Monday, October 18, 2010

View on Masturbation

NOTE: I am not a doctor nor masturbation specialist. But read this as a health view.

One of my good friends presented me a book calls "Everything Menopause Book: Reassuring advice and the latest information to keep you healthy and sane by Samona Slupik, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.,"! By the way I should say that it is a good book and women who are in menopause should read it!!!!

Now wait a minute... I am not menopause yet. I might be in perimenopause.

Lately I got this hot flash run different parts of my body. Strange, I had this hot flash right after I got my new liver 4 years ago but stayed with me only 2 days and never came back till last 3 months ago!! That's mean after 4 years.

I do not have birth certificate but now by the creation I can tell I am approaching my middle age.. I guess!!

I look up exactly the meaning of masturbation (why I looked up about this I will tell you later), and it said,

"Erotic stimulation of one's own genital organs, usually to achieve orgasm. Masturbatory behavior is common in infants and adolescents, and is indulged in by many adults as well. Studies indicate that over 90% of U.S. males and 60 – 80% of U.S. females have masturbated at one time or another."

You know I never ever been to the hospital except these two occasions. One was when my son was born (C section as he was big 10 lbs boy), and the other was my "liver Transplant" . I was healthy and living right till this huge thing hitted me. So... I am not interested to read about health BEFORE but now I am so careful about health and read about health MORE and MORE!

Most Asian women did not talk about masturbation at all. We used to think it was a dirty and shameful thing to say or to do. I am an Asian woman so never talk about it before but now a very health concern woman I will tell everything about it to my liver coordinator and to you.

Right after living with new liver, I should say around 2 years, my asexuality desire went up. I did not tell to no one as thinking this is shameful. Then the other round I thought my body screw up and worry that what is happening in my body. Main question, "Is my new liver OK??"

Now after 4 years I asked my coordinator this question last year. With all my energy taking OR I should say with very bravely face OR uncomfortably I asked to my liver coordinator...

"Is there anyone complaining about their sex life gone crazy after new liver??"

The answer was...guess what?? Of course "YES!!"

Coincidentally I read about masturbation as a part of the book which my friend gave me. (Now you know why I blog about masturbation!). It said (To those women who are in Menopause Lives),

"Many Doctors and sex therapists encourage their patients to masturbate to increase their ability to respond to sexual stimulation and to combat stress and anxiety!!"

Now I thought I have to research on masturbation how this effected on health view. I read more and found the following (Purely my own curiosity). It said,

� May help to reduce stress and release sexual tension
� May help a person become more comfortable with his or her own sexuality
� Masturbation eliminates the potential for pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
� Being self-aware of one’s body and sexuality may better prepare him/her for sexual activity with a partner.

� Frequent and vigorous masturbation may produce skin abrasions or superficial bruising/temporary discoloration.
� Masturbation may become an obsession or addiction.

Masturbation may become an obsession or addiction which is generally felt to be the case if it reduces time available to participate in other activities (i.e. social relationships, job, work). This may lead to diversion of income toward sex merchandises (i.e. videotapes, chat rooms, online pornography, phone chat lines)."

-I did not know that masturbating can be addicted that bad till I read about it!
-I did not know that masturbatory behavior is common in infants! Or should say almost to everyone!
-I did not know that lots of people in USA are masturbating until I read about it!!!