Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Know your own body

On the flight from Dubai to Bangkok, I was starting to feel pain at right side of my face. I was thinking may be, an old age migraine. From 1 to 10, my pain was 4, so I can handle it.

Arrived in Bangkok the pain went up to 6 after long flight. Now this right side of my face pain was running from my jaw to my ear and from my ear to my eye then from my eye to my head. Remember the pain was only one side of my face. It disturbed my sleep too. I was hoping please this is NOT a tumor in my head.

My US liver coordinator said I should check with ear doctor. I also thought this might be from my earache. Said to myself, damn I am having real bad ears problem. So made an appointment with ears and throat doctor.

"Your ears are clean and your throat is fine." This I got told by the ears and throat doctor. Good new is I am clean in ears and throat but the bad news is where is this real pain come from?? The ears and throat doctor reffered me to Neurologist!

"Did you do computer alot?" the Neurologist asked me. I said, "A lot! I do not know what you mean alot but I like computer." Then he pressed at the back of my ear. Wow I felt so painful. The pain went up to 8 after he pressed me that point. He said, "I have lots of patients like your case. Relax and do not do computer so much. Rest!"

The Neurologist even explained to me that some patients did not know the different between tooth pain and nerve pain. They thought it was tooth problem and they yank off the tooth, some time 2 teeth and then they said ooop mistake it was a nerve problem. I was thinking, Oh my whatever...... what a mistake!!! Lost a tooth or teeth!!!

The Neurologist gave me Neuron TIN, Deanxit and another pill start with letter N but I forgot. OK he gave me 3 kinds of medicine to take. I did take 4 days and the pain subsided but at my jaw point, I still felt a little pain. Say level 2 pain!

Then after a week, my pain attacked me again at level 9 pain. This time I can't sleep, I can't eat. I yelled and cried 2 times. Even my Ativan can't help me. OK I am not Ativan lover. I use it only emergency. Like when I fly or can't sleep.

4 days ago this question hited me. I was thinking, if this is the pain from nerve why ONLY one tooth pain. Should be pain right side of all my teeth or at least 2 teeth. Smart me and I decided to see the Dentist.

I like my Dentist from XXX hospital. He is as tall as I am 5'2". OK to be kind, I should say he is 5'3". His hair cut is neat. He dresses well. He knows what he is doing.

"Please can you distinguishes between a tooth pain cause by nerve or by other cases?" This is the first question I throwed at him. He said,"lets me have a look!" He checked and said, "Need X Ray!"

You know what happening to me?

My last tooth of the right side, it is infected and yes it's can gives you pain one side of your face.

5 hours ago my Dentist did a root canal on it. The pain were gone. Go went and gone! Sometime you shoud know your own body.