Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Law in Burma: Can't Marry Foreigners

In 1995 when my son was born we got his US Pass port in 15 minutes. Then I thought well my son should has Burmese passport too in case one day if we need it. Called the Burmese Embassy and I got told., "As the father is American we consider he is illegitimate child."

I talk to myself...Hummmm we spent XXXXX $ with the guests of 250, at one of the best place in Hong Kong that we married but how come they thought my son is not the real one?? Shitty law isn't it?

In 1992 I married to this white gentleman not for his skin colour but for his kindness and not so talkative attitude which I like it a lot.

I have no doubt that most normal women married to men not for skin colour but must be other reason.

Some one shared the following article on Facebook and I share it with my readers. I just mention on my FB ...., "It is sad that the Burmese Women lives and their Private Parts are control by the junta!!"

Ok enjoy the article...

Burmese Women Not Allowed to Marry Foreigners

"Burmese authorities have been instructed by the government to block marriage ceremonies between Burmese women and foreign men, according to legal sources.

Burmese law allows marriages between Burmese citizens and foreigners, provided they give divisional courts 21 days notice.

That law is now being suspended on the instructions of the government,” legal adviser Aung Thein told The Irrawaddy.

Aung Thein suggested the suspension of the law could be aimed at preventing human trafficking, but he described it as unfair. “It will prohibit the rights of couples if they truly love each other and want to get formally married,” he said.

The Rangoon journal Flower News journal reported this month that local brokers were involved with foreigners in trafficking Burmese women.

Lawyer Kyaw Hoe, said the suspension of the marriage law dates back to an incident five years ago when a young woman committed suicide after being forced by her parents to marry a foreigner.

“Since then all legal practitioners, including notaries, have not been allowed to officiate marriages between foreigners and Burmese women,” Kyaw Hoe said.

A well known Mandalay woman writer on social issues said Burmese should be free to marry whomever they wished. “I don't have any objection as long as it is not human trafficking,” she told The Irrawaddy, anonymously.

A representative of a Rangoon-based Myanmar Women Entrepreneurs' Association pointed out that Burmese women abroad had the right to marry whomever they liked.

A Burmese woman who married a foreigner 11 years ago and now lives in Thailand said: “What is most important is understanding and loyalty to each other. Race or religion don't matter.”


Denys said...

Any consenting adults can do whatever they like for the illegal Burmese government to say that some child or any person for that matter is not legal is insanity at its worst. Thitsaphout Than Shwe is illegitimate and has no right to exist either as an illegitimate person or an illegitimate leader.

Helen said...


Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog!


Anonymous said...

OK I still can understand when the burmese government issued such a stupid law with their human right records, but what I can not understand and find it unacceptable is when the western democratic countries access and make decision of their VISA process base on that stupid law.

I am a burmeses, an british citizen and my wife visa was rejected by british embassy in Yangon based on that stupid law.

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