let me tell ya, I was not feeling like flying but feeling like a horse ridding. Actually ridding on the CRAZY horse!!!!! so much bumping. Was a bad fly but it touched down at the JFK though. I do not like Jet Blue they are cheap and small!!!! Actually I do not like the way that Brownie talked to me. Remember the customer always right :)!

When I arrive at the JFK, the time was 10:30pm! My next flight is 11 pm. I said, poop, I have only 30 minutes. Waited for 10minutes for my luggage but it was not show up. Ran to the Jet blue service counter, I told the big woman there.."Please keep my luggage I am going to the next flight without it but send it to Bangkok the next day please." The big woman said, "Yeah!"

Arrive Emirate counter 10:45 pm, again I met another Brownie Guy! I said to myself oh goosh not Brownie again. He said to me, "The door is close?" I said, "What do you mean I still have 15 minutes!" Of course the Brownie guy said "NO, come tomorrow at 9am. You go 11 am flight to Dubai". After he saw my ticket as I fly "Good Class", the Brownie Guy tone softer. I can't remember much what I told him but I know I was nasty. I do feel that some of the ground staff at the airport if they have to do a little extra work, they are freaking lazy. Do not look for the LOVE from those people it never will see the LOVE!

I felt so tired, so helpless and so angry. Well I know now I have to find a hotel in New York. Went to the Hotel service counter, I was told, "Yes we do have a room at JFK International Airport Hotel, soon to be Hilton. Total around 250$!"

Arrived at the hotel at 12:30pm. At the check in counter there was only one man, NO joking another Brownie man (Indian guy), about 55 year old was working ALONE with long line. Luckily I was the third person to check in. Royal Air Jordon flight was late so they all got the coupon to stay free same as I stay but they have coupon, I have credited card!!! The @#$%^& Jet Blue no pay me coupon at all.

I have one problem. After long day I need a new clean underwear. Bad new is my luggage was not with me. By the way the room was very nice. Good material sheet with 6 pillows room. Bath room was great so I took long hot shower. Felt so beautiful!!!! So Fresh and clean!!!

Talked to myself... I am going to wash my underwear as Jackie Chan said he did the same too. Washed it then I thought I should iron in case my underwear is not dry on time for the next morning. Put it on the iron board and I ironed it. Right away my underwear got stick on the face of IRON!!!!!

Too tired and did not realized that my underwear is made out of part of it nylon and part of it Cotton. The nylon part got burned and I came home all the way to Bangkok an underwear with a big hole on the back.

The flight to Dubai and to Bangkok, it was beautiful flight. I like Air Emirate. I really do. Huge plane I flied on the upper deck with the bar at the back of the plane.

Back to Bangkok.

I am thankful for the safe trip back.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are back !
What a night mare trip back .

Anonymous said...

Helen, this account of your trip makes very GOOD reading. It's funny and is so vivid I feel as though I were there experiencing just what you were experiencing!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure.

Anonymous said...

laughed till i had tears falling on my face!!!!! You so well described the "melting pot" of America!! and your photo is too cute. Glad you are safe and home.

Helen said...

I just share some of my friends comment by emails. Thanks for reading folks. Love ya all.

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