Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So piss off!

I was busy with my banking all day long yesterday and was facing so piss off situation with the bank which I never think about it will happen in my life.

Here is the history of yesterday..

We have been using this bank (do not want to mention the name of the Bank on my blog. If you want to know which bank???? you can call me!!), for almost 9 years since we have been to Bangkok.

There are 2 accounts we have in this Bank in Thailand. One is joint with my hubby and the other one is my jewellery business account.
We also have VIP card since Robins has very very comfortable amount in that bank.

Before Robins left, he said to me, "Babe, please take the VIP card and they will help you." I told him, "No, Why I have to take the VIP ? Do they know all the customers has equal treatment???" We both went on bla bla bla bla laaaaaaaaa!

Played Tennis without changing from the court I went straight to the Bank. The same bank at the mall which I know the manager very well and which I used it all the time to avoid many people. The teller said to me, "Khun Helen, the office here is small, the one you want to do is not available. So please go to this location!!" I have no idea what she was saying but do not want to question nor wait so I proceed to the other bank.

Arrived the big Bank and greeted by a lady who speak English good!

I said, "Hi, I would like to move this amount of money to this Bank in this country!'
She said, " OK, here the form, please fill up give me your passport and I will do the rest."

So happy thinking that well finally I am at the right place and right person.

I said, "Here all done!"
She said, "OK!"

She started to check everything what I wrote down then opened my US passport and said to me...........

She said, "Oh oh we have a problem. Your first name is OK because it is Helen, the last name is OK too as "McIntosh" but the middle name is the problem as, "Lay Shan"!"
I said, "What???" What are you talking about??"
She said, "I am sorry we can't move the money people who has Burmese names!"
I said, "Are you kidding me. Do you see my US passport! You know in USA we have thousand of names which can be Thai or Korean or Chinese name "Fuk Chow or Fuk Yu"! and I also knew that US put the law to Burmese people but I am not Burmese anymore. Seee my US passport!!!!!!"
She said, "Yes I understand but last time we had a big problem a man name"Mohammad Husein" with the US passport to send the money back home and the bank got a big interrogation!" "We have problem!!"
I said, "Oh please use your sense!! Now you have proplem with not only Burmese names but also others names ha???"

I am not making this event up pleaseeeeeeeeeeee trust me in this case. In that moment I was very piss because I was having a hard time to do my business and getting tired too. She knew I was getting irritated more and more!! I continued to her..........

I said, "OK I have been dealing with this bank since the day I arrived to Bangkok 9 years ago. We have 2 accouts in here you can check it. I also know this is not your fault but because of my middle name is in Burmese and you can't send the money... that doesn't explain enough. I need to send the money, MY MONEY not your bank money. Help me or I will move all my money to other bank!"

Them she was starting to make phone calls, said her boss. But I think she has not only one boss many be 3 bosses since she was calling 3 different people. Well remember I do understand Thai language, might not be all but good amount of "SOME". After 15 minutes here came the lady...

She said, "OK we think we can help you but we have to put a Thai name."
I said to her without a pause and said, "Oh my whatever? I do not have Thai name!!!!!"
She said, "Do you have any Thai friends."
I said, "I do have many Thai friends but I am not going to use their names. Point number one, this is my money and point number two the other end, the receiver will never know who sent this money to him/her!"

She went back to the door with my passport and came back and this is what she said to me,

She said, "I think we can help you! lets put your name only the first name and the last name so will be "Helen McIntosh!!!"
I said, "I am already here one hour and do it and I want to go home"

What a experience!!!!!! Being Burmese name stuck in the middle of two white names almost give me second class treatment.

I did not blog all what happening in the bank yesterday. I even had to call CP's secretary as the Bank said use her name but I said NO to the teller because as I said, the receiver will be confused. End up all OK just DROP the damn middle name.

Thank you America!! I love you for taking us even our names can be...

Fuk Chow, Layshan, Maleeni, Gonzales, Mohammad, Magarita, Azok Khan, Queen Latifa, A Tong, Munsuk, Sukuma, A woo or Fuk Yu!!!!!

PS. I just wanted to share what happened to me yesterday and beside that I have no ill reasons to anyone.


Anonymous said...

Go figure!!! But you give me a great morning laugh!!

Anonymous said...

Helen Said,
One of my friends email me this! I like it alot and like to share!!

"Because of a very similar experience with our business account here in Delhi, which has also been in existence for more than 9 years, I am guessing that the name of your bank is the same as ours. We were trying to get additional signatures added to the account, we were trying to deposit checks, and we were trying to move money from here to there. The woman had more than one manager, she was on the phone many times to many people. One and one-half hours later, still no solution in sight. Many more phone calls between Delhi and Mumbai over the next 4 weeks. Now we know what it's like to be treated ike criminals."

Anonymous said...

I think if I had the name Fuk Yu I would change it to something else. Imma Hog comes to mind.

Helen said...

Here do not be surprise that the following people names are American....

Alcott Yubolsov
Chew Man Chew
Di A. Rea
Dobe Fugin Widdat
Dook N. Pants
F. U. Ting
Haka Lue Gie
Henotter Titiov
Ho Hum
Hoo Flung Pooh
Hu Flung Dung
Iman S. Hole
Kis Myass
Pee Oon Yu
Schrivalup Andropov
Shiek Yiboudi
Som Dum Guy
Som Yung Chick
Tai Mai Shu
Tai Mi Shu
Wong Tern
Wong Wei
Yung N. Dum

Helen said...

To Anonymous
Thank u for sharinng ur thought of changing Fuk Yu to Imma Hog! Look at this name of our fellow US citizen
"Imma S. Hol"!!!!!!!!

HH said...

Helen, you have the funniest adventures!! (I'm sure it wasn't so funny for you at the time.) I hope you are keeping all these Emails in a safe place.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Helen. Wonder when will our country be out of this spell!!!

Helen said...

I love my Shan State, Burma! Now do I need to say "I hate my Burmese name because of the way I got treated."

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,

I am holding Burmese PP and have account in a big bank in BKK for one decade. One day I wanted to transfer money to my account name abroad. They said NO as I am Burmese. So I told them back that I was working abroad for two decades and had no issues transferring USD to/from everywhere in USA, Europe, SEA, Far East, ME etc. I requested them to check my name is NOT black list and guaranteed that I am 100% sure. So they said that they wil check. Left for lunch and came back. Waited for 1 hour.They said OK to do. SO I MEAN that we MUST fight and show the proof. And they must understand that America government and EU do not BLOCK all Burmese accounts. Well what I want to say is that BE LOGICAL and DON't CLOSE EYES AND BEAT PEOPLE.

Helen said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing of your Bank experience in Bangkok! Hope the Burmese Goverment kowns that how they put their people lives and situation in oversea.

Yes... there are many good Burmese who are nothing to do with the Juta. But...

Sad isn't it? With our own money can't get a proper treatment is ..... very sad!

Miss my Shan State very much. Wish all the best for the Burmese people. May God has mercy!!