Monday, April 25, 2011


Where I am going to start?

-Yes flied up to see my grandmother. I am glad I did it because my grand mother was in bed, refused to eat. She was 7 days straight dripped in to get going on only. Anyway I took her back to Bangkok and now by the blessing she is doing well. One day she was ended up in the Chaing Mai hospital also.

I had to yell at her a bit or talk sweet to her or explain it why she needs to eat. 4 weeks ago she was talking only about that she is going to die. Now she looks like fully watered Sunflower and.... I look like dead flower!! I am emotionally drained up too.

Let me firmly to share with you this....

My grandmother getting better not only because of medicine. Yes, the medicine is needed but being around her is the best medicine for her. She eats because I eat with her, she walks because I walks with her, she talks because I ask questions but honestly I said, all these need lots of patient and mostly "LOVE".

In Bible said... Above of everything 'Love' is the most important. True!!

Love has many ways of loving truly love, brotherly love, platonic love, even lusting love... they all make you feel good don't you? Am I wrong?? Well I am not sure about lusting love. This love might make you feel good in a certain time then one might kill the other sooner or later.

-Then my brother and his girlfriend is visiting to me at this moment when I am blogging this blog. They are from Germany and are leaving to Elephants world today. Surprisingly I found out that they can't eat hot and do not like any Asian
Food! What a waste?? Tell me who do not like Thai food?? Only...hummmmmm!

- I am stop myself as being Church Council members. Not any other reason but I decided that I shouldn't be there till I feel that I am good enough to work with. I told the Pastor that I will help anytime if the church needs me and I will.

I am asking this.. how could I be a church council when at home I am not even a happy person?? How could I help other when at home I can't help to no one??
I guess I want to be a sincere person first than I should be at the Church council members.

-I must stop here as I need to go see my eye doctor. I am having this a black spot floating left side of my eyes. By the way...

Happy Easter to you all.


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