Friday, September 12, 2008

What Is Wrong Wtih Us?

Money with Health is the subject that I am going to talk more. I have seen and heard that many people talking about how rich people can get the best care and how poor are heading to dead. I don't want to comments on that (because this rich thing poor thing with health is all up to individual situation)... but I want to say that I believe money help but not everything.

I saw in someone blog said money can extend your life..example: cancer! Let's see a bit steps further more behind of saying this. I want to bring the word, D! It's Dead, (I mean only DEAD nothing more)...Can anyone on earth buy from not to die? NO! step let's see....Is there any of us will not die? NO! ...Can you buy Dead saying ok let me die after 6 years or 10 years? NO! . Let me tell you when your time come you go. I will talk about this later.

Life is not that how long you live but how happy and enjoying you life is better way to live. (OK I am not talking only about money with Dead, let's see how about Happiness?? Can you buy Happiness?? ). I have so many friends around the world who are rich, some are filthy rich and they are filthy misery because of money. They have everything ...private plane, yacht, 3 houses (Miami, Central America, Europe...) except, love and happiness. OK I am not stupid I know that there is no one is problemless but how you going to handling the problems is my concern here. Some can handling nicely but some can not as they are starting to blame to everyone they can be except, self.

In US there are poor and Illegal are having liver transplants, some are not once but twice. There are Japanese mop getting liver there. Also Head of Orthodox Leader came to Miami to get liver but need to go back to Greek because he is not candidate for liver transplant. In that situations how money works? OK some said you can buy liver in China and got transplant there much cheaper cost also. I know the result of out coming too..(go to Internet)!

Sometime I wonder that the beautiful Lady Diana, can she extended her life with her money when she was in that horrible accident?

I wonder when John Lennon got shot why money can't extended his life?

When The Kennedy brothers got shot why the money did not work to extend their lives? Many etc....................................

Now let see for my own problem.... When the doctor said you have to wait the matching liver to show up. That point our money is or poor we are in line. What is work for me here is I do have faith and I believe in Lord Jesus's healing. Let's see my liver cancer history...I had tumor in right side, doctor cut it off and after happily living one year but cancer came back within one year check up! Again I never give up because I still believe in my Lord and praying..."Lord you can do it. My mother die of cancer, my sister die of cancer, now me. I want to win this cancer so bad. Help me and I know you the only one can help me lord!"( Again I am talking about only me, my God and my cancer situation, I can't speak for other).

I was in the States and did not come back till I got my liver. Let me tell you how money is nothing for liver transplant patients in ONE point is....Remember we all are in line!! To get a new live there are some very important things that money can't help!

1. Liver size
2. Liver tissue
3. Liver and receiver blood type (there are more, go get into Internet)
4. Your health condition (other cancer, fat, sugar level, high blood presser is all count too..)

Can someone buy that 1 to 4 situations with money??

No matter how much you have money but if you do not have the best conditions of above?.....OK you think it now what ever you want to think and you find the answer yourself. Remember that the liver cancer is silent killer. The minute you feel might live 3 to 6 months. (some even 4 to 6 weeks). My mother die in withing 3 months. My sister die in 2-3 months, (she was planning to get treatment in Singapore but US doctor know it is too late and we knew it too. Her cancer was all over except the heart was working so weakly).

I am cancer free for 2 years now. I know I am living because I let God works in me and I trust him no matter what. (I honestly want to tell you here..if you want God works in your life please please put your trust in his hands, just do this. Some cancer might not heal even you might die but see how you feel positive!! ). When doctor told us that I had liver cancer..Robins, my husband was in tear but I told him in calmly "We will be OK". I felt the calm on that day. Some even said I am changed. Actually I am a believer for all my life. I should say now my faith is sealed with my God. I do not know why my mother and my sister die so young and I am still living. For sure I am not better person than both of them. For me GOD knows the best just trust him! For me life without faith is very hard to live on.

NOTE: When I say God help means...He leads me to the best doctors, He let the science works in me, He let the medicine works in me without any problem, He heals me good (I love my doctors, they know what they are doing, they help the best of their knowledge ...just can't heal you only), God give me brain that I understand, I need earthly science and medicine and the rest God is and will taking care of me!