Tuesday, May 3, 2011

19 year of my marriage

May 10th 1992 I married to the man who I like very much.
May 15th 1992 our reception was at one of the best hotes in the world (at that year!).

Today is May 4th which means my 19 year of married to this one man is approaching.

How am I going to celebrate this my remarkable years of marrying to one man, one time of my life??? Lets see my "like to do" lists.

-I want to give a huge reception at one of the best hotels in Bangkok BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go to Monaco and playing Poker BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to cruise along Alaska BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go Marce in French by the beach for one week BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go Scandinavia, stay on the mountain in a nice cottage with full of flowers BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

-I want to go around the world with Shan BUT I can't, I have to save the money.

Now let me do this... think positively!!

-He is a nice man enough to married me.

-He is not drunked nor smelly smoker.

-He provide me not as Bill Gate but I can get what I want.

-He is not screwing around.

-He never beat me up, not one time.

-He is not a show off nor branded clother.

-He eats what I put on the table, not bitch or I should say not complain.

-He is not laughter but good listener.

-He is not fighting around with people as I do sometime when people screw me.

-He take patiently even people insult him.

-He has money but do not want no one knows. Humble???

-He heps taking care of my grand mama.

Now let see what happen after 19 year of marriage....

He fall in love with computers and...
I fall in love with Face book and Twitter.

Let me finish with this. It is from my devotional book.

"The Bible makes it clear: love and commitment are to be intertwined. That's specially necessary in a marriage relationship. Unfortunately, we live in a world where marriage vows are taken too lightly. Too many couple are far too quick to push the panic button- or the eject button- and the results are both predictable and unfortunate.

When we vow to love our partner "till death do us part," we must take that promise seriously. And we'd better be willing to do the hard work required to make the marriage last.

If you are a married woman (or if you are thinking becoming one), please take the advice of Proverbs 3:3 seriously. Writ the words love and faithfulness on the table of your heart. And be sure to use permanent ink!!

Let love and faithfulness never leave you...
Write them on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3

Gloria Pitzer said, "Marriages may be made in heaven, but a lot of the details have to be worked out here on earth!!!"

My prayer....

"Dear God,

Thank you for guiding me to this 19 year.



Anonymous said...

A loving testimonial to your husband. Be sure he reads it. It will make him very happy.

Anonymous said...

You have made it this far!!! Congratulations. The best advice to turn our marriage into a delight was (part a and part b). A. Wives need to respect you husband. Hmmm, what if I don't? Well, respect "who" he is, the head of your home, your provider. Defer to his choices after both have discussed any disagreement. B. Husbands must treasure the wife. She is the most precious item in his life. Even when she is everything but adorable, he is commissioned to treasure her, care for her. RESULT....With the wifes respect lived out he will adore her. With adoration, she will respect him. Easy to say and challanging to live, but it is Biblical advice.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t realize it is 19 years for you….CONGRATULATIONS!

Anonymous said...

Tell him that you respect and appreciate all the good things you have listed about him. Also that he has given Shan a good example of integrity, truthfulness, loyalty, and faith in God.

Anonymous said...

You've been here 19 years and you're still illiterate. Well done.