Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me and My Lovers

I broke up with my first lover who I call him "My Deer"! We broke up because he loves nuts and I hate nuts. He likes night outting and I like to sleep. We were very different!! We were like Prince Charle and Lady Diana!!! Very different. I was SAD!!

I broke up with my second lover. I did not know who he is, it was just a one night stand and our chemistry spark off but never call him again. he likes water and I hate to swim!! Oh by the way he had this very bad smell or odor!! I hate his arm pit's smell.

I love my third lover but not very much! He did not support me very well either. He also did not want me to see with him in the public. Oh by the way later I found out he had many girl friends! He is huge though!!

My forth lover! He is cool, he doesn't talk to much. He like to hug me and he kisses me all the time. So I married to him now. I love his red face and I love his Hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Isn't he looks like my Robins, White Monkey?????
Now you know why I married to my husband Robins!!!
PS: My friend who is an animal lover sent me all these animal photos! I look at it and I like it too. I used the photos, combine with my imagination. So this blog was born!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny…..

Helen said...


When my freind, she is an animal lover, sent me the photos of all these animal I looked at it and I like it! By the way I am not animal lover at all.

Then decided to use the photos with my imagination story.

Too bad luck?? Real life I have no "My Deer" lover, no one night stand.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read your story. I want to hear Robin's version.

Helen said...

Hi P,

Robins is a Parrot!! One love till he die.... Me???

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