Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michelle Obama and the fashion

Michelle Obama is a beautiful lady! When she is ugly not her naked beauty but by the clothes she wears is make her ugly. For me she is never been as a sweet lady but tough and soft is her personality.

In this Photo I do not like her hair nor her blouse or her dress. what ever it is, this is a ugly blouse and very very old fashion? Her solders look much better than her hair and her face! She just look like the big Babara Bush Sr.

Now in this photo... may be her hair is the same style of the top photo but the dress makes the different! Thanks goodness she did not used the same necklace from the top photo also. The ear rings make her looks match as first lady. By the way why we Asian Women (Majority), Why we are so short?? Damn!!

Here in this photo I like her hair, her nail colours, her dress, her necklace every thing look beautiful. Michelle needs to be watched out her butt though. Seemingly her butt is getting bigger and bigger!

Here is another Michell's stunning photo! I did not see her behind so it is OK. I wonder with this shinning long skirt with this colour, I am not so sure that it is OK for a girl who has big fanny or not?? Normally Not good for the big behind. She is lucky in this photo. With this kind of long skirt is always look good on tall girls. Michelle is tall so her tall help her out here. Look at the Indian Lady, she looks real stout and shout!! I do not like her colour nor the way she looks at all. Do you all know that Indian women are actully no that fat at all. The dress they put on... trust me many layers under neat.

In this photo with her husband, she looks real real First Lady!! Do you all noticed that Michelle loves belts??? She loves to put on belt most of her appearances. Belt can be done as a wonder touch but it can give you a very tacky look.

If Michell is my sister, I will tell her that ditch this dress! Oh how ugly is here. Not hers at all. The top cover looks so mighty small and her down part look sooooooooooo big! The twiggy right infront of her belly is suck too. I will fire my beauty adviser if she wants me to put on this clothes.

Oh Michelle....... Ma Bella? Quest a vous fiet?? Here she is over joy!!
Come on Michelle.. You are in Bollywood and you suppose to dance Bollydance. But instead here you want to show off your African back ground. What to call that?? African Heritage??

You both look NOT so Brat Pitt and Jolie here but you both look very happy. Michelle look so huge though!!! I really hate to see this dress on her body. Her arems look big, her legs look big, her bottom look real real big. Sorry!!!
Over all Michelle always looks OK because of her height. Tall people have this advantage of clothing.
One of my teenage dreams is.....
"I want to be First Lady too.!!"
I am happy as Sr. VP's wife for the moment but might be promote to CEO's wife soon if this is God willing!!! Hope Our God guides every part of Robins's future life.