Monday, November 15, 2010

A Lady-Boy Blinded By Bogus Doctors

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Pattaya Lady-Boy Blinded By Bogus Doctors

Back to 9 years ago when I got on the sky train I would see the Natural Beauty of many Thai girls. Now I think 65% of them have done some enlargement or reattachment?? Well, in Asia not much reduction on any parts of the body because Asian women, mostly we are small in everywhere!!

Every time when I get on the sky train, I have my own survey now. I look around me and see how many girls have done their nose or eyes or boob job. Easy to spot the nose job has done or not. You can see that there is a shinning line running through from between the eyes to down on top of the nose. Somehow do not match the rest of the face naturally.

Hey... I have nothing to against with the job. If this is happy for them, they should do it. When they look at their flat nose in the mirror and suffer, unhappy and unsatisfied... they should do something.

I do have flat nose and flat boobi but I am very happy with my property.

Lots of Westerner women like the big boobi! ie: Ms.Dolly ! The woman who is the country singer. Some like her boobi alot but for me they give her out of proportion and over huge for her small body. She looks like she has 3 headed woman. Sorry.. I just talking about the huge and the tiny ONLY without ill manners.

The boobi has two personalities. When you are young with the huge boobi it is ok.....still not bad yet. But when you are over 65 and with huge boobs then you look like an old monkey playing with two coconuts!!

We (women and men), all like to look good. Me too I am one of the human being I want to look good more over beautiful and attractive but.........over done will do you harm than look good.

Young people need to remember that they do have the power of youthness and should concentrating on the main core of "what is the real beauty" means!!!!!!

Have a good Botox doctor if you need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Darling u don't need the boobies to attract attention to yourself!!!

Helen said...

Thank you for the very good advise!
Ha ha ha ha ha! Thank you for the laugh too.