Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sue in God's Name

I was reading Foxnews.com this morning. I haven't watch news on TV lately. I will read the news from my BBerry in my car or in my bed or sometime when I am sitting on my toilet bowl!! Sorry... do I need to say, "my toilet bowl???"

From today new here is one of the headline news which is make me do the thinking.

It said; "Parent Sue Catholic School Over Vaccines"

" A New York couple is suing a Catholic high school for refusing to grant religious exemption that would allow their 14-year old son to enroll in ninth grade without state required vaccinations, claiming immunization are a "Violation of God's supreme authority."

Helen said:" What is wrong in our world today???? Seen to me people like to use God's name in every where just to suit own desire.

Why can't this NY couple just say.."We don't believe in vaccine!" Period and Stop there. Do they know that there are some rules and regulation in every school (actually from both public and private schools), in USA and need the vaccination for a damn good reasons???"

OK My thinking is this! Who the hell they think they are?? If they can't follow the rules and regulations of the school , why can't they home schooling their boy? Oh my ass, for suing the school is seen to me just a waste of their time and bothersome to school too. Oop I did it again.... Do I need to say my ass here??? Also I am thinking very hard that what kind of lawyers are presenting this idiot couple's ...what ever says their thought?? Idea?? Time to time I wonder how many ethical Layers in USA?

I will tell you more later about God's Supreme Authority and the Medicine world. I should say what I believe in though.

News said;"Andrea and Pual Polydor of Garden City, believe human boides "should not be defiled by vaccines," according to a complaint filed in Nassau County Court against Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale."

Helen Said: I do not know for sure what kind of religion this NY couple believe in but a real Christian (majority of good Christian), knows when to shut the mouth and where to stop too. I believe in God creation and blessing on every things including on Fire fighters, Doctors, Scientists, Teachers, Preachers, Pastors, You and Me. God did not creates "Robots" but an image with brain and with own free will. You know why??? Because they all have a set of brain that God gives to all of us to think, to feel, to see, to talk and to do... of course in correctly. If you do not know how to act correctly then there is a book call "Holy Bible". It will guide you!!! Clearly!!!

I am thankful for my brain, I really do. I know sometime my brain not working well either but I am not going to sue around knowing how stupid to sue in the wrong way. Oh yes please for sure to sue if your spouse threatening to kill you! In this case better do it quickly!

I understand that with these brains we made the decisions such as..., we believe in vaccines or not, we believe in 3 wives or 1 wife, kill or not kill, good or bad, to drink or not to drink, to smoke or not to smoke, to go to the Church or not to go to the Church, list go on..........

I respect this NY couple being do not to believe in vaccine but I hate and not respect to them seeing they SUE the school from their owns thought which they think the best of every one's.

Bible never said to us.... do not take the vaccine or do not go to the Doctors! Never!

For me yes....Christ is the best doctor above of all. He is a healer and saviour. As you all know I got cancer in liver. I am here still talking because of God's mercy. I do my part such as seeing doctors, got the liver transplant, taking the medicine, doing the lab works every 3 months and taking care of my liver and...... I must take the VACCINE. Thank you God for blessing us with VACCINE. Beside all these.. yes I do pray every nights to God, begging "Mercy and Miracle". Asking God to make my medicine work well in my body. Why??? Because I know Christ can help me.

News said: The parent said, " (We) are all created in God's image," reads a letter the Polydors sent to the school on Feb. 13, according to the lawsuit. "There fore, we must not defile our blood and our bodies with diseases and other impure substances. AS the divine Architect, God designed our bodies to have immune systems that must not be defiled by Vaccines. Immunizations are a violation of God's supreme authority, and therefore, unholy. Since immunizations are unholy they violate my religious beliefs."

Helen said: I agree with what they said, we all are created in God's image but I am 100 % did not agree with Immunization are violations of God's supreme. Why I said that? Because the Immunizations are blessing to us. Looking the record Vaccine do good more than bad. One question...... If.... If, there is a Vaccine to prevent all kind of cancers would you take it for you or for your children?? For me I will!

If I have Hepatitis B vaccine the day I was born, I will not face this Liver Cancer!! The Vaccine will prevent it happen.

News said: "The Polydors also claim that using vaccines would show a "Lack of faith in God, and his perfectly designed immune system" according to the lawsuit."

Helen said: Trust me, Taking vaccines woun't put you lack of faith in God. I have one question to the Plydors. If I believe the way they are saying I will ask this to them. Do you have car? For sure they might have one car. I want to ask them , "Why do you buy the Car?? God give you a pair of legs right? Use your legs and go do the walking. You do not need car!"

Driving car, taking Vaccine is not lack of faith!!!

I do believe in God and I do believe in God's blessing.

At last I want to share you this. This is what I believe. If you are sick I mean very sick, there are doctors who can help you. Please pray in faith because there is our Lord Christ who can blessing with
healing power in God's ways.

God blesses us with different doctors. God blesses us with wonderful treatment through God's wonderful tools calls...doctors, nurse, medicine, hospital!

God blesses us with different medicine. In US we have Walgreen, CVS pharmacise. You can get all kind of medicine. Just go get your medicine and say "Thank you Lord for the Medicine!"


-God gives doctors to us but won't ask you do you need a doctor? In the Bible said, "God does not want you to be a lazy humen!"
-God gives us pharmacies but won't be your driver to drive you to the Walgreen or CVS.
-God provide us Vaccines not only one vaccine but more than one but he won't order you "Go Get It!". To take it not to take it is depend on you. Just please do not go sue the school in the name of God. It make you look so stupid too.

I am sure God do not wants us to SUE in the holy name!!

Dear God, I thank you so much for the Vaccines!!

PS: If the Polydor's boy has egg allergy or can't take the Vaccine which is order by the doctor then I will understand on what they are suing for but should be talking to the school before jumping to sue.


HELEN said...


THE NEWS SAID..........

" people in the highrisk category should get vaccinated against the A/H3N2, B and typeA (H1N1) viruses. Those most at risk are patients with chronic diseases including obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, heart disease, stroke, renal failure, thalassemia, HIV/Aids and diabetes as well as those undergoing chemotherapy. The people also at risk include frontline healthcare workers, women three months into their pregnancy, obese people as well as the disabled.

However, Passakorn said there was no reports of the typeA (H1N1) virus mutating or anyone developing a resistance to the antiviral drug in Thailand."

Anonymous said...

Dear Helen, You have a lot of good points in your letter and I agree. You are a perfect example of one with great faith in God and in God answering your prayers.

M said...

Hi Helen,
I fully agree with you. Trust all is well.

Helen said...

Lack of Faith???

This is what I believe....

If you do not follow the Tem Commendments then this is real lack of faith.

Taking vaccine, driving car, pushing buttoms, eating fish... list go on, I am not sure are these leading you to the lack of faith!!

Sorry I am not a pastor nor writter, I am just a simple house wife who is Jesus Christ followers and love it!!