Friday, October 29, 2010

The Stoning

PS: I have no intention to talk about religion base on this blog! This is purely about the movie!!

I never ever walked out from watching the movie in my life. But.... this movie "The Stoning of Soraya", I can't watch it any more. I had to walked out to the toilet and closed my ears. Then the next day I like to know hows the movie ended so I talk to myself.. "Helen, this is only in the movie and watched the ending part!!"

So sad, so disgusting, so amazing and so unhappily ending movie.

What bother me is this..... the movie is based on a true story.

Here some parts of critic on this movie by Cibbuano!!

"by Cibbuano

- written in 1994, it describes the true story told to a French-Iranian journalist as he was passing through a village. Told by Soraya's aunt, the story unravels the deceit and lies told by the men in the village, using the convenient charge of adultery to stone Soraya to death.

What was Soraya's charge? The movie is quite one-sided on this: she was falsely accused by her husband, who only wanted a divorce, but did not want to pay her to support herself. Using his connection with the corrupt local mullah, he convinced the men in the village that she was a lusty woman, mostly because she smiled at a widower."

For that smiled to the opposite sex, she got the punishment of stone to dead!!

I am so glad that I am living in Thailand! Thailand is calls "The Land of Smile". Me too I mostly smile at people around the world (may be except those forbidden to smile countries), specially in Thailand because people around here are so friendly and happy people.

If I will get the punishment of stoning because of smiling at someone, I will be dead by long time ago! Well....I might die with the smiling face as I like to smile. On top of that I like laughing and I laugh alot. Hummm for just smiling you get that bad punishment right?? I wonder what kind of punishment for laughing like ha ha ha ha with the male friends???

I guess in some countries you have to walk with a very angry faces! What a life???

Somehow this remind me when I was in Burma years! In Burma you can NOT kiss (Simple kiss nor Franch kiss), in public! But as an exceptional, you can kiss your wife or your lover or your partner who ever in your own House or University Compound or Movie Halls or in the Zoo!!

In Rangoon young people go to the zoo are not to see the animal at all. 80% of those people in the zoo are just for to KISS your lover freely!!!

There is no stone to dead in Burma though.

Then today I read this:"Iran woman could be stoned to dead soon!"

Yeah right another one!

By the way I do believe in punishment from the government though. ie: Ted Bundy!! I think he was the most cruel man on earth to kill 30 ++ women by his own pleasure on the sickness of him.

Here I want to point it out between this Iran woman who is just about to stone to dead and Ted Bundy. She was committed "Adultery" which is she is not acting along. To be an "adultery woman" you need a male partner...don't you??? Right???

OK as the way they believe that this woman must die by stoning but how about the man she had fun with??? What is for this man's punishment?? 3 days in Jail?? If the punishment is equal to the man and woman I would try to understand it but now I can't UNDERSTAND!!!!

Why the woman must stone to dead and the man is still breathing??

SAD and UNFAIR is I see here.

Now back to the movie......... "The Stoning of Soraya"

This is how the movie ended. The first to stone at her was her own blood father. Of course he throwed the stone at her as missed direction, did not hit her. How could a father do that? NO!

So the second person to thrown at her was her own husband who want her to die in order to get married to a 14 years old girl without child support to his first wife. That is the motivation of this ugly man. He stoned at her right on her head!!

Then the third persons to thrown at her was her own 2 sons! Speaking by the blood the 2 sons do not want to do it but by force they did it. Without a doubt I say that they live this moment in their whole lives!!

Then all of the male villagers thrown at her with thousand of stones till she die. Then there was a party at the village too.

Here we are 2010 but what kind of punishment is this?

Ted Bundy die with peace and in sleeping position.

Soraya die with pain and in waist level buried position.

I did check out about the stoning punishment and this is what I found: Both in Judaism or Islam, the Stoning are not written in the Koran nor Jewish bible. "It is Oral Law."

NOTE: Do not have sex with other's women in Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan and Saudi Arabian!!! You will get the pain and slow to dead by stoning. Also reading about you can't be GAY or LESBIAN in those countries too.


watches, gemstones, and jewelry said...

yes, Helen live with good morality is a best way

Helen said...

Dear WGJ,

Thank you for your comment! Yes morality is the best way to live with.


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